"From the very first introduction of the software, the administration has seen positive effects, both in terms of improved efficiency, both in terms of increased productivity"
Alberto Bianchi, Titolarea Bianchi&Fontana
"Mago.net allows us to take important decisions quickly, because it provides accurate and timely information about the company. For us it was essential to have an ERP software fully integrated with Office. At the end of software selection, Mago was the product chosen."
Raffeale Maretto, Contitolare Maretto Marflex
"By implementing BI in Mago.net, recovery and organization of statistical data and controls improved in terms of speed, accuracy, clearness and completeness of the information, as in management flexibility."
Alfonso Pedace, Responsabile IT Capua 1880
"The introduction of an evolved system suche as Mago.net, together with the partnership with the reseller were decisive factors for the success of the project."
Matteo Niego, Titolare URRUTY GG
"Mago ha sempre risposto alle nostre esigenze gestionali e dunque abbiamo cercato una soluzione che vi si integrasse completamente. Insieme ai consulenti Comed siamo approdati a K-Logistic di Kirio, Anche il team di Kirio ci è piaciuto: si sono dimostrati da subito competenti, affidabili e disponibili a sviluppare quelle personalizzazioni a noi necessarie"
Domenico Novembre, Presidente di Beautyprof Spa
"Mago.net is a competitive, cutting-edge, flexible and user-friendly ERP. This is perceived right from the first demo and product presentation on the website; with its use there was immediate confirmation."
Luciano Brancati, responsabile tecnico dei Sistemi Informativi AM di PIOVANI
"It was essential to introduce into the company a tool to support the orders planning. Mago.net has been able to satisfy our production process. The integration with the ERP allowed us greater control of the information in the contract management, with the certainty not to have overlooked anything that is necessary."
Antonio Verri, Amministratore delegato Vierrevi Srl
"Mago.net comes with excellent customization options, a very intuitive and usable user interface; it also has a very comprehensive accounting management system."
Carlo Bonaventura, socio fondatore, Responsabile IT e Acquisti Vismec
"We are now able to give definite answers to our customers because all the information about times and consumption are collected in real time directly from the production lines. Also human resources are encouraged, given that their increased efficiency is reflected in the actual data."
Nicola Altobelli, Eceplast Srl
"The adoption of Mago.net ERP brings remarkable benefits in terms of customer service, but also in rationalization of warehouse resources."
Luca Bove, Amministratore PNEUMAX SUD
"Working with a company like Microarea means to be followed and supported. This relationship is crucial especially when you're out of standard and you enter in the customization field."
Michele Cicognani, Amministratore Delegato di Lavorazione Plastica
"The introduction of Mago.net represented a natural evolution for the company, a progress parallel to our own, which enabled us to take advantage of new capabilities and improvements."
Gianluca Betti, EDP Manager De Lorenzo
"With Mago.net we can timely provide customer with very interesting information, the drafting of which previously required two hours a day of work for the operator, against the current half-hour per month."
Dott. Lorenzo Annoni, AD Bracchi
"Speter needed a slim and flexible ERP system that could be easily integrated with other Legacy software and with different operating ERP used by the controlling company. With Mago.net we achieved both goals, ensuring total integration."
Antonella Sbarbaro, Direzione Amministrativa SPE-TER
"We can now better follow our work because in our ERP system we have the correct results; full automation has made available the necessary resources for a more productive management."
Paolo Taveggia, titolare ALUCART
"Mago.net meets the demand behind the needs of Sopranciodue SpA group: to have an extremely accurate product, with a great potential for targeted and dedicated customizations."
Dott. Ciampoli, Amministratore Sopran S.p.A.
"Thanks to Mago.net reporting and customizations made by the partner we are able to extract from the "raw" data information that we consider strategic to make the right decisions."
Walter Cipolla, Direttore Generale VEFIM
"The evolution of the organizational structure and the creation of an integrated environment, rich in strategic information for the company decision-making, are for sure an added value for Intercoins."
Aldo Torti, Responsabile dei Sistemi Informativi INTERCOINS
"I can sum up all the benefits brought by Mago.net in one final consideration, namely: 'the company grows and Mago.net grows with it'"
Paola Toschi Masi, Titolare
"With Mago.net and its custom dashboard, in orders progress stage no sheet is printed anymore and orders control is really accurate and timely."
Andrea Trivellato, responsabile ERP L’Erbolario

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