fatturazione elettronica  

June 6 th, 2014, is the date by which companies and professionals must acquire software applications in order to generate and transmit electronic invoices to public administration. 

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2008 Financial Law ruled that invoices towards State administrations should be only in electronic form. Ministerial Decree no.55 (dated 2013, April 3th) lays down this invoicing rules and defines the necessary operations to transmit, receive and pay electronic invoices issued to the Public Administrations. 

The electronic invoice (in Italian called FatturaPA ) has to be produced in a specific digital format: only this kind of invoice will be accepted by Administration.  According to law provisions, Administration are required to use the Exchange System (italian Sistema Di Interscambio –SDI-), the only transmission channel towards Administration. Exchange System is a computerized system able to receive invoices files in the e-invoice form, checking received files and then forwarding invoices to Administration addressees.

Contents origin authenticity and integrity are guaranteed by placing issuers’ qualified electronic signature. Transmission is linked to the recipient office identification code (available in Public Administration Index).

The rules provided by the Decree set two different deadlines for provisions enactment.  Starting from June 6th 2014 the provisions for invoices issued to central public administration (Ministries, Fiscal Agencies, National Social Security Service and Welfare Agency) will be currently enforced . June 6th, 2015 is instead the deadline to adapt invoices issued to the entire Public Administration.

It is easy to be update, thanks to Zucchetti solutions: a range of ERP designed for companies, as well as a choice of tax and accounting software for professionals and associations. These ready-made solutions for the generation of electronic invoices, are natively integrated with document management solutions and their electronic storage, in order to complete the entire cycle of document dematerialization.

A case in point is Mago.net ERP. Mago.net EasyAttachment and SOSConnector modules offer a fully integrated document management system, designed to store any file.  Documents legal value is ensured by connection with electronic storage service provided by Zucchetti DataCenter.

Once law provisions fulfillment is drastically simplified, regulatory requirement becomes a great opportunity in order to gain efficiency. Dematerialization is the driving force behind productivity increase. It can be touched by hand, from cost savings in printing and filing paper documents, through an easier and faster communication thanks to digital information, up to transparency. In this regard, electronic invoicing unequivocally certifies a product a service supply to public institution, providing clear accounting and precise monitoring of public spending. As primary consequence, disputes for Public Administration debts recovery will be reduced.

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