Partnership types

Find out the benefits offered by the Microarea Partnership. Choose the Microarea Partnership level that fits better your needs: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum o Diamond.

Clear, simple and concrete rules - A set of clear rules that are valid for both the domestic and foreign markets and which help the partner to choose the commercial profile most suited to their own requirements.

Free development platform - The platform TaskBuilder studio is used by the Partner to develop vertical modules and Mago4 add ons.  For certain types of partnership, it is provided free of charge.

Free online training - Training online, available 24 hours a day without the need to travel, is free and is a preparation for selling.  The objective is to give our Partners the necessary know-how for the product, so as to be able to transmit to the final clients a correct and well documented image of the functionality and strengths.

5 types of Partnership - Each Partner can choose between 5 different programs of collaboration as a function of the business aspirations and structural characteristics.  For each programme there is a specific level or participation which brings about a series of benefits proportional to the commitment assumed by Microarea.

Costs and benefits - For each type of partnership (except the basic level) there is an annual subscription fee.  The fee guarantees to the partner the commercial, marketing and technical support services.

Community Services - The Partners can access free of charge to all the services connected with the Microarea Community.

On Demand Technical Assistance - Instead of a fixed rate the Partner is asked to make a contribution for technical assistance based on the effective use of the service. Each request for assistance sent to Microarea involves the use of Incidents, that can be purchased in two different ways (product and development) and can be spent on the web, skype or by telephone in Italian and English.


Microarea Silver Partner

The Microarea Silver Partner is a program cretaed for the small software houses who are already present in the world of ERP and have as a main target the small commercial enterprises....

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Microarea Gold Partner

The Microarea Gold Partner is a program created for small and medium size software houses that want to start and share with Microarea some objectives of their own business, and have as a main target the small and medium size business enterprises....

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Microarea Platinum Partner

The Microarea Platinum Partner is a program created for the software house whose main business is the implementation and resale of Microarea products.  The targets of these partners are the small and medium commercial and manufacturing enterprises......

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Microarea Diamond Partner

The Microarea Diamond Partner is a program dedicated to Microarea TOP Partners who share the commercial strategies and activities with Microarea. Diamond Partners possess vast competency in vertical markets, and look for collaboration with other Microarea Partners with the aim of promoting integrated solutions on the market with Mago4...

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Microarea ISV Partner

The ISV Microarea Partner is the programme intended for the software houses that wish to create integrations for Mago4 and hence convey them throughout the Microarea Partner Channel.

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