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Increase of sales network’s productivity

by KIRIO S.r.l a socio unico – divisione di TiKappaPi S.r.l.

Technical Data Sheet

Solution TypeImplementazione
Avalaible in these countriesIT;
Developed for Mago.Net
Compatible with Mago versions from 2.0 to 3.11.3
 Not compatible with the newest Mago Net version

Product description

K‐OrderTM is an application developed by Kirio to enable companies to manage their activities connected to their sales network and directly to their clients.
  • Increase of sales network’s productivity
    ‐ Fast access to commercial information, list variations, product availability, discounts and promotions, etc.
    ‐ Direct access to commercial and administrative information regarding clients and orders placed by single representatives.
    Less administrative work
    ‐ Drastic reduction of data entry at the commercial office.
    ‐ Sales conditions adjusted in real time with centralised system.
    Increase of service for client.
    ‐ Higher transparency regarding commercial relations.
    ‐ Reduction of time required for order fulfilment.
    ‐ Improved company image on market
  • Increase of service for clients
    - Reduction of administrative work
    - Increase of service for clients
    - Increased information exchange between company, sales network and market
    - Complete adjustment of company’s commercial policies
    - Easy adaption and fast implementation
    - Complete integration with existing management systems
    - Multi-language, multi-lists


KIRIO S.r.l a socio unico - divisione di TiKappaPi S.r.l.
Via I.Barontini 18/2
Telephone: 051-442305
Fax: 051-6237887
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