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As you know, the website entirely dedicated to Mago4 ERP is active for some time now, along with the websites dedicated to Taskbuilder Studio and Taskbuilder Framework.

The news is that we have made an overall restyling also on website; on this occasion several descriptive pages were transferred to, to ensure uniformity of presentation and completeness of the offering information.

So, if browsing on this site you feel that "something is missing" ... take a look on the Mago4 site and give it a chance: the information is all at your disposal, streamlined in the presentation and organized in a rational way.

You may also have noticed that even the contents of the blog "Microarea Chronicles" - the one you are reading now - are increasingly finding their adequate space on Mago4 blog: indeed more and more posts arepublished in that forum. If you think you have missed something, do not worry: the newsletter Mago4 News is published by exactly one year and reaches you on a monthly basis, with all the latest products and news from Zucchetti world, and it is designed to always point you in-depth sources for the covered topics.

This trend will be more and more confirmed in the future, until the one dedicated to Mago4 will remain as an active blog: so we suggest you visit the site and follow its blog, never to miss a news!

See you on Mago4 blog!