A history of care and success

26 January 2017 by vsalaris

Case Study

The Care Home Uboldi relies on Mago to optimize the administrative management processes in the social and health care sector.

Edited by Marketing Department

The Care Home Uboldi in Paderno Dugnano (Milan, Italy) was created in 1952, for testamentary bequest of the Grand Officer "Commendatore" Ferdinando Uboldi, as a non-profit organization for solidarity purpose. The aim of Uboldi care home is to provide social, health and welfare services to vulnerable people, paying special attention to the elderly dependents.

In 2010 Mago was implemented with the support of Linearetta, Microarea Gold partner, following the decision to internalize all administrative procedures, in order to dispose of the accounting data in real time, control and manage the daily processes (general accounts, cash , payments, banking, customer orders, invoicing and warehouse stock) independently and without relying on third parties.

At the moment of Mago activation, it was necessary to enter all the current year accounts data: thanks to the versatility of Mago and with the support of Linearetta, the budget was presented to the Board of Directors in accordance with the schedule.

In less than six months the situation has been normalized and the operation is at full speed: this is due to the ability demonstrated by Mago in making the approach to work simple, but effective, even for beginners. Linearetta partners has followed all of Mago implementation phases, forming the administrative staff and customizing the accounting models. After a year of full use, Mago functionalities have been extended to supplier orders and warehouse management, in particular to manage medicines: Mago has ensured a daily reporting of consumption and a reduction in costs.

Today, the new challenge is to integrate Mage and its modules with the medical record software, created and prepared by the continuous cooperation between Linearetta and the Direction of the care home. This new frontier will ensure quality of care, personalization of care interventions and efficiency of the core business, accompanying the organization in the use of business intelligence.

The director of Uboldi care home, Paola Cattin, points out that Linearetta partner is a key element of the project and expresses her satisfaction with these words: "The information ensures full awareness in the choices. This will result in savings, growth and development. Mago was able to bring to our structure all this. "

That of Uboldi care home is one of the success stories achieved through Mago ERP software: you can read them and find the cases of other companies on the Microarea website. Remember that your company could be the next case study! Contact your reseller and discover how to become part of the "Success Stories with Mago ERP" section.

Improved after- sales service: the case of MPF

25 October 2016 by vsalaris

MPF success story

MPF has improved task management and optimized profitability thanks to Mago.net and vertical solutions developed by SIT.

Edited by Marketing Department

MPF SpA company operates since 1984 in the Office Automation and Information Technology sectors; it is also HP Partner First Platinum, as well as an established dealer in the Canon Business Center network.

MPF relies on Mago.net ERP and on the customization of the Platinum Partner SIT to suit its needs: increase profitability, monitor the company's operating costs and manage maintenance on the machines. SIT has indeed integrated the ERP Mago.net with specific customizations and vertical solutions Assistance Net and Assistance Web, for the complete management of After Sales and Rentals, contracts, calls, technical operations and planning.

Thanks to this perfect integration of specific solutions and base ERP, MPF has been equipped with a complete system for the management of rental, call / ticket, automated invoicing of contracts and operations, personnel, purchase documents and movements of stock. In 2016 SIT has also developed the App Technical Operations, that allows MPF to automate the technical management and technical assistance from Mobile, managing the data both on-line and off-line.

Thus, thanks to a single solution, integratedto the ERP Mago.net, technicians can close the action, see the activities to be carried out, download materials, timing and make the client digitally sign at the end of intervention. All this results into a number of important advantages in terms of administration: lightening the workload of the back office, reducing the margin of error and updating data in real time via the mobile.

Thanks to Mago.net and vertical solutions developed by SIT, MPF has found the ideal, simple and complete solution to meet its business needs ... But that's not all!

Please visit the section dedicated to Success Stories, to find out some of the companies that have achieved success in various sectors thanks to Mago.net.

Argus Security: innovation and new fire prevention standards

13 September 2016 by vsalaris

Argus and Mago Succes Story

Argus Security and Mago.net: cutting edge technology and international leadership in the fire prevention wireless devices.

