Perhaps not everyone knows that...Manufacturing processes are simplified by BOM posting procedure.

19 March 2014 by aubertini

Tips and Tricks

by ERP Manufacturing Team 

"It is easy to complicate, it is hard to simplify. To complicate it's enough to add whatever you want: colors, shapes, actions, decorations, characters, environments full of things.  Anyone can complicate. Few are able to simplify.”   

Saving time is now more than ever a key factor in any company. The simplification often goes hand in hand with this requirement.

It is for this reason that more and more expert users appreciate the simplicity with which they can manage even the most complex manufacturing processes through the use of a single centralized procedure.

Everyone knows that already meets this need by providing the BOM Posting procedure by which, where possible, accelerate, either supplement or replace the standard manufacturing procedures.


Perhaps not everyone knows that ... again and even more its potential has been extended!

Now you can keep connected and monitor with simplicity stock movements generated by the load of finished and semi-finished and the unload of semi-finished products and components.

It also available a new standard reporting  that allows the immediate displaying of the movements created and, if it is necessary to make fixes, also, a new procedure that allows you rapid and controlled deletions.

For more details you can contact your dealer representative or consult our Microarea Help & Information Center.


Perhaps not everyone knows possible to associate a different report forms according to the customer/supplier

4 February 2014 by aprzestrzelska

Tips and Tricks

by Agnieszka Przestrzelska (Team ERP Logistics) provides for the possiblity to develop an interface able to adapt to your needs.   

Do you want to customize relationships with your customers? Do you want to improve communication with your suppliers?

In a modern company, business is no longer represented only by the customer and the supplier, but by the surrounding environment. With you can reserve a special treatment to each individual customer and supplier. 

Every customer is seeking offers and personalized communications, and all this involves major organizational effort and customer segmentation. allows you to associate a report form, with each document type, with a single customer or customer category. The customization of documents increases dramatically the effectiveness of communication. 

When printing a document or sending an e-mail, verifies if there is present a particular report form for the customer/supplier and, in its absence, for its customer category. If you have not made any association, during the printing is used the default form. can even more! All the printing and sending e-mail procedures follow this hierarchy. Even the print preview will display the report associated with the customer/supplier or their category, unless you choose to display a specific form.

If you want to know more about Report Forms in please do not hesitate to ask our Partner and, in addition, if you are a M.L.U. subscriber you can refer to the Microarea Help & Information Center and various pages related to the topic.


Perhaps not everyone knows that.... with the disposal in grid in Mago.Net you can dispose of groups of fixed assets in a single operation.

17 January 2014 by rbardi

Tips and Tricks

by Raffaella Bardi 

Disposal in grid, a simple and quick solution to long and laborious operation.

It often happens that over the years it should complement the existing assets with the purchase of new components that need to be managed as separate assets, but which are connected via master information to the "parent" fixed asset.

The day that you have to dispose of the parent asset, you should also dispose of all assets "children" : the normal procedure  must be run for each asset to be disposed... perhaps not everyone knows that with the Disposal in grid of it is possible to extract all of the assets linked to the same parent asset and perform a massively disposal, which translates into a substantial savings both in terms of time and risk of errors.

Same operations of normal disposal procedure (the posting of sale or scrap, total or partial by quantity or by percentage, the posting in accounting) are in fact carried out by disposal in grid procedure for all extracted and selected fixed assets.

The procedure is useful not only in case of disposal of fixed assets linked to a parent fixed asset, but also for example to remove all fixed assets that are in a special location, or that belong to a special category or class.

For more details you can contact your dealer representative or consult our Microarea Help & Information Center.


Perhaps not everyone knows that... BOM costing procedure has something more with Mago.Net

13 December 2013 by atrapani


ERP Manufacturing Team

The importance of Product cost determination  in order to define the best sale price and the cost effectiveness calculation



Having a complete and well-structured vision of all the aspects that characterize the manufacturing estimate of a certain Bill of Materials, it will allow you to quickly and intuitively identify what are the factors that have the gratest impact on costs and understand the possible decision-making activities to make the necessary corrections.

Perhaps not everyone knows that... facilitates us in this activity with the BOM Costing Procedure!

In the Update Cost tab window it's now available a new functionality that allows you to specify all costs related to processing activities and the individual materials as well as to correct the values.    

This last point has ensured greater flexibility at the level of estimate product costing ensuring you get the desired cost in the light of any changes and update directly the BOM's standard value in the item master data.  

Perhaps not everyone knows that ... thanks to WMS Mobile the inventory is quick and easy

6 November 2013 by scesari


by Stefano Cesari (Team ERP Logistics)

The stocktaking of an inventory is an operation that is necessary to be done even several times during a fiscal year requiring different time and blocking the entire inventory or parts of it. WMS Mobile allows to perform the stocktaking of an inventory in a simple and fast way.


Everyone knows that a perfect alignment between the quantities resulting in their ERP and what is really found in the stock is essential to be able to quickly respond to the demands of its customers, so managing their inventory in the best possible way.
Often, however, these quantities are not aligned due to errors in the process of documents issue, preparation of the goods or sometimes due to losses, damages and thefts. 

Normally, a stocktaking of an inventory is a long and tiring and itself is a subject to errors in the identification of items, in the counting of quantities and in reporting such data in the computer system.

Everyone also knows that... helps in this operation by the inventory adjustment procedure.

Perhaps not everyone knows that... the inventory is even easier and faster if you use WMS Mobile!

Thanks to the use of handhelds, it is enough to scan the barcode of a bin and items contained in it and indicating the found quantity. If in a bin is not present any item by means of a proper parameter is possible to define it as empty.

As a result, importing transfer orders on the server, the program generates automatically the necessary entries to adjust the resulting quantities in the system with those found in the stock, arranging the WMS and Inventory balances. All this minimize the possibility of errors made by operator and reduce the spent time for verification.

Do you want to know more? Please do not hesitate to ask our Partner and, in addition, if you signed up for the MLU service you can refer to the online course NON EXISTING PAGEWMS Mobile Functionalities.

Perhaps not everyone knows that... with you can download fixing of foreign currencies directly from the web

21 October 2013 by pbenelli

Tips and Tricks

by Raffaella Bardi 

Do you have to manage many documents in foreign currency ? A special procedure allows you to interact with the Web to automatically update daily fixing in your database.

Companies that daily work with foreign Countries need not only to record documents in their currency, but also to calculate the equivalent amount in the base currency using a given fixing, which can be manually entered in every document or that can be suggested by the program. Furthermore in the process of collection or payment of payment schedule in foreign currency (partial closings included)  the correct fixing must be applied in order to calculate the exchange rate difference to be posted in the financial statements.

A manual management of fixing involves the manual entry of fixing to be used in all documents and journal entries in foreign currency. The automatic management of fixing involves the setting of the daily fixing only within the base currency in the Currency table, and it allows the program to automatically suggest the fixing in all documents and journal entries in accordance with entered dates.

The Download fixings from the Web is a special procedure that allows you to download the fixing directly from the website of the Bank of Italy, of the European Central Bank or of some European national banks that provide this type of service (national banks of Poland, of Romania, of Bulgaria), and to update the fixing of used currencies for the selected day against the base currency.

With this system, you no longer have to worry about looking for fixing values to update the Currencies table, as now is the procedure to do it for you, even in total autonomy if you use the Scheduler to run it automatically.

For more details you can contact your dealer representative or consult our Microarea Help & Information Center.

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