All users will be pleasantly surprised by the new packaging in which the software is provided. A truly “smart dress” to show up with!

edited by the Marketing Department

How many installation CDs and DVDs rest abandoned in your office or on your desk? Difficult, if not impossible, to count or re-use them once again!

Its now time to give a rest to waste of material and space! Microarea has come up with a handy and convenient solution. Forget once and for all the old-fashioned CD-ROMs, is now available on a USB flash drive.
A modern, dynamic and useful solution, yet also pleasing to the eye. The distinguished design of the USB flash drive, in which you will find the ERP software, encloses all the power of jointly with another noteworthy resource: loads of memory at your full disposal.
The USB key holds a flash memory capacity of 4 GB, and since "weighs" around 500 MB, after the installation you will have over 3 GB of free space to store whatever you wish. In this way, you can be sure that your verticals and customizations, backups, crucial business information, documents and much more, are comfortably and safely in the palm of your hand.

Yet there is more: Microarea offers the same convenience, on a practical level, when presenting SQL Server 2012, the powerful and reliable system with which you can manage the company database. Also this important tool is provided on a 8 GB capacity USB device. Given the storage space required by SQL Server, you will then have at your full disposal over 4 GB of memory.

All Editions and the Standard Edition of SQL Server 2012 are available on USB flash drives, labelled with the and Microarea logo, provided with the explanatory brochures. Everything is kept within a plastic glazed rigid case with magnetic closure.
Sometimes an image is worth a thousand words: photos of the new packaging are available on the Microarea Facebook account, waiting for you to press "like"! Should you also be interested in the new SQL Server 2012, you can request to see the USB device photos published by posting directly on the same Facebook page: with 50 requests the photos will be available straight away on the Microarea Facebook wall... this new entry deserves a little suspense!

You will appreciate thoroughly the benefits of this new "Microarea-style" starting from the software installation. Thanks to the USB device, you will be able to “read” your data six times faster than the traditional (and inevitably outdated) CD-ROM. This will significantly decrease the time needed for installation.

As you can imagine, the choice made by Microarea is not only a fashion affair, but also a pragmatic choice wishing to address your needs by providing outstanding solutions throughout small yet significant measures.
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