meets business needs at the best: please welcome the Service Pack 3 with its more than 35 new features in every area!

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A new Service Pack is ready for you, full of news and designed to further improve your business management experience. This is possible thanks to a huge number of improvements created in order to enhance even more your ERP.

As always, when releasing a new Service Pack, Microarea refines its product to make your business management easier and more productive. The very new SP offers far too many updates to list them all. Let us see the main and most appreciated ones.

First of all the InfinityConnector, the module that allows a two-way dialogue with Infinity, the Zucchetti CRM. From now on, thanks to the InfinityConnector, you can use Infinity in order to manage pre-sales, sales and after-sales activities. Data are catched by Microarea ERP, while the same takes orders and customers from Zucchetti CRM. All in a simple, automatic and effective way! We will discuss CRM topic in an upcoming article.

The SP3 improves also the document management. EasyAttachment, the module designed for electronic document management, is now Web. In this way you can use the document management system via internet on your favorite browser, both for reference, and to add new documents. You’ll be able to attach to your management document every kind of electronic-format objects: images, text, e-mails will always be just a click away!

And that’s not all: SP3 offers you more than 35 new features for every sector and management area, from the administrative to the logistic, all the way to manufacturing!

You can download 3.9 Service Pack 3 right now and get in touch with your Microarea reseller in order to properly upgrade the product. Please remember that the download is available only if you are covered by the Microarea Live Update service. If your MLU has expired, but you wish to upgrade your, all you need to do is get in touch with the Microarea International Sales Department to find out the benefits adn advantages in being always up to date.