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Mago for a No Profit firm
Having productivity analyses for each sector and project to hand, thanks to the analytic accounting module greatly assists Board of Directors' decisions, letting them assess their choices in retrospect

Customer Profile

The cooperative Tempo Libero is a non-profit organization accredited with the Region of Lombardy for guidance and training and certified according to regulation UNI EN ISO 9001:200. Operations began in 1989 in the information, guidance and aggregations service sector for young people and adults, employed and unemployed, public and private employees with special attention to the weaker segments (young people seeking their first job, women who intend to return to the job market, immigrants). It also provides consulting services to public and private agencies for loan projects and research. Its main offices are in Brescia and it works within the region, frequently in contact with similar organizations in other regions and abroad. The cooperative offers the multiple skills of a highly differentiated group of people, with a staff of almost 120, of which 90 are associates.


Alberto Bellotto, association finance manager, tells us the reasons why they chose Mago. "Our consultant's indications, emphasizing the modularity and richness of the product as key factors, led us to choose Mago", Bellotto tells us. "One of our main needs was and is still human resource management, which represents 90% of our costs. It was therefore important for us to be able to count on a software that was able to support us in this sense." No Profit Success story Mago for a No Profit firm Local Partner: Microarea Enterprise Solutions (MI) The need to analyze production asset trends, constantly monitoring the profitability of the various sectors, is closely tied to this need and, thanks to the use of the analytical accounting module, is in fact met. A constant and updated picture of the cooperative's economic-financial situation is, in effect, one of the priorities indicated by Alberto Bellotto, also to keep activity trends under control, differentiated by user type and operator.

Proposed solution

The experience of managing a non-profit humanitarian organization that provides a wide range of services for the young, the handicapped and immigrants


Thanks to Mago, the cooperative has achieved efficient and complete control and can now operate with absolute precision and transparency with a clear view of all company assets. The management program isn't considered just an accounting data entry tool, but a way to create analyses that help us make strategic decisions from the Business Intelligence standpoint, which is becoming ever more popular with SME. "Having productivity analyses for each sector and project to hand, thanks to the analytic accounting module" Bellotto explains, "greatly assists Board of Directors' decisions, letting them assess their choices in retrospect". The manager immediately expressed his interest in Magic Documents, the new module available with Mago.net, which further broadens the possibility of making use of updated data, grouped according to management and monitoring logic. "Being able to simply, securely and flexible use data is very important to us. Soon we will expand our administration department with a view to better monitoring phenomena such as order analyses, cost centers, accounting flows and budgeted and effective cost variations, in order to achieve improved cost/benefit ratios while improving service quality" concludes Bellotto.


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