Electronic invoicing is easy!

20 July 2015 by vsalaris


A new promo is now online, to show you all the benefits of electronic invoicing ... directly from your Mago.net 

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To properly manage your electronic invoices towards Public Administration, (mandatory from March 31, 2015), Mago.net has been integrated with the Zucchetti electronic invoicing system. Connecting via Web Services, your Mago.net is able to communicate with theZucchetti software Electronic Invoicing PA .

This allows you to manage directly from your ERP all the generation flow of invoices to the Public Administration.

With FatelWeb Mago.net the process stay "inside" your Mago.net, and you do not need anymore to interface with other systems: a few clicks and you're ready to delegate all the bureaucratic process to the web service.

Easy, is it not ?!

And it is also advantageous: with Fatelweb you save time, money and resources, and you are sure to communicate properly with the public administration ... and to be paid!

Find out the short video clip on Microarea Youtube channel, in the playlist Solutions for your Company.

If you already use Mago.net, ask your Microarea reseller for more information. If you are interested in the topic but you do not yet have Mago.net in your company, simply leave your reference and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Mago.net Security, the commercial!

26 January 2015 by vsalaris


Privacy and data security are vital factors for your business. Security module for Mago.net assures you both ... learn how, with the new video commercial from the "solutions for your business" playlist!

Edited by Marketing Department

The new video dedicated to Mago.net Security module is now online on Microarea YouTube channel.

Security module provides you with the flexibility and power you need to protect corporate data and manage the users’ level of accessibility to information.

Everything can be controlled by Mago.net Security: control is total because it is possible to profile the accesses to management objects, avoiding ... unpleasant incidents! Everything is easier than ever, thanks to the intuitive graphical interface that makes the setting of authorizations simple, fast and accurate.

The new cartoon will show you in a dynamic and engaging way the full potential of Security module: from the definition of default roles that merge the security profiles, to the control of access levels, until the perfect alignment with product updates!

To learn even more, please visit the product page and the related documentation on Microarea website, under Product Tour section. You will discover all the Monitoring tools provided by Mago.net for the security of your Company .

Discover the new animation about Mago.net Security: you can see it in the playlist called Solutions for your business, among the short animated films dedicated to single modules of Mago.net.

Watch and comment the cartoon, waiting for the next commercial about the main features of your Mago.net ERP!

Mago.net Auditing: security ... under control!

13 November 2014 by vsalaris


A new, captivating commercial shows the way Auditing module solves many … business hassles! 

Edited by Marketing Department

The new animation online on Microarea Youtube channel is about Mago.net Auditing module and the pleasant consequences coming from business data monitoring and safety.
Auditing module registers the operations made on company database, with a non-stop control and tracing.

In this way, you have a powerful security system, yet flexible, able to control access to data the most sensible for you. Thanks to the integrated tools, like queries and automatic reports, you can query Auditing module in a quick and automatic way.

So you will always know who has managed certain information, which operation he has done, which day and hour. Furthermore, you can analyze in depth data modified in a set period, the list of data managed by a specific user and so on.

Have a look to the commercial and find out what Mago.net Auditing is able to do for you! You can find the cartoon on Microarea Youtube Channel, inside the playlist dedicated to Solution for your Company, that includes short animated films concerning Mago.net individual modules.

Enjoy the video and leave a comment, waiting for next productions about your Mago.net ERP functionalities! 

A new video commercial about Mago.net WMS and WMS Mobile is now online

24 September 2014 by vsalaris


To complete the series of posts dedicated to warehouse logistics, a new promotional video shows in a direct and engaging way the main functionality of Mago.net modules in this crucial sector.

Edited by Marketing Department 

Mago.net WMS and WMS Mobile always stand out among other Mago.net modules. The two modules are specially designed to fully manage warehouse logistics, improve service to customers, better manage your inventory and reduce delivery times and mistakes in goods shipments.

Did you miss the blog post about warehouse management with Mago.net Warehouse Management System  and its Mobile declination? Or are you interested in more than just a quick overview of Mago.net features to improve productivity and reliability of logistics flows?

Well, you just need to watch the new commercial video online on Microarea YouTube channel!

Inside the playlist dedicated to Solutions for your Business - that includes short animated films concerning Mago.net individual modules – you can now find also the new animation on warehouse management system!

Have a look and leave a comment on the cartoon… waiting for the next videos on other functionalities of your Mago.net ERP!

Multipurpose communication are easy games thanks to Mago.net!

16 April 2014 by vsalaris

multipurpose communication  

A new video commercial presents Mago.net module specifically designed to meet Tax Agency requests. Find out how easy it is to handle tax obligations with the right tool! 

edited by marketing Department 

Tax Communication , Black List… there are so many deadlines and requirements to be fulfilled in order to meet Tax Agency requests. We already discussed the “game rules” in Chronicles previous posts, but now there’s more

On Microarea YouTube channel, under the section dedicated to Solutions for your Company, you can find the video commercial related to Mago.netMultipurpose Communication” module. Watching this short and captivating summary you will discover that Mago.net is able to manage deadlines and make fully available data required by Tax Agency. All this in an easy and automatic way, under your total control.

The new video commercial highlights all the benefits Mago.net is able to grant you. Thanks to this powerful, accurate and up-to-date tool you will be able to verify deadlines, satisfy any request and control the documents you’re sending.

The result? Mistakes are drastically cut and you have more time for other activities.  

Find out Tax and Multipurpose Communication module right now on Microarea YouTube channel. Enjoy! 

Manufacturing is under total control thanks to Mago.net

23 December 2013 by vsalaris


Do you need a tool to efficiently plan and manage manufacturing? Mago.net is the right solution for you. Find it out on YouTube! 

Edited by Marketing Department 

A new commercial completely dedicated to production is online on Microarea YouTube channel. The spot straight explains and summarizes the benefits of the accurate planning guaranteed by Mago.net.

Factors coming into play in manufacturing are really complicated. In spite of their extreme complexity, Mago.net is able to support this delicate stage of your business thanks to its extreme simplicity and flexibility.

Manufacturing module helps you in warehouse supplying, in system management and in delivery schedules, while reducing risks associated with too rigid and hardly controllable working systems... for efficiency and timeliness benefits.

Thanks to Mago.net everything is always under control, from single item production cost monitoring, through inventory management and sales prices generation until lot tracking. You can now forget about problems and delays that too often plague production step. You just have to immediately start increasing your company productivity thanks to Mago.net manufacturing planning module, designed to reduce waiting times and costs, and improve profitability.

Discover the benefits of versatile, powerful and optimized Mago.net manufacturing module: please take a look to the video commercials on Microarea YouTube channel and feel free to leave a comment about it!

Or would you like a custom demo, in order to make sure that Mago.net is perfect also for your production management? If so, please leave your details and we will be glad to contact you back as soon as possible.

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