Zucchetti Webinar 09/2015

Zucchetti set an important training appointment about new approaches and perspectives on safety issues. 

Edited by Marketing Department

Occupational safety, risk assessment, health surveillance, training of workers, procurement and construction sites management, supplier qualification etc. are not only legal requirements, but also strategic activities for the business: studies demonstrate that every euro invested in security has an economic return of 2.2 euro.

Without the contribution everyone, however, the safety will always be just on paper! Therefore it is essential to communicate it at the best.

In this regard, Zucchetti has organized a webinar, to learn strategies to develop a "culture of safety" in the company and to exchange views on specific cases of application.

The appointment made use of the valuable contribution of Davide Scotti, General Secretary of LHS Foundation. The LHS Foundation - Leadership in Health and Safety - is a nonprofit organization established in 2010 to develop research, information campaigns and training programs in the field of health and safety, based on innovative methods.

The event opened to professional profiles who in various ways are concerned with safety and human resources management, as Prevention and Protection Managers, Prevention and Protection Workers, Workers' Representative for Safety, Security Coordinators, Safety Consultants, Employers, Managers and Supervisors, Personnel Manager, Human Resources Manager, IT Manager.