Edited by Marketing Department

Argus Security is a major player in the global market for fire alarm systems: it designs and produces a wide range of fire detectors and accessories, from the conventional to the most advanced wireless solutions, and relies on Mago.net for the management of materials, inventory and accounting.

For Argus Security some key aspects, such as planning of material requirements and inventory management, prove to be particularly complex, as they often involve processing by contractors from all over Europe, and components with a long lead time.

During the software selection, Mago.net was chosen according to very positive feedback by highly trained users of ERP system in this specific business sector.

To meet the specific needs of Argus, the Mago.net module dedicated to Material Requirements Planning (MRP) has been customized by the partner Giga to ensure precise distinctions between different subcontractors, manage the inventory and re-orders, manage forecasts for supplies.

Argus Security recognizes a real plus of the product in the opening of Mago.net to wide customizations, this being a factor closely linked to significant flexibility of the ERP, that is therefore able to open up to targeted projects.

Amongst the modules of Mago.net most appreciated by the company stands out EasyAttachment, the document management system able to provide the company substantial savings in terms of consumables and time, facilitate the recovery of documents and simplify the whole management of documentation, optimizing stock movements and inventory adjustments. For Argus Security also the integration of Mago.net with Infobusiness, the Business Intelligence solution by Zucchetti, is crucial to extract data, analyze them and have a valid support in the strategic choices. Last but not least, also Mago.net security system is given full marks by Argus, which precisely identifies in the modules dedicated to security management a complete and high-value feature.

Elisa Turio, head of the ERP system and production planning, focuses in a few words the winning features of Mago.net ERP: "... the strong flexibility and the ability to carry out targeted customizations are the properties that make Mago.net an excellent tool, open to new projects."

Argus Security is one of many stories of companies enjoying notable success thanks to Mago.net: discover them all in the dedicated area and remember ... the next excellent story could be yours!

Mago.net, the recipe for success

29 June 2015 by vsalaris

Novella Success Story

The success story of Pastificio Novella merges deep traditions and technological innovation. 

Edited by Marketing Department

Pastificio Novella's success story combines the Italian gastronomic tradition and the Information Technology, through the implementation of cutting-edge ERP solutions for business management.

Trofie, pesto, pansoti, walnut sauce and many other culinary specialties of Liguria: Pastificio Novella, born in 1903 in a small village of the Ligurian Riviera, it is today an important player that also distributes its products through supermarkets. Yet, even today, in its fourth generation of pasta makers, Novella is strictly linked to its territory: the increase in production capacity is due to the modernization of structures, systems and processes.

The ingredients of the success of the Pastificio Novella are in fact both its roots, the solid relationship with the partner Piero Basso & C. and the effective management of the processes provided by Mago.net.

Thanks to the constant updating and customized solutions designed by the partner to meet the specific needs of Pastificio (such as management of the recipe, traceability, distribution, administration of documents and data), Novella has expanded its customer base and revenue, as remind owners Giovanni and Paolo Cavassa: “Thanks to Mago.net sales increased hand in hand with an important improvement of business processes and resources, linked to the optimization of direct and indirect costs”.

Want to know more about the opportunities seized by Novella thanks to Mago.net? Want to find out the customizations realized by the partner for the user? Discover the success story of Pastificio Novella in the section of Microarea website dedicated to case hisstories!

Furthermore you can not miss the original and tasty promotional video made by Pastificio Novella Pansoti and walnut sauce, from dawn to dusk; you can find it also on Microarea YouTube channel, in the new playlist Mago.net: Success Stories.

Enjoy it!

Piron and Mago.net excel even in haute cuisine

18 March 2014 by vsalaris


Relying on Mago.net flexibility and versatility, Piron has been able to meet management needs related to  strong business growth in food ovens business sector. A winning choice from many points of view.

Edited by Marketing Department

Piron is a dynamic company based in Padova, that produces and sells professional kitchen ovens. Backed by a team of experienced professionals willing to share their knowledge and their innovative spirit, the company is fast growing and is strongly oriented to international market. One of Piron philosophy’s founding pillars is the constant research for new technological solutions, able to meet and anticipate sector needs. That’s why the research team is always ready to offer cutting-edge solutions in close collaboration with prestigious universities and research centers. All in order to ensure quality, safety, design, usability and sustainability.

