Starting from 2015 the new Single Certification form is in force , instead of the old certification of the withholding agent

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The new Single Certification form (Italian CU2015, regulated by LD 175/2014 - art 2) introduces many new features compared to the previous certification (Italian CUD).

CU2015, in addition to certify the income from subordinated employment - and similar -, must include the certifications  about self-employment income, commissions and other. CU2015 must be delivered by the company to workers, or self-employed, by February 28, 2015 and electronically transmitted to the Tax Agency by March 7, 2015. The withholding agent meets the communication requirement with a single submission of all certificates issued, or by making separate submissions (when, for example, employment certificates are prepared by a consultant and those of self-employment are created on their own).

In order to allow a timely adjustment  to new regulation, 3.11 Service Pack 3 provides you with a specific procedure that allows you to process the Certification directly in, including tax and social security data related to self-employment, commissions and other income.

If income from employment have not been paid, the file will be directly sent to Tax Agency; otherwise, the file will be properly integrated (eg by your labor consultant) with the data deriving by  employment income.
With 3.11.3 you can can extract parcels and withholding taxes data from a date range that you can set up freely, to produce the electronic files and print on the official ministerial form. Furthermore, you can produce any corrective or supplementary file for Certifications already sent electronically.

The result: a very simple,  functional  and particularly careful process, since the system performs a set of checks upstream from those provided by the Tax Agency software at the time of telematic submission. This allows you to produce a single file and one print of the certification for all the year, or, by selecting a specific supplier, generate the file related to a single recipient (useful in case of cancellation / replace of a certification already sent). You can also print a cover page for each certification, in order to deliver to each self-employed their full certification, with no needs to select a supplier at a time. helps you also in the case of electronic transmission  - via Italian Fisconline method -. As a strict limit of this submission, there must be a separate file for each certificate.  In the case of a single recipient with different causal - due to different performance -, you may need to generate more files. With the CU2015 procedure, 3.11.3 allows you to send to Fisconline separated files for supplier and letter / causal.

CU2015 procedure is a significant added value for the Accounting area of your business. You can experience all the benefits in terms of automation, control and simplification, downloading now SP 3 for your 3.11!

As always, if you have signed and maintained Microarea Live Update service you can immediately download the Service Pack 3 for 3.11. We recommend that you contact your Microarea Reseller to properly and safely upgrade. If your M.L.U. expired, please call Microarea at number 800-012573 to discover the benefits of a constant update.