Over 30 new features in Mago.net 3.9.2: a true record for a Service Pack.
Article 62, WMS, electronic document storing: these are the chief aspects regarding this subject. Download now from the Product Download area. 

by Fabrizio Perricone
Product Marketing Manager

The Service Pack 2 is rich of new features: over 30 new aspects able to improve your company efficiency from all points of view.

Article 62 found within Law 27/2012 has had a great impact of the food and agricultural industry. Microarea promptly updated Mago.net in such a way as to ensure the necessary functional operations. In the SP2 for Mago.net 3.9 the integrated controlling has been introduced within the sales documents entering procedure, this in order to help the operator control the perishability of the products entered within the document. Still speaking of Article 62, in the payment conditions a new deadline has been introduced ("end of month following invoice date") allowing to manage with greater precision the expiry dates connected to the sales documents for the food products.

The data regarding the CONAI and ABI/CAB of the Italian banks has been updated.

Microarea doesn't simply adjust Mago.net to the constantly changing legislation. Microarea foresees and prepares Mago.net to the upcoming legislative modifications issued by the Tax Agency, an example being the "Spesometro 2013". The Tax Agency has not yet officially announced which information shall be included within the new declaration. The deadline for the presentation of the 2012 data is set to be the 30th of April 2013. Having said this, the Tax Agency itself declared that there will be a shift in the schedule, also if the new deadline has not been confirmed yet.
Microarea moves ahead and issues the update for the Spesometro (Tax Communication) developed according to the draft versions so far provided. Should there be differences with the official specifications provided by the Tax Agency, the Spesometro for Mago.net will once again be promptly updated. Also Hungary issued its own Spesometro: the functional localization is available in a new report that allows visualizing all the data that shall be communicated. Again on a fiscal, for Hungary a report is now available able to manage the invoices declaration received from the small entrepreneurs and artisans.

Important new features also within the Warehouse Management System. The SP2 brings along 15 new features concerning the WMS Mobile (handheld devices). The countless new aspects are also the result of an ongoing collaboration existing between Microarea, Partners and End Users: every "wish" expressed by the End Users is analyzed closely and, if reasonable, implemented into Mago.net. Let us make a few examples: the handheld devices now allow visualizing the details of the content and the maximum quantity manageable from the specific warehouse unit. During the receipt process you can now track a higher level of items in comparison to the ordered quantity while keeping the connection to the order (instead of creating a new line without the order indication), this being useful in order to maintain full precision between the documents.

The unlimited openness, inter-operability and integration of Mago.net with external environments is proved by a new outstanding function called MA-HyperCall. This technology allows creating a link to a document or report belonging to Mago.net. Generally you can find, within a website or an email, this type of link http://www.microarea.it, and this today allows creating a link to ERP items. Just imagine, for a second, sending an e-mail to a colleague of yours, where in between the text lines you can enter a link to the sales order on which you are debating. Your colleague can see all the details regarding the order within his Mago.net thanks to one simple click! This function allows generating link to any type of report (pre-setting also all the requested data in input). Try it out now!

The electronic archiving of the documents is a very popular subject nowadays among the Mago.net End Users. The module EasyAttachment allows archiving in Mago.net any type of document in electronic format. The SP2 carries along a new function allowing more individuals to manage the documents: the check-in and check-out of the files. Such function ensures full coherence of the electronic documents hence avoiding simultaneous harmful modifications by different End Users. Furthermore, thanks to the "Undo" function, you can now restore the document copy before being "hit" by the undesired modifications.

The electronic archiving of the documents allows saving money, space and time. Last, but not least, the electronic storage of the documents needs to provide legal value to the not printed documents. The so called "archiviazione sostitutiva" (substitutive storage) is a legal/it term regulated by the Italian law providing, as previously said, legal value to electronic documents. The Mago.net Service Pack 2 makes available the integration to the substitutive storage service made available by the Zucchetti Datacenter. Thanks to the Mago.net module called SOSConnector your closets will be finally paper free because your documents will all be in electronic format! We will soon give you further information regarding the SOSConnector in a new article.

There is only one thing left to do: download the Service Pack 2 for Mago.net 3.9 and get in touch with your Microarea reseller in order to upgrade.

Please remember that the download is available exclusively to those of you who are covered by the Microarea Live Update service. If your MLU has expired but you want to upgrade your Mago.net to the most recent version all you need to do is get in touch with the Microarea International Sales Department to find out the advantaged and benefits in being always updated!