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Management of revenue cycle and production
It was fundamental for us to have a management software integrated with Office. (...) At the end of the software selection, our choice fell on Mago

Customer Profile

Maretto Marflex spa was founded in 1952 and after nearly two generations the mission is still to “create peaceful nights” by manufacturing beds, mattresses, bedsprings, bedrooms and all that required to provide a peaceful and relaxing way of resting. At the establishment in Rivale di Pianiga (Venice) there are 69 people responsible for the manufacture and constant research into new materials and novel solutions to continuously improve the quality of the products.


“It was fundamental for us to have a management software integrated with Office. We carried out a long research over the Internet and at corporate acquaintances already using management software, by taking into consideration and carefully assessing many software products, amongst which Navision and Oracle. At the end of the software selection, our choice fell on Mago” Maretto remembers. “The meeting with Giga, Microarea Authorized Reseller and Centre of Development was very important; from the beginning they understood our needs and advised us to implement an infrastructure that fitted well with our Company, and which would become an integral part”.

Proposed solution

Thanks to its characteristics Mago.net has proved to be an important partner in accompanying through its evolution an innovative and successful Company on the Italian and Overseas markets


“We realized that is was important to always have exact and precise information about the company trend and to be able to quickly make decisions, even very important ones” declares Maretto, and continues by saying “to have the sales trend of products under your very eyes helps you to understand which products to follow and which ones to leave alone, and this for an entrepreneur is fundamental. Mago.net, thanks to the ample reporting, customizable and able to be adapted to our needs, has proved to be of great assistance to correctly monitor those parameters linking the sales with production, thus giving the company more flexibility with consequent increase in competitiveness. To be able to count on a faithful partner like Giga is an ulterior advantage since the relationship that has been established has undoubtedly created a consistent part of the added value” this is the assessment of Maretto.


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