Improved after- sales service: the case of MPF

25 October 2016 by vsalaris

MPF success story

MPF has improved task management and optimized profitability thanks to and vertical solutions developed by SIT.

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MPF SpA company operates since 1984 in the Office Automation and Information Technology sectors; it is also HP Partner First Platinum, as well as an established dealer in the Canon Business Center network.

MPF relies on ERP and on the customization of the Platinum Partner SIT to suit its needs: increase profitability, monitor the company's operating costs and manage maintenance on the machines. SIT has indeed integrated the ERP with specific customizations and vertical solutions Assistance Net and Assistance Web, for the complete management of After Sales and Rentals, contracts, calls, technical operations and planning.

Thanks to this perfect integration of specific solutions and base ERP, MPF has been equipped with a complete system for the management of rental, call / ticket, automated invoicing of contracts and operations, personnel, purchase documents and movements of stock. In 2016 SIT has also developed the App Technical Operations, that allows MPF to automate the technical management and technical assistance from Mobile, managing the data both on-line and off-line.

Thus, thanks to a single solution, integratedto the ERP, technicians can close the action, see the activities to be carried out, download materials, timing and make the client digitally sign at the end of intervention. All this results into a number of important advantages in terms of administration: lightening the workload of the back office, reducing the margin of error and updating data in real time via the mobile.

Thanks to and vertical solutions developed by SIT, MPF has found the ideal, simple and complete solution to meet its business needs ... But that's not all!

Please visit the section dedicated to Success Stories, to find out some of the companies that have achieved success in various sectors thanks to

Excellence on the territory thanks to

23 December 2015 by vsalaris

CH Davimar

Davimar relies on Mago and its specific vertical solutions to ensure complete traceability.

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The company Davimar, SME in Chioggia, is an excellence of the territory. The company is active in the fishing industry since 30 years, and has achieved continuous growth; Davimar deals with the manufacture, processing and packaging fresh products, which is sent to supermarket chains and wholesalers in Italy and abroad.

Because of special processing of the raw material, Davimar needed to get the full internal traceability of the product, intended as the precise mapping of the location and history of the goods, from raw materials to shipping up to the consumer's table.

All of this is indeed required by EC Regulation 178/2002 of 2005, which defines the principles that the players of the food supply chain are expected to follow to protect the consumer, in terms of safety and legality. The companies are therefore required by law to maintain the internal traceability. In the specific case of Davimar, the raw material reaches the company with a weight that decreases after cleaning: this variation must be detectable at each step. That's why the partner 2M Servizi proposed to Davimar the adoption of K-Logistic, the software for warehouse logistics verticalized by partner Kirio on ERP, already in use in the company. This solution, fully integrated with Mago, provided Davimar with a detailed mapping of all processes of traceability, from the warehouse to the production, to the generation of delivery notes and shipping. The "K-Logistic" project is constantly evolving and is updated and "customized" whenever new regulations to follow are issued; to meet the needs of product traceability it was also installed the K-Personal vertical of (Kfish module).

Thanks to and its vertical, Davimar is therefore able to quickly respond to the European standards, as well as to the peculiarities of its processing: products are tracked from start to finish, their location and their production status are known and recognizable.

The automatic recording and validation of all activities and processes has obvious positive effects, recorded by Davimar as a high error reduction and a resulting operational and cost optimization.

Davimar’s one is just one of the many stories of companies that have achieved success thanks to and its flexibility: you can find them all in the section of Microarea website to understand how meets the most diverse business needs. If you also want to tell us your experience with Mago ERP, please contact your reference dealer to propose a case history: the next case study could be the one of your company!

L'Erbolario, a natural success!

23 October 2014 by vsalaris  

The historic brand L’Erbolario, leader in the natural cosmetics, relies on to ensure the traditional product quality, transparency in production processes and high business performance.

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The loyalty to nature is a promise kept by L’Erbolario, thanks to the strict certifications obtained in production and environmental sustainability (the Company is certified GMP - Good Manufacturing Practices – and DNV- for materials management -, not to mention the historical cruelty-free warranty and energy-neutral operation).

L’Erbolario quality standards are therefore very high and require rigorous efforts in production and market procedures. To maintain high the parameters of the huge amount of business processes, the company based in Lodi (Italy) always relies on The ERP flexibility is able to ensure a precise control of each order phase in all company areas. With tailored reports and a number of customizations developed by Micron, the referral Microarea Platinum Partner, L’Erbolario is able to exploit the full potential of EasyBuilder module (designed for fast and accurate customizations) and of TaskBuilder development platform.

