How to buy Mago4, the ERP software

Purchasing the ERP software Mago4 cannot be easier! Ask for the advice of a Microarea Partner, who will provide you with all the support needed to install and use Mago4 at 100%.

The Microarea Partner will then get in touch with you and your company directly.

...what happens next?

Arrange an appointment with the Partner in order to experience a customised demo of Mago4.

Furthermore, you can try Mago4 demo within your company for 30 days. If you wish to install the Mago4 demo on "remote" (instead of a company PC) all you need to do is ask: throughout a simple Internet connection to the Microarea servers you can use Mago4 when you desire, hence avoiding to install on your PC.

...ok, great: how can I purchase Mago4?

You can choose between the "typical" user license or the "Pay per Use" mode.

The "typical" users license allows you to use Mago4 without any sort of time limitation.

The mode  "Pay per Use" instead allows you to use Mago4 by paying a periodic fee.

Do you want the demo?
Do you need further information?
Do you wish to purchase Mago4?

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