Multilingual Mago.<i>net</i> on-line help

Microarea relies and invests in the foreign market, since it is considered to be a very important resource. A highly significant task has been completed in these days that will allow a better use of and consequently give rise to a greater personal and corporate productivity.

by Fabrizio Perricone
     Product Marketing Manager

Over 300 companies use in the five nations in which Microarea has aligned the product to the national legislation in force. It is worthwhile knowing that the number of foreign companies that use the ERP software is in constant growth!

The number one aim of Microarea is to ensure all users a superior experiencing of the product, providing a fast and decisive support in the native language of the user.  

135,000 (one hundred and thirty five thousand!) is the volume of words translated in the Help & Information Center. The translation covers all of the main functional areas of, ranging from the basic functions to the Administration area, and all the way into logistics. In order to achieve the best possible result, besides having employed a specialised company, there has been an internal revision carried out by the Microarea staff mother tongue Hungarian, Polish and Romanian. 
The number of translated words is equal to a pocket size book containing 400 pages!

Surely an important task that is not quite finished yet: the product help is in constant evolution in light of the new features provided by the constant updating made available by Microarea. This means avoiding to "rest on one's laurels", hence carrying forward the work and the solid foundations build so far.