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Production of professional food slicing machines
An ERP tool like Mago if implemented correctly can help to grow in a rational and profitable manner. To achieve this it is of fundamental importance to promote with the company those small and gradual changes in behavior which at all levels normally tend to slow down a change.

Customer Profile

Noaw srl@ was founded in 1977 and since then has been designing and producing professional manual and automatic food slicing machines. Located at Oggiona con Santo Stefano, in the Province of Varese Northern Italy, the Company has 43 employees and has an annual turnover of circa 7 million Euro. Starting off as a third party processing company Noaw@ has gradually developed its own line of products, which are now exported with success all over the world.


The “computerization” of Noaw@ has evolved over time in the most classic of manners, from a traditional method of accounting to the actual computer based revision of all the corporate processes. “When we were offered Mago III, we wanted a product capable of implementing our continuous requirements over time. We were convinced by the modularity of Mago and the simplicity by which it can be used. From that moment a long time has passed and release after release we have discovered new functionalities and new and different ways to use the program” Mr. Cisternino remembers, and goes on to say “in fact at the start we used the management tool mainly to record and issue Notes and Invoices, but with time we realized that we could take advantage of the multiple functionalities. Even the use of the pre-prepared forms and modules proved to be of great assistance, but above all it was thanks to the assistance and training provided by our technological partner Micron of Milan (Microarea Centre of Development) that we started to understand the idea of extending the use of Mago for management of orders, inventory and production”. In effect this has been a structural decision by the Company. The Manager had and still has the task of optimizing corporate management as a whole thanks to the gradual and intelligent introduction of IT. Noaw@ has identified the use of as an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) tool as the key for optimization a series of operational phases by freeing-up lots of human energy from the tasks of planning and control.

Proposed solution

The story of a successful SME, which employs to improve performances and enhance efficiency.


Gradual changes in the perception of software, from a simple accounting solution to a real and proper reorganization of corporate processes, has brought about many advantages besides the ones already mentioned. “To be able to issue the Supplier with a purchase order and with drawings attached you only need to enter into” as Mr Cisternino explains “in collaboration with Micron, Più 39 and an AutoDesk partner we are developing a custom PDM (Product Design Management) to manage not only drawings and projects, but also information about Clients associated with the various projects. We have therefore created an archive for which the information can be found by means of various search criteria, and which will serve in the design of new products, in conjunction for example with the variants and cost accounting modules of”. Another enormous advantage has been obtained by reorganizing the inventory by means of using the Location module. The objective at this stage is to achieve an even more integrated use of Mago, and to increase the number of corporate processes managed through the support of the management tool. “The next step is that of linking the Orders process with the production process, including all the customizations realized” is the assessment of the Manager. “Over the next few years we envisage to strengthen the use of Mago also by remote access, by expanding the activity that we normally carry out in the maintenance sector. From this perspective possess many strengths, that we intend to use to make the control and management activities more independent from the physical localization of the software”. “IT is a great opportunity for those companies who wish to inject competitiveness and efficiency into their structures. Obviously it must be integrated carefully by following the core requirements, in the same way which the company must adopt certain behaviors and procedures. The advantage to be had is very big: you can decide which functions to decentralize and which to continue to follow at a management level, but above all you will never lose control of the real situation of each single business process, by the availability of information in real time and by being able to make decisions after due consideration” Mr Cisternino concludes.


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