e-learning Mago.net 3.5  


Are you an End User or Microarea Partner? Stand up to the challenge and play the starring role with e-learning! Access the Private area in the Microarea website: in the Microarea University, you will find the entire on-line courses array, updated with the latest new features for Mago.net 3.5!

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Do you wish to know all there is to know on the EASYATTACHMENT, WMS, and EASYBUILDER modules of Mago.net 3.5? Nothing more simple! In order to follow all on-line courses available in the Microarea University, all you need is an Internet connection and be subscribed to the Microarea Live Update service. The e-learning platform, made available by Microarea to all clients, provides you with the possibility of accessing the courses 24/7, wherever you are.

Take full advantage of this nonstop training process to plan, manage and widen the learning practice: the didactic programs set forth by Microarea are specifically designed to make sure you utilize Mago.net 3.5 at 100%, this thanks to the interesting modular lessons. You can systematize the course outline according to your specific training goals and personal company requirements, acquire new competencies and enhance the “know-how” of your enterprise!

If you wish to find out how to utilize the modules as to optimize the document management, the logistics and the customization of Mago.net 3.5, make sure you spend appoint some time to your training. The didactical line up for EASYATTACHMENT, WMS and EASYBUILDER (found in the Services area in the Microarea website) in made up by 6 new courses all of which including tutorial videos… seeing how a product can be used is far more immediate and comprehensible than reading a simple description! 

Within the “Tools for improving” area, the EASYATTACHMENT lesson teaches how to manage and connect in a simple and intuitive manner the electronic documents to the accounting documents. Inside the “Inventory and Logistics area” are 4 courses WMS (in Italian and English language) that will help you seize the know-how needed in order to optimize, in an agile and fast way, the management and putaway of the goods starting from the receipt all the way to the shipment, keeping always the stock under control. Do you wish to customize Mago.net 3.5? In the “Integrating tools” area, you will find the on-line course meant for you: the EASYBUILDER course. Make sure you follow this course in order to obtain an overview of the tools made available to you and thanks to which you can modify a Mago.net existing document or create one from scratch.    

The latest new features that teach you how to exploit at best the modules of Mago.net 3.5 are all available to you. All you need, in order to access the on-line courses, is being subscribed to the Microarea Live Update (MLU) service, thanks to which you can also download all product updates. If you have not yet subscribed, make sure you get in touch now with the Microarea International Sales Department in order to enjoy the outstanding potential offered by this training opportunity! Thanks to the customized access to the e-learning you can keep track of the courses (followed, suggested and/or to be followed) by simply gaining access with your username and password to the services provided in the Private area.

An adequate training represents an striking business advantage towards the company growth: exploit all didactical advantageous of the e-learning specifically dedicated  to Mago.net 3.5 in order to preserve, enhance and convey all company knowledge, increasing the efficiency of the internal processes and consequently generating savings in terms of time and money.