Microarea extends and renews its offer, strategically moving beyond the pure ERP software.

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As you know, the meeting held in June anticipated a revolution in the field of ERP with Mago4, the new version of Mago ERP. But that's not all!

Microarea extends and diversifies its proposal through a suite of joint products, able to meet various operational needs, of development and business, in Italy and in international markets. The project - carried out by following a strategy of global integration with Zucchetti product - is based on the belief that it is the set of solutions to make a difference, rather than a single product.

Starting from its vast technological expertise, consolidated experience of development and the variety of its skills, Microarea then re-formed the core components of the ERP, embracing simultaneously the criteria of the web usability imperative. is already more than just an ERP: its architecture is suitable to the new valuation of the individual segments of the system, with renewed development models and unedited components. The new suite sees the independent presence of the framework, that was hitherto perceived as an infrastructural substrate, but that now appears as TaskBuilder Framework. TBF is a self-contained environment that provides an application base on which to develop vertical solutions, add-ons and cross products, embedded and stand-alone. Another component of the suite is TaskBuilder Studio, which is the result of the enhancement of Taskbuilder development platform. Through its interpretation on client and web platforms, TBS will be a collection of development tools used by the simple power-user, the consultant or the professional developer.

On TBS (development platform) and TBF (framework) grafts the new MAGO4, a completely new product, born from the evolution of Mago, but different from it for look and feel, design and user experience, and declined in client mode MAGO4 desktop (next release) and in the new version MAGO4 web, with its dynamic web design.

MAGO4 is created starting from the new usability criteria inspired by last generation devices: all the interfaces of the present have been reinterpreted in a modern way, both in terms of the organization and from a graphic point of view, with the goal, fully caught, to provide maximum usability while keeping the business processes consolidated in

Image and substance in the new MAGO4: nothing has changed, but nothing is the same again! You'll see the logos created for the new product, the customizable home page - pure TBF web application – with a pure responsive web design; the new look of the forms is made up of tiles, toolbar and lateral slider absolutely touch - friendly, with compact information and dynamic and customizable templates.

The new interface structure accords to maximum malleability criteria, to converge - both formally and substantially - to the other proposals of Zucchetti Integrations. Together with the components of the suite new management capabilities are also coming, especially in the warehouse and logistics area, organized in line with the criteria of speed and usability that can guarantee a new management experience.

I 3 nuovi prodotti della suite confermano e, anzi, intensificano la vocazione internazionale del progetto, grazie a TBF e TBS quali programmi primari per lo sviluppo dei prodotti localizzati all'estero e l’ERP MAGO come proposta strategica nello scenario internazionale. 

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