In consideration of business volume growth and of resulting rise in employees number, the company had an overwhelming need to change many procedures within the organization. Piron decided to move towards a new management system, with the primary goal to cut down the previous system strict limitations.

Piron decided to take a step forward both in terms of operative logic and of data administration, relying on new methods such as business intelligence, management control, real-time production monitoring and lean logics. Software selection was guided by following criteria: program advanced flexibility and the ability to freely and effectively access, manipulate and analyze business data. Piron's choice was Mago.net, for its superior performances and the perfect answers Microarea solution has been able to give to new requirements, demonstrating in this way a total adherence to company procedures.

Piron is now able to meet the need, among others, to extract data or easily connect to external procedures thanks to the potentialities of XGate (the module that allows to exchange files between remote station and heterogeneous systems) and MagicLink (Microarea tool that allows you to integrate any vertical solution or custom application with Mago.net ).

Among Mago.net strong points identified by Piron, we find flexibility of system architecture, designed to manage Mago.net databases (SQL Server), easy access and ERP simple browsing, and Woorm accessibility (being Woorm a powerful reporting tool integrated with Mago.net). Piron is now autonomous in reporting, thanks to Woorm. The project had also a very short startup time: the system reached operating regime in just 30 days, and it flexibly adapted itself to Piron users needs.

Piron is just one of the success stories supported by Mago.net: want you find out how many other companies have improved their performance in the most different sectors, please visit the dedicated section on Microarea website.

LML Italia and WebFarm for Mago.net, flying in first class towards success

26 February 2013 by vsalaris


The LML Italia S.p.A. dealers independently control orders, spare parts and warranties thanks to WebFarm, the Mago.net vertical solution made in Project + + specifically designed to manage the company intranet.

by the Marketing Department

The Microarea Platinum Partner  Project++ produced and develops the vertical  solution for Mago.net called WebFarm. LML Italia Spa, Star Deluxe scooter dealer, implemented WebFarm. Thanks to WebFarm, LML is able to meet their basic needs, including the entire manufacturing cycle and data access via web.

The Project++ vertical solution offers to LML the possibility to focus exclusively on the marketing and after-sales service for Star Deluxe: in fact, the synergy existing between WebFarm and Mago.net guarantees a perfect manufacturing management, the latter including the product customization, quality control,  and the components logistics. The sales order is fully governed while the spare parts, and their specifications, are managed entirely by Mago.net.

One of the primary goals of WebFarm is to slim down and improve, from a manufacturing point of view, the relationship existing between the company and the dealers, a goal that the Mago.net vertical solution achieved through the creation of a centralized IT system that is referenced by the LML website. Throughout the company website, in fact, retailers can draw directly from the central system without the needing to import and export data.

Let us briefly see how this system works.
The ERP Mago.net is installed within LML on a multilingual portal, based on CMS DotNetNuke Professional, and hosted in a farm connected to high-speed internet access. The individual dealer can access at anytime the website, this giving way to maximum usability under any circumstance.

The Web portal is responsible for the making public all features typical of the sector, such as orders of vehicles and spare parts, together with tables and stock availability. On the same central system are also available the warranties records and back orders, as well as data activities related to the financial statements, the commissions and statistics. All of these information are obtained in real time from Mago.net throughout the use of Web Services and are made available by WebFarm.

From the same portal, the end users can download any document, in pdf format, created by Mago.net (e.g. invoices, specific reports, order confirmations). Given the fact that Mago.net allows managing the data in real time, all partners are able to autonomously verify all necessary information in a practical and updated manner.

WebFarm for Mago.net ensures to LML information certainty and unties the staff from an approach predominantly carried out by phone, this in favour of a consistent improvement in business efficiency. You can find further details regarding this successful synergy within the Case History dedicated to the success story of LML Italia and broaden your knowledge on the capabilities of the vertical solution made by Project++ by visiting the relating product page.

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