3.5 SP4  

Important new fiscal features for Italian users and many interesting new features for everyone.
The Service Pack 4 is ready for download!   

edited by the Marketing Department 

The SP4 for 3.5 includes a significant number of updates that improve the usage experience of Most enhancements bring benefit to all end users, some are specifically designed for the Polish market, while other target Switzerland, Romania and Hungary.

New important features improve the usability of the Quality Inspection.

The WMS module increases the elasticity of the procedure regarding the management of the units of measurement during the inventory phase. On a logistics level, the management of the supplier lot is now available from the goods receipt document. Also the WMS Mobile gains benefit from the many new features that improve the module on an ergonometric level.  

The highlight of the present Service Pack for the Italian users is, without shadow of doubt, the introduction of the "Expenditure meter" ("Spesometro" in Italian), specifically created for the generation and control of the communication to the Tax Agency in relation to the VAT operations equal to, or greater than, 3000 Euros. The module presentation is expected to be the 31st of December 2011. Make sure you are equipped by then.

The refinement of the VAT codes updating procedure, in the documents and masters, is truly invaluable. The procedure, created in order to address an on time requirement of the Polish market, is updated in order to be used in a simple, safe and fast way to change the VAT code in those documents needing to be invoiced, and in the masters, increasing from the "usual" 20 to the "new" 21.  

These are the highlights of Service Pack 4, but you can uncover all details by reading the relating release note!

All end users, who have subscribed the MLU service (Microarea Live Update) can download the Service Pack 4 of 3.5 from the Product Download area.
To update your installation make sure you seek the advice and support of your Microarea Reseller referral.

***** UPDATE ON 23.09.2011 h 12.45 ********

Following further modifications by the Tax Agency on the VAT operations declaration, Microarea promptly released the Service Pack 5, this few days after the issue of SP4. Also, the updating procedure of the VAT codes on masters and documents has been improved further. The procedure is more useful than ever, this in few days from the increase of the VAT rate from 20 to 21%.

If you wish to download the new Service Pack, all you need is be subscribed to the MLU service and follow the link: