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Argus Security: innovation and new fire prevention standards
"Flexibility and possibility to carry out targeted customizations are the winning features of it really is a great tool, always open to new projects." Elisa Turio, manager ERP and production planning

Customer Profile

Argus Security designs and produces a wide range of fire detectors and accessories, from the conventional to the most advanced wireless solutions. Since being formed in 2000, Argus Security has grown into a world - leading name for the design and manufacture of innovative wired and wireless detection and alarm devices. The Argus Security devices are suitable for any environment and ensure the highest levels of performance and reliability. In Argus Security research and development are key components, and it is guaranteed a highly qualified technical support, as well as specific training on customer request.


The initial approach was essentially linked to the management of the accounting and purchasing. Over time the company's needs have expanded, involving aspects such as the material requirements planning and the warehouse management. Especially the management of materials is quite complex for Argus: the supply of certain materials includes processing by subcontractors all over Europe, and components characterized by a long lead time.

Proposed solution

Argus Security is a major player in the global market for fire alarm systems and relies on for the management of materials, inventory and accounting.


According to Argus Security experience, the real plus of the product is the opening of to wide customizations. That is closely related to the prominent flexibility of the ERP: it is no accident that the company wants to carry on - with the support of Giga Partner -, other projects including the advanced management of shipments by sea. Among the modules most appreciated by Argus Security there is the document management system EasyAttachment, that, in the words of the manager Elisa Turio "allows significant savings, both in terms of consumables, both of time. EasyAttachment also facilitates us in the recovery of documents and, more generally, greatly simplifies the entire management of documentation. Furthermore, in the event of stock movements and inventory adjustments, the additional ability to import files from Excel worksheets is crucial to avoid unpleasant transcriptions ". Not only EasyAttachment: for Argus Security also the integration of with Infobusiness, the Business Intelligence solution by Zucchetti, is crucial to extract data, analyze them and have a valid support in the strategic choices. Last but not least, also security system is given full marks by Argus, which precisely identifies in the modules dedicated to security management a complete and high-value feature. Elisa Turio, ERP manager also declares: "We can not forget that the support of Giga was and remains crucial to successfully face any situation, from the more complex one to the small technical problems, with consistency, availability, reliability and competence. The one between Argus, and Giga is really a beautiful synergy ".


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