Microarea Live Update

Microarea Live Update: for constant up-dating on innovations, protecting your management software investments.

Constantly updated software, in line with legal requirements, is an essential prerequisite for a successful company, allowing it to focus exclusively on the growth of its business. Microarea is well aware of this need and has, therefore, developed the Microarea Live Update programme, allowing quick updates based on your system configuration

What is Microarea Live Update?

  • It is a Microarea software updating program
  • Updates released during your contract period can be downloaded from the Microarea portal  and can be used to update your Microarea programmes;
  • Allows you to use for a fixed period all the updates released by Microarea during the period of your contact.


Why Microarea Live Update?

Protect your investments
Ensuring the technological development of your IT solutions is the best way of safeguarding your investment in your company’s software, protecting it from obsolete systems by ensuring sound software maintenance.

Curb costs to your company
Obsolete software which can no longer be updated constitutes a considerable cost to your company. Not only must new software be purchased and the related costs absorbed, but data must also be transferred from one system to another and staff must be trained in the use of the new solution.

Allow your company to grow
The Microarea M.L.U. service protects your company from obsolete IT technology and guarantees the continuous and economically sustainable growth over time of these systems.

Extend your configuration
Thanks to the M.L.U. contract you can subsequently add modules and workstations. This allows you to base your IT investments on real company requirements and to carefully plan the development of your business.

Your free access to on-line training
Our M.L.U. service provides access to all on-line courses and video-streaming on our site (about 200!) so that you can become well acquainted with Mago.net and its functionalities. Our training is available 24 hours a day and you can choose where and when to follow courses without additional costs.

Monitoring your contract
By subscribing to the M.L.U. service directly with Microarea you can access a monitoring system which constantly informs you of the status of our installation and of your contract.

Not only legislative updates...
Subscribing the contract allows to download free of charge the product updates that Microarea regularly makes available on its website. The fiscal updates already  are promptly released in case of new legislative enforcements. Furthermore, Microarea periodically provides new features that improve the product usability and ensure greater company efficiency;

Training Courses available 24/7
You can choose when and where follow the e-learning course you are intereseted in to improve the knowledge of your Mago. Knowing better your ERP allows you to use all the powerful functionalities needed for managing your business in the best way. The M.L.U. allows you to access to the Microarea University library for free;

You are a member of the Microarea Community
All Microarea Users are part of a Community which has exclusive access to the Microarea portal where you can find additional information and download Mago.net utilities.

In order to be able to subscribe to the M.L.U. service, you need to have your user access credentials (login and password). If you still do not have them, click here!

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