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News for all users: the Service Pack 1, for the 3.1 release, is now ready for download

by Fabrizio Perricone -
Product Marketing Manager

Microarea has issued the very first service pack for the 3.1 release of

The update, other than ensuring a superior experiencing of the program, introduces several new features, a couple of which specifically addressing the Italian market.
To uncover all the details regarding the 3.1.1, visit now the download area!

In order to access the download area, you need to have subscribed the Microarea Live Update (M.L.U.). Should your M.L.U. be inactive, you can find out all about the new functions, included in the Service Pack, by visiting the introductory page found in the download area.
Avoid losing the opportunity of being always up to date with the most recent legislative provisions and regulations. Increase the productivity of your company by taking advantage of the new available functions. Call the Microarea International Sales Department to receive further information regarding the M.L.U. service!

The Service Pack 1 can be installed as upgrade of the 3.1: the currently installed release does not need to be uninstalled. If your version is older than the 3.1, you need to uninstall the program (only on the server) and hence run the setup of the 3.1.1. The client PCs will update the first time they launch no human intervention is is totally automatic!

Nu uita niciodata sa ceri asistenta vanzatorului tau autorizat Microarea atunci cand doresti sa efectuezi actualizarea bazeaza-te pe competenta si experienta lui profesionala si astfel vei fi in mod sigur intotdeauna la curent cu toate schimbarile!