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Complete award contract management for clients and suppliers.

by KIRIO S.r.l a socio unico – divisione di TiKappaPi S.r.l.

Technical Data Sheet

Solution TypeVerticale
Avalaible in these countriesIT;
Developed for Mago.Net
Compatible with Mago versions from 2.0 to 3.11.3
 Not compatible with the newest Mago Net version

Product description

The module enables the complete award contract management for clients and suppliers. The contracts’ database management allows to specify the different contract types. The accounting procedure keeps the award situation updated as long as it is valid. The automatic creation of credit notes allows fulfilling the contracts with the clients without complicating administration.
The automatic creation of warehouse movement regarding value allows to register the awards received by the suppliers and to apply them lowering the cost of goods in the warehouse. Control-printouts enable to verify the ongoing award situation.
  • Clients’ Awards
    • The Clients’ Awards are agreements between the company and the chosen clients. The procedure to calculate the awards will take the structures into account set up to generate the total for the clients with one or more credit notes, which will be generated with a procedure lead by the programme.
  • Suppliers’ Awards
    • The Suppliers’ Awards are agreements between the company and the chosen suppliers, guaranteeing a higher discount in case certain criteria is met. The award contract is registered in the supplier award database and profiled according to the available parameters. The situation can be regularly monitored with relative statistic printouts with data from the award calculation procedure. At the end of the situation and the award (due to expiration of contract), thanks to the guided procedure a warehouse movement will be started exclusively based on its value, modifying the stock cost of the items included in the suppliers’ award.


KIRIO S.r.l a socio unico - divisione di TiKappaPi S.r.l.
Via I.Barontini 18/2
Telephone: 051-442305
Fax: 051-6237887
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