Parteneri Platinum şi Gold

Discover the Microarea Platinum and Gold Partners: competent structures, with great experience! They know to suggest and to implement the ERP solution to fit the needs of each type of Company.
Here you can find them divided by geographical area and region: find the one closest to you!

North East

Giga S.r.l.

Viale dell'Industria 58/B 35129 PADOVA (PD)
Phone: 049-77.56.78

Kirio S.r.l.

Via Mengoli, 34 40138 BOLOGNA (BO)
Phone: 051-442305

Exelis S.r.l. a Socio Unico

Via Alle Rotte, 13-15 42011 Bagnolo in Piano (RE)
Phone: 0522953867

Logika S.r.l.s.

Viale Grigoletti 72/e 33170 PORDENONE (PN)
Phone: 0434370692

AP Consulting S.r.l.

Via Archimede 10 37036 SAN MARTINO BUON ALBERGO (VR)
Phone: 045-688.85.30

Infores S.r.l.

Via del Chionso, 24/S 42122 REGGIO EMILIA (RE)
Phone: 0522-294900

AT-Informatica S.r.l.

Via A. Diaz 4 37015 DOMEGLIARA (VR)
Phone: 045-688.68.22

Tecnobiemme S.r.l.

Via F. Malavolti 31 41122 MODENA (MO)
Phone: 059-250.907

Centro Sistemi S.r.l.

Via Galileo Galilei Z.I. 31048 S. BIAGIO DI CALLALTA (TV)
Phone: 0422-89.56.00

D++ Managing Innovation S.r.l.

Piazza del Foro Romano, 9 31046 ODERZO (TV)
Phone: 0422209011

Risorse Informatiche S.r.l.

Via Alberto Montorsi, 1/3 41037 MIRANDOLA (MO)
Phone: 0535-27445

I-Tech S.r.l.

Via Madonna della Salute 2/B 36065 Mussolente (VI)
Phone: 0424-

Handmade S.r.l.

Via G. Galilei 2 31057 SILEA (TV)
Phone: 0422842116

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