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Novella: excellence of the Italian Riviera since 1903
For the part of food and BOM management, it was crucial to automate the fulfillment process of delivery note. Starting from the recipe, the order passes to the kitchen department, and then the job returns to Mago, closing the cycle. At the end of preparation, once that the orders are collected and the pallet is prepared in the cell, the delivery note is generated automatically. manages constantly and automatically the entire production of the pasta factory, that is structured in advance on the order (daily, from the night on the following evening) with a budget schedule. Passive and active cycle are entirely managed by A specific customization of the partner has been implemented for the active cycle , incorporating even more effectively the data with EasyAttachment, the documental system of Novella manages annually about 120,000 delivery note, from data acquired by the ERP. With a specific integration of Piero Basso & C. on the standard processes of the application, is able to check and return the updated situation of the whole amount of delivery note. Then, it automatically e-mail to the courier any requests for corrections. With Novella was able to expand its customer base even to the supermarket chains, by managing the Electronic Data Interchange tracks. The files required by the supermarkets chains have default and specific records: allows you to easily follow the paths indicated by individual customers, simplifying the billing process. As for the operating systems, Novella has decided to build a strong integration targeted to the use of Apple systems in the company: focusing on database, the offices are now able to plan the departments. Pastificio Novella also widely enjoys the benefits offered by the integration of with mailing and digital invoice systems by Zucchetti Group: Postalite and FatturazioneElettronica PA complete the offer, along with business intelligence solutions for the analysis of corporate data. Here it resides the great strength of, according to Pastificio Novella owners themselves: " is a software that stands out for its flexibility, its ability to expand and the possibility of targeted customization. In this way we are able to implement solutions of local retailers, third-party programs, specific vertical solutions. All with the peace of mind that you have a reliable ERP, highly performing and perfectly tuned to your needs, and with the support of Piero Basso & C., in which we have recognized the ideal technology partner. With and Piero Basso & C. sales grow and the direct and indirect costs are considerably optimized".

Customer Profile

The Pastificio Novella was born in 1903 in Sori, small village of the Ligurian Riviera with strong gastronomic traditions. In the 50s, the production of dry pasta is accompanied by that of the fresh homemade pasta. In the 70s it comes into use the mechanical system with which are still produced the famous trofie pasta. Today, in the fourth generation of pasta makers, Novella's bond with its territory is still very solid, and the production capacity increase goes hand in hand with the modernization of structures, systems and processes.


Data management and manufacturing, BOM, integrated management of all company resources: many are the needs of a company like Novella.

Proposed solution

Thanks to, Novella pasta factory meets the needs of food traceability, manages the recipe through manufacturing and relies on targeted customizations made by the Partner.


In particular, working with fresh and top quality ingredients, you have to carefully manage food traceability according to current regulations. Order collection also plays a major role and needs of rationality and efficiency, to effectively manage the active and passive cycle. The entire process of order collection also plays a major role and needs of rationality and efficiency, to effectively manage the active and passive cycle. Recipe management and preparation of the pallet of the finished product are crucial in manufacturing area.


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