An exceptional location for a successful event: the launch of the new ERP suite MAGO4!

Edited by Marketing Department

Mago4you is the name chosen for the event which presented MAGO4, the new ERP product made in Microarea. The event took place on June 9, in the surprising and highly original frame of the Aquarium of Genoa. The auditorium has welcomed over 300 Microarea and Zucchetti partners, arrived in Genoa from all over Italy and from abroad.

Many speakers took turns on the stage of the grand conference room during that intense day, whith topics related to the new structure of MAGO4 ERP, its many business opportunities for the users and the strong integration of Microarea's last born in the galaxy of Zucchetti group's proposals.

After an exciting break surrounded by the marine suggestions of the Aquarium, here is the highlight of the event, waited by everyone: the live demo of the features and the new look of MAGO4, including new interfaces, multiple form factors and a really friendly experience... for an evolution of the ERP to the fourth power.

As expected, the live demonstration sparked a strong and dynamic participation of those present, through dialogue and interaction that led the event to the end in the best way possible, by placing in close communication speakers and guests.

Are you curious to know more details about the features of MAGO4? Keep following our blog: we have a full program of post designed to investigate together the features of the new product, and to show you that MAGO4 is for everyone ... but especially for you!

And you can not miss the short video presentation of MAGO4, made for the event Mago4you: if you have not seen yet, go into your Microarea private area, or visit the pages of social networks and YouTube channel Microarea!