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Flexography stamping of packaging and wrappings for food and pharmaceutical material
The manufacturing management controlled by has provided for the elimination of a series of redundancies and manual interventions thanks to the employment of Excel sheets, avoiding the transcription and manual calculation of the processing costs attribution. The work-processing tab is highly performing, and facilitates the operating (as well as the selection) of the materials, hence optimising the inventory stock management. The connection with the packaging system avoids having to report the data manually, and guarantees for the accuracy of the document. Lastly, the lots management (very important indeed when dealing with the food and pharmaceutical industry) ensures a very high degree of reliability to the clients, consequently enhancing the attractiveness of our product.

Customer Profile

Alucart has been playing, for many years, a highly significant role within the food and pharmaceutical labelling industry on behalf of well-known national and international brands. The machineries, they be reel or roll, allow to align various raw materials in order to produce simultaneously different finished products. The raw materials, managed by lots, have to be tracked and assigned to specific productions. Consequently, using a reliable ERP software is of vital importance. The shipments are authorised only after having gone through a highly accurate wrapping and a precise labelling.


The job management for the single finished product, definition of the specific production characteristics, assigning of all manufacturing costs to the specific job, interfacing with the packaging system, raw materials lot control, aggregation of x number of client orders towards creating on sole order confirmation and optimisation of the production times.

Proposed solution

The flexography stamping of packaging material for food and pharmaceuticals is carried out following a matching process of raw materials, and the manufacturing cycles can be engaged in order to produce X number of items. Having said this, each of the mentioned cycles needs to be provided with a certain amount of raw materials, processing time and hence production costs. SIC_PRODABBINATE addresses the multi-job manufacturing process.


The production peculiarities, during the item master phase, are outlined by the entering of manufacturing coupling associated to the item, and from which it is possible to update the bill of materials and manufacturing orders. A specific procedure allows choosing the client orders in order to generate one single confirmation order. Optimal utilisation of the production engines of in order to create a production plan referring to the specific bill of materials corresponding to the various items to be produced, and automatic creation of a fictitious “father” item. The MRP allows generating a fictitious manufacturing “father” order and X number of manufacturing orders associated to the latter for all the items to be produced. The balancing procedure allows to spread out the manufacturing costs proportionally on all manufacturing orders, this while a specific procedure generates analytical accounting entries reassigning the manufacturing costs to the work job. The Delivery Note procedure has been modified in correspondence to the order fulfilment step. The Delivery Note procedure acquires the file information coming from the packaging system in order to identify the weight and further data to be printed on the bill. The labelling process is carried out with the support of additional information managed by the implementation performed in


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