Partnership: the Community Program

Becoming a Microarea Partner will enable you getting all the market opportunities straight away.

A complete set of advantages

No Start-Up costs
To become a Microarea Partner is possible today without spending one single Euro.
No other competitor allows you to have a development environment, complete set of on-line courses and a reliable product at zero cost!

On the market straight away
Sign the contract and you can start to promote and sell Microarea products and services.
24 hours a day training to program the training of your technical and commercial staff.
Presentations, technical documentation, video streaming, on line seminars and much more to analyse all the problems concerning the product.
Skype, VNC, e-mail: the Microarea professionals are always at your disposal to give support.

Greater business opportunities
No other product is open to customisation and integration with third party products as is Mago.
Collaborate with the Community to exchange experiences, information and support for vertical applications developed for Mago.

Greater profits for the Partner
Decide to invest only when you think the opportunity is right to plan and reduce costs.
You can take advantage of a Channel of professionals to promote your solutions. Microarea provides you with resources to perform telephone marketing activities.


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