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K-Fidi Net

“To trust is good... not to trust is better”

by KIRIO S.r.l a socio unico – divisione di TiKappaPi S.r.l.

Technical Data Sheet

Solution TypeVerticale
Avalaible in these countriesIT;
Developed for Mago.Net
Compatible with Mago versions from 2.0 to 3.13
 Not compatible with the newest Mago Net version

Product description

Blocking a client’s order during the shipping phase in case the conceded credit is exceeded.
  • Management Configuration Fidi
    ‐ It’s possible to insert parameters guiding the modules fast and independent functioning thanks to a Tab in the client database with the four fields determining the credit conceded to the client according to four distinct criteria:
    • Single order blocking

    • Blocking credit for whole order still to deliver

    • Blocking credit for invoiced goods not paid

    • Blocking credit on total
    ‐ Effective days: indicates how many days after a payment’s expiry made through a bank order is considered a payment which is no longer subject to cancellation. This parameter has an influence only on the credit’s calculation on the total, visualising also the presented ‘open’ entries.
  • Orders to clients
    ‐ when an order to a client is inserted or modified the restrictions regarding the configured credits are checked. If the requirements aren’t met, even if only in one point, a message will state the fact that if the order will be continued, it will be blocked. Continuing the order will be inserted, but it won’t be possible to import it into other Mago.Net documents.

    Unlocking Orders
    ‐ All blocked orders can be passed through a summary in a respective Batch, which can be used by an executive to unlock the order. To unlock an order a password has to be inserted.
    ‐ Type of blocking filter
    ‐ State of blocking filter
    ‐ Order details: field - Authorised by,
    Agent and Time of Unlocking


KIRIO S.r.l a socio unico - divisione di TiKappaPi S.r.l.
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