Microarea has always embraced the concept of converging global diffusion of its solutions with a close evaluation of the local needs.

edited by the Marketing Department 

The strong integration of its values within the various local environments is the principle upon which Microarea supports its activities in countries such as Tunisia, Serbia, Croatia and China.

Each country has a different background and the dissimilarities existing with the usual models, especially from an accounting point of view, often discourage any potential foreign investment. Microarea is able to tackle these problems by providing tools allowing the management of all the various accounting methods.  

The experience and the top quality preparation of the team Microarea allow the latter to be fully able to address projects having an international dimension, also in those countries where this process is yet to begin. Just as in those nations where Microarea decided to take a road leading towards a growing entrepreneurial environment (i.e. Poland, Hungary, Romania, Switzerland, Bulgaria), also in the new territories Microarea relies on local resellers and consultants. Thanks to these vital bodies, Microarea can provide solutions that meet the needs of the local market, hence ensuring a tight synergy with the clients, this being an strategic aspect creating opportunities for everyone and everywhere!   

For years Microarea has put efforts into creating and distributing products and services designed for the international market, yet conveniently shaped to fit the local fiscal legislation, language and culture, hence complying its resources with the local environment and creating new development opportunities.

The credit recognised to Microarea is acknowledged by those Italians SMEs that have, jointly with Microarea itself (the only Italian software making all of this possible), moved beyond national borders carrying forward a rationalization of the company management and gaining benefits abroad also thanks to the advantages provided by an optimization at 360 degrees.  

Furthermore, thanks to the hi-tech solutions and countless possible customizations, Mago.net positions itself also as one of the top competitors not only for those ERPs created by local software houses, yet also for established enterprises operating in an international context. The technology, the expertise and the innovation set forth by Microarea are a point of reference on whichever level. 

Microarea is confident that the development and the promotion of those local realities, that are ready to work and invest in services and quality, will give way to new and stimulating opportunities within growing economic environments. Microarea is ready to gamble and win, thanks to the expertise and competence of its local consultants, and also thanks to the technology and customization potential of its ERP solution.