Zucchetti Integrated Software

To give you the most complete business management experience, Mago.net is integrated with Zucchetti software.


INFINITY DMS (coming soon)

The innovative Document Management Solution designed to easily and fast store and share any type of document produced by Mago.net ERP. Thanks to a complete dematerialisation of information flows, you can improve traceability and make more accessible the company document assets.


The software for a 360° Customers Relationship Management, from pre-sales to post-sales. Through integration with Infinity CRM you can, after validation, enter orders directly recorded in Mago.net, avoiding repetitive tasks and reducing the error rate.


The Infinity suite software designed to create and manage with just few clicks corporate portals and e-commerce sites, real time integrated with your company information system. Infinity Portal is designed to expand your business boundaries, and supports you in improving corporate communication strategy. Furthermore, it allows you to adapt your business to new online purchasing behaviors, with the consequent direct entry of orders placed in Mago.net ERP.


The business intelligence solution through which you can constantly monitor the progress of your company and rely on valuable support in daily decision making. Via easy dashboards and diagrams - processed by the software from corporate ERP data - you can immediately identify your company strengths and weaknesses and act promptly


The simple, effective and fast mail service that allows you to send any document with a simple click. You can choose the type of delivery that best suits your needs: mass mailing, priority mail with or without service return receipt. Save time and money by choosing PostaLite!


Zucchetti solution for the digitalization of invoices towards Public Administration. The solution helps you to simplify and speed up the complex flow required to issue a electronic invoices  according to the law procedures.


Sales Force is the Zucchetti Business App that allows agents and sales representatives to fill orders directly from smartphones, tablets and notebooks. So it is possible to view all the information available in the ERP software right on the move.


"The ERP software for everyone"

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"The application base on which you can develop new projects"

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"A platform to create flexible and powerful applications"

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