Tips and Tricks, the "magic formula" of Microarea for manufacturing management - by Gabriele Piccione, Team ERP Manufacturing

Edited by Marketing Department

"Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants, so long as it is black". This is one of H. Ford's aphorisms, supporting the theories about standardization of processes, able to provide manufacturing companies the "magic formula" of production. In a dynamic and complex context, as the present one, the magic formula of Ford is no longer enough, and it is indeed necessary a real magician:, the ERP of Microarea, is an effective solution to the needs of flexibility and simplicity typical of modern companies.

Password: flexibility! covers the whole production management: inventory entries, management control, planning, outsourcing, and much more. It comes in 3 different configurations, to better suit the needs of companies: Bill Of Materials module, for simple production cycles, Manufacturing Base module, including some features like outsourcing management, Manufacturing Advanced module, ie the most complete module, with mixed work process cycles and workforce. Moreover, with variants and configurator modules you can get maximum customization, thus meeting the needs of each customer.

A precise and timely planning is ensured by Material Requirements Planning, one of the most interesting features in Manufacturing area. Starting from the customer and supplier orders, sales forecasts, production in progress, current stocks, stock policies, timing of supply and processing, MRP processes proposals of purchase and production to minimize stocks, while providing the availability of all that you need at the right time.

As for the outsourcing, offers simple and immediate procedures to those who entrust third parties for the work, to create documents, entry semi-finished materials and control relationships with third parties. is even more practical thanks to mobile technology. Working processes are faster and more flexible also for those who work every day in the production departments, being able to comfortably pick up and load with handheld mobile devices, easy to use, but always suitable to the needs of any company.

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