Relying on flexibility and versatility, Piron has been able to meet management needs related to  strong business growth in food ovens business sector. A winning choice from many points of view.

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Piron is a dynamic company based in Padova, that produces and sells professional kitchen ovens. Backed by a team of experienced professionals willing to share their knowledge and their innovative spirit, the company is fast growing and is strongly oriented to international market. One of Piron philosophy’s founding pillars is the constant research for new technological solutions, able to meet and anticipate sector needs. That’s why the research team is always ready to offer cutting-edge solutions in close collaboration with prestigious universities and research centers. All in order to ensure quality, safety, design, usability and sustainability.

In consideration of business volume growth and of resulting rise in employees number, the company had an overwhelming need to change many procedures within the organization. Piron decided to move towards a new management system, with the primary goal to cut down the previous system strict limitations.

Piron decided to take a step forward both in terms of operative logic and of data administration, relying on new methods such as business intelligence, management control, real-time production monitoring and lean logics. Software selection was guided by following criteria: program advanced flexibility and the ability to freely and effectively access, manipulate and analyze business data. Piron's choice was, for its superior performances and the perfect answers Microarea solution has been able to give to new requirements, demonstrating in this way a total adherence to company procedures.

Piron is now able to meet the need, among others, to extract data or easily connect to external procedures thanks to the potentialities of XGate (the module that allows to exchange files between remote station and heterogeneous systems) and MagicLink (Microarea tool that allows you to integrate any vertical solution or custom application with ).

Among strong points identified by Piron, we find flexibility of system architecture, designed to manage databases (SQL Server), easy access and ERP simple browsing, and Woorm accessibility (being Woorm a powerful reporting tool integrated with Piron is now autonomous in reporting, thanks to Woorm. The project had also a very short startup time: the system reached operating regime in just 30 days, and it flexibly adapted itself to Piron users needs.

Piron is just one of the success stories supported by want you find out how many other companies have improved their performance in the most different sectors, please visit the dedicated section on Microarea website.