Thanks to, the company is sure that its information flow is monitored, secure and real-time. This is possible with a fully computerized management that involves the issuance of transport and sales documents, automatically generated by Magic Link ( module able to connect via Web Services to all management resources). In addition to streamlined, efficient and highly productive operability, L’Erbolario is also sure of a significant mistakes reduction, energy and resources saving otherwise unimaginable, given the huge data volume handled daily by L’Erbolario.

More benefits coming from implementation and Micron cooperation are the availability of a high-level reporting, ERP ease of use and the posibility to create interfaces through which all kinds of data are constantly exchanged: this is a critical step to dialogue with more than 150 franchised stores.

Find out the details of L’Erbolario success story: this is one of the case studies supported by There are many other companies that improved their performance in the most different sectors; you can learn more visiting the dedicated section on Microarea website.

Please remember: if you want to tell us your experience with ERP, just get in touch with your reference dealer to propose a case history. The next highlighted success story could be yours!

Automation and customization? It's possible thanks to!

24 June 2014 by vsalaris


Vending machine sector has many and strong peculiarities. An  optimal business processes management  is vital, from production planning to order management. Thanks to, AM company has taken up and won the challenge.

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AM Automatic Machines has a decennial history in vending machines design and manufacturing, boasting a vast experience in industrial automation sector. AM is concerned with the entire industrialization cycle of dispenser machines;  the internal mechanical and electronics design allows AM to create strong customizations for specific sectors., along with Giga (Microarea Platinum referral Partner), has met a number of specific business needs, primarily related to products optional and combination, thanks to Configurator functionalities. The Configurator is in fact proposed as a solution both in production phase, and in the commercial one. On one hand, Configurator helps production department to define possible alternatives for products manifacturing (so that they are doable from  production point of view and convenient from the strategic /economic point of view). On the other hand, the configurator supports sales staff in the product offer composition, in order to make it consistent with technological constraints and with the ability to confirm price to the customer. At the same time BOM, commercial configuration and price lists are calculated. AM business model has then requested Giga to generate strong customizations, with special regard to customer orders management and customized commission calculation, besides the development of code and BOM generator.

Another crucial need for AM is production and outsourcing management. This need has been faced thanks to MRP module, essential to efficiently schedule recurring material orders, characterized by very long lead time. MRP analysis, supported by the specific wizard available for the user, takes in to account the raw materials to be purchased and the items to be produced, generating purchase and production orders and optimizing material storage and use. Supported by functionality, AM is able to plan production so that raw materials and semi-finished products supply are effectively carried out when required. MRP ensures to the company material availability in the right quantity and at the right time, taking into account ongoing production progress, inventory, market demand, production and supply lead time and sales forecasts, producing orders to meet demand.

AM is also extensively using EasyAttachment, document storage system that allows a real automatic documental archiving, both for store the documents produced by the management, and for acquisition of documents scanned with barcode management, as well as the documents related to orders and items.

Thanks to and supported by Giga, the Partner who looked after customization and all phases of product implementation, AM is now provided with a solution shaped on business needs, ensuring flexibility, ease of use, update and competitiveness.

AM is just one of the many stories of companies that achieved success thanks to optimized management: you can discover them all in the Microarea website specific section, to understand how has met the most varied business needs. Would you like to tell us your experience with ERP, please contact your referral reseller to propose a case history: your company could be the next success case!

Technology Partners Italia’s winning challenge

23 December 2013 by vsalaris


As Microarea Platinum Partner, Technology Partners Italia has totally embraced  Zucchetti Group solutions. Company holder Miriam Taranto speaks about highly productive understanding and great projects.

Edited by Marketing Department 

The long cooperation between Technology Partners Italia and Microarea began 18 years ago. It is a path undertaken with mutual satisfaction, that has evolved thanks to Company’s opening to partnership with Zucchetti Group.

Miriam Taranto, company owner, says in this regard: “Company's initial choice was dictated by the great attention Technology Partners always reserved to technological innovation. Among solutions on the market, Microarea’s one was selected because of its innovative component in terms of ideas, products and tools. Technology Partners has always supported growth and development goals in the field, introducing and sharing with customers each new module and project. That's why the partnership is playing at the highest levels from the outset, thanks to a very conscious and common-growth oriented choice".

