The optimal administration of the subscription to editorial products and services is essential for both companies and consumers. Gestione Abbonamenti is the vertical solution that satisfies this need.

edited by the Marketing Department 

Variation of master data, shipment mistakes, different or temporary office delivery addresses, heterogeneous periodicities for multiple subscriptions, promotions, renewals...these are various factors that can lead to an inefficient subscription service while causing damage to the company and its customers.

Soluzioni Professionali S.r.l., Microarea Platinum Partner, provides an answer to the most important and common management needs by setting forth the vertical solution for named Gestione Abbonamenti (literally in Italian "Subscriptions management"). The latter is a solution created in order to meet the requirements of those companies that wish to handle, simply and efficiently, all the activities connected with the subscription service management.

Thanks to the vertical solution, "made in" Soluzioni Professionali, you can fully control all types of subscriptions whilst supervising and verifying constantly the status of the subscriptions.
Gestione Abbonamenti allows you managing in a strightforward and functional way all phases relative to the subscriptions, also if the latter are characterized by non homogenous periodicities. You can verify the deadlines, enter new subscriptions or renewals, manage the shipments, control the subscriptions campaign and promotions. 

The Soluzioni Professionali proposal also includes all of the potential advantages that be offered to the end user. With the Gestione Abbonamenti option, called Web Integration, the end users can autonomously, safely and practically manage the subscriptions throughout an internet browser. Your agents, on the their behalf, can exploit a powerful tool that is able to manage their customer base: entering new information, renewals, free gifts, modification of the master data and delivery addresses (also for short periods of time), prompt and dynamic verification and control of the subscription status, all of which with the utmost satisfaction of all parties involved.  

Gestione Abbonamenti is perfectly integrated with and is fully compatible with each and every version and edition of the Microarea software.  

If you are looking for a solution that is able to constantly supervise all activities connected to the subscription service while offering the best as in control and functions, Gestione Abbonamenti for is the resource you are looking for. Visit now the web-page (in Italian language) of Gestione Abbonamenti in order to find out all characteristics and functions!