250 novità per Mago.<i>net</i> nel 2009

During 2009 Microarea released numerous, important innovations for Mago.net. Discover the tangible benefits offered by the MLU (Microarea Live Update) service!

by Fabrizio Perricone - Product Marketing Manager

It would be enough to mention a number...or better still a release: 3.0! The latest version of Mago.net offered to all users with active MLU and no cost for the download, this is already a good reason in itself why thousands of companies have made the right choice to keep their MLU active!

In 2009, 8 software updates were published among Service Pack and Release (from 2.12 SP1 on 11 February to 3.0 on 20 November): an update every month and a half! A significant commitment from Microarea to ensure that Users who have subscribed to MLU always have an updated product that performs and offers an increasingly pleasurable and profitable user experience!

Summarizing the most important improvements here, choosing from among over 250 that were implemented in 2009, is not easy! Let’s give it a try!

On the theme of fiscal changes, the Transport Card was introduced in 2009 and Microarea, with the 2.13 Service Pack 3, has provided an innovations package that allows you to obtain all the information required on all the column divisions used to accompany the goods.

In the administrative-accounting area, the plafond management has been made more precise and flexible at the same time, for example it is also possible to consider documents to be received entered in the Forecast Accounting.
Automatically managed long-term accruals and deferrals are without doubt a great help to the person in charge of bookkeeping. Reassessment on the date of the accounts operated in foreign currency and the customer/supplier entries with the possibility to interactively choose the accounts/entries to be reassessed is really convenient!

In the logistics area, a batch procedure linked to picking lists makes creating the accompanying documents faster and more secure than ever.
Availability concerning the individual deposit is even more simple and immediate, and can be obtained directly while entering a discharge document: just open the pull-down menu associated with the article being entered!
The agent can also be managed at the clients’ branch level (other locations): greater adaptability to the variegated managements of the Commercial Officials.

The short paragraph dedicated to manufacturing opens with an introduction of the E.C.O. (Engineering Change Order) feature that allows the changes on each bill of materials to be checked, through a kind of workflow, keeping its history!
For improved job production cost control, the link between reject and batch can be kept.
Management of the Make or Buy policy for the material components offers a further tool for carrying out production in the most appropriate way at any given moment.
The possibility of managing production using the Kanban method is another "gem" that was added to Mago.net in 2009: it can really help to simplify the production process!

The Tools & Technologies section opens with the new WEB interface that allows full, secure and fast use of Mago.net from a remote location: you just need a PC or smartphone connected to the Internet!
The new Windows user interface greatly improves the user experience and productivity of each individual user: file card or free management always ensures the best solution for every requirement.
Continuous improvement of performances, new functions for WOORM (report maker integrated in Mago.net) in order to obtain reports with increasingly useful and profitable graphic and functional features.

A very quick round-up that does not do justice to the huge amount of work carried out on Mago.net. You are invited to access the download area of the Microarea website to discover details of the innovations implemented.

To access the download area, so you can update Mago.net, simply subscribe to the Microarea Live Update service.

In 2009, those who had active M.L.U. were able to benefit from over 250 innovations, always prompt compliance with the law, a brand-new 3.0, hundreds of e-learning courses and access to the Microarea Community Forums!
If your M.L.U. is not active, don’t wait any longer: call your local Microarea Reseller to discover the convenience of always being up-to-date!