When Microarea entered in Zucchetti Group, Technology Partners Italia has been able to recognize new chances and great opportunities in order to improve its business. Zucchetti solutions strong presence, large awards on the market, name prestige and completeness, combined with Company history, are the key factors leading Technology Partners to commercially embrace the Group. This challenge immediately proves to be successful. Thanks to Zucchetti solutions, the Company is now able to satisfy every industry sector, provides its customers with 360 °solutions and acquires new clients, while remaining  very present on the market, even during a negative period.

It is the proposals completeness (particularly in areas such as HR and CRM) that really allows Technology Partners to be present and respond to customer needs, diverting clients from paths often leading to foreign competitors. Technology Partners holder Miriam Taranto declares that "it is a real commitment to reverse the trend, in a market that can and should be enhanced from the inside, listening to its needs and offering quality products".

The constant and timely technical support provided to the Company by Microarea and Zucchetti (with special regards to  integrated solutions development) successfully combines with the commercial assistance high standards provided by the Group. This is possible thanks to a highly widespread and prompt marketing organization. Information distribution and communication network is also very appreciated as an efficient knowledge transfer system and a real time comparison with technicians and other partners.

Technology Partners Italia is sure to have made the right choice by betting on a great value synergy, which already is a good omen for 2014. Crucial and winning factors of this close partnership with Zucchetti Group (started over a year ago) are linked to innovation, technologically excellent solutions and superior commercial support. Technology Partners foresight allowed the Company itself to seize an opportunity that is already leading to extremely positive results along this partnership intense path. Innovation, e-learning training and frontal lectures, new solutions, support and much more: all of this makes Technology Partners extremely active in the market, acquiring important orders.

Basing on this positive experience, the Company choices to invest on a valuable cooperation, in order to be ready to accept all market new requirements in 2014 through the ability to provide customer companies with right answers and right tools. Please get a Technology Partners proposals overview by visiting our dedicated page on Microarea website.

Technology Partners Italia case history is an excellent example of what your company can also realize, thanks to successful partnership benefits. Would you like to know how to do, please just fill out the form and we will be pleased to contact you back and give you more information.

LML Italia and WebFarm for, flying in first class towards success

26 February 2013 by vsalaris


The LML Italia S.p.A. dealers independently control orders, spare parts and warranties thanks to WebFarm, the vertical solution made in Project + + specifically designed to manage the company intranet.

by the Marketing Department

The Microarea Platinum Partner  Project++ produced and develops the vertical  solution for called WebFarm. LML Italia Spa, Star Deluxe scooter dealer, implemented WebFarm. Thanks to WebFarm, LML is able to meet their basic needs, including the entire manufacturing cycle and data access via web.

The Project++ vertical solution offers to LML the possibility to focus exclusively on the marketing and after-sales service for Star Deluxe: in fact, the synergy existing between WebFarm and guarantees a perfect manufacturing management, the latter including the product customization, quality control,  and the components logistics. The sales order is fully governed while the spare parts, and their specifications, are managed entirely by

One of the primary goals of WebFarm is to slim down and improve, from a manufacturing point of view, the relationship existing between the company and the dealers, a goal that the vertical solution achieved through the creation of a centralized IT system that is referenced by the LML website. Throughout the company website, in fact, retailers can draw directly from the central system without the needing to import and export data.

Let us briefly see how this system works.
The ERP is installed within LML on a multilingual portal, based on CMS DotNetNuke Professional, and hosted in a farm connected to high-speed internet access. The individual dealer can access at anytime the website, this giving way to maximum usability under any circumstance.

The Web portal is responsible for the making public all features typical of the sector, such as orders of vehicles and spare parts, together with tables and stock availability. On the same central system are also available the warranties records and back orders, as well as data activities related to the financial statements, the commissions and statistics. All of these information are obtained in real time from throughout the use of Web Services and are made available by WebFarm.

From the same portal, the end users can download any document, in pdf format, created by (e.g. invoices, specific reports, order confirmations). Given the fact that allows managing the data in real time, all partners are able to autonomously verify all necessary information in a practical and updated manner.

WebFarm for ensures to LML information certainty and unties the staff from an approach predominantly carried out by phone, this in favour of a consistent improvement in business efficiency. You can find further details regarding this successful synergy within the Case History dedicated to the success story of LML Italia and broaden your knowledge on the capabilities of the vertical solution made by Project++ by visiting the relating product page.

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