Transportation & Logistics: the Italian market

24 May 2016 by vsalaris

logistics solutions Zucchetti

A snapshot of the transport and logistics sector that shows its strengths, perspectives and investment priorities.

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The transport and logistics companies are one of the most efficient and performing sectors in Italy: in fact, in Italy the logistics worth 110 billion euros, equivalent to about 7% of GDP. In particular, the turnover of logistics in 2015 reached almost 80 billion euros (+ 1.1%).

The current transportation market see winning new approaches to logistics, that require greater synergies between client companies, technology suppliers and logistic service, to deploy even more innovative systems and produce performing results, thereby increasing the economic profits.

A deep transformation and technological upgrading is crucial to keep the sector alive. The economic crisis of recent years has in fact brought the transport companies to seek greater productivity, reducing costs and delivery times, to increase its efficiency.

This is why the digitalisation plays a key role in the transformation process and the evolution of the entire sector: in fact, the overall IT budget of the Transportation and Logistics segment reached in 2015 the estimate of 1,140 million euros, equal to 5% the overall IT spending value, with an annual increase of + 2.5%.

In the coming years, companies of logistics services will aim to increasingly advanced technology, allowing new opportunities to have contact with their customers and consumers.The solutions to be implemented are those of CRM, Business Intelligence, Social Media and Digital Marketing. It will also be essential to exploit new delivery modes of services through Mobile App and Cloud services.< /p>

The Zucchetti Group is already prepared to offer all these solutions and to support Italian companies to meet the complex requirements of each area in the transportation and logistics sector (integrated, marine and coastal, road transport), with an offer that completely covers the business needs and provides innovative management and ERP software, a complete HR suite for personnel management, integrated and customized solutions in the field of CRM and BI, Digital Marketing, resources for Safety at Work, satellite localization and much more ...

All this even in the cloud: an increasingly important and frequent choice for companies operating in the transportation and logistics sector, which reduces the costs of start-up, management and evolution of IT infrastructure, quickly launch solutions, have constant updates and the guarantee of maximum IT security.

Learn more on the dedicated website:

Zmenu is tempting to the catering business

21 October 2015 by vsalaris

Zmenu by TCPOS

The solution developed by Zucchetti TCPOS enables catering companies to meet every need: operational, sales, administrative, accounting, logistics and marketing.

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TCPOS Zucchetti is a company of Zucchetti Group, a leader in IT solutions for the Hospitality and Retail. Multifunctional POS solutions produced by the company allow you to easily manage every aspect of the sales process and are currently used in over 30 thousand cash desks all over Europe, for a total of over 6 million transactions processed every day.

Zmenu is the solution designed by TCPOS for manage every type of local in the restaurant industry: taverns, restaurants, pizzerias, eateries, canteens, cafeterias, take-away, bars, ice cream shops etc. Flexible and modular, the system allows to meet any requirement in a few simple steps.

Zmenu optimizes and automates every process, from order to payment of the bill, through inventory and employees management, up to a direct interface with the banking POS. You can also check the status of tables and orders, calculate the time of preparation and delivery of courses, easily coordinating kitchen, bar and lounge.

Thanks to Zmenu you can also manage the monthly summary invoices for more frequent customers, checks accounts not yet paid and print receipts without having to retype the amount, thus minimizing typing errors and speeding up the preparation of the account and payment.

You can have a visible feedback of every deal made by the employee and of the related timing thanks to the advanced reporting, integrated with Zucchetti business intelligence solutions. In this way you have valuable information to increase profits, reduce operating costs and define personalized proposals for your customers.

The look and feel of Zmenu meets specific functional and aesthetic requirements with optimized interfaces for each operating system. The solution is also compatible with a wide range of touch screen and wi-fi mobile devices to easily connect scanners, fiscal and kitchen printers, displays, vending machines, handheld devices and tablets.

Want to know more? Then mark the event on the agenda: Zmenu will be at HOST, the most important event for the Ho.Re.Ca. sector, foodservice, retail, department stores and hotel industry, scheduled in October 23 to 27 at the Milan Fair (Zucchetti TCPOS will be guest at the stand of Orderman Italy, Hall 10 stand L100 BIS).

CRM strategies, the integration with

27 October 2014 by vsalaris


Thanks to the dialogue with Infinite CRM solution by Pat, ensures a proper, accurate and reliable management of relationships with your customers. 

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For a "market-oriented" Company the market is no longer just the client, but the surrounding environment. For this reason, it is now mandatory to implement proper Customer Relationship Management strategies, closely concerning communication, business processes integration, people and culture, to focus on the customer.

CRM concept is realized in a business strategy that aims to understand, anticipate and meet the needs of current and potential customers of a company, increasing the value of their relationship. The CRM strategy is not really just a matter of computer systems, but uses them massively: CRM applications are used to keep in touch with clients, to enter the information into the database and to provide interaction mode such that the interactions themselves can be recorded and analyzed.

It is thus clear that the two-way dialogue between your management software and CRM solution is crucial to create an integrated system, containing all the required functionality and flexible, so that it can be used by different business profiles. Some questions then arise spontaneously: how is it possible to exchange information between the already implemented systems, or build new ones? How to have a complete customers relationships management and use their presales, sales and after-sales service full potential, while maintaining the financial-accounting management in

The answers come from the connection system between and InfiniteCRM, the Pat group CRM solution that has always been compatible with every type of enterprise infrastructure and fully integrated with ERP platforms. From this openness to integration was developed the iCRM Pat Connector module for a real operational bridge able to establish an ongoing dialogue between your ERP and InfiniteCRM, so you have the data stored in both systems.

The operating principle of the procedure is to "capture" the data in the database, and then to replicate them in the target database: the information will coincide in all databases controlled by and Infinite CRM are integrated thanks to a procedure able to quickly and efficiently manage large volumes of data. A sophisticated system of real-time synchronization keeps constantly aligned data of the two software. The connector not only synchronizes with Infinite CRM (eg for the master data and customer items and price lists), but also starts a two-way dialogue between the two systems, for example if you have to send an order to the ERP. As a result, your sales and marketing activities are constantly traceable and monitored by both and Infinite CRM!

Thanks to iCRM Pat Connector architecture, different company areas are able to implement CRM strategies, all feeding the same database and accessing a customer card with all the information. This allows you to improve all processes and to respond in a reliable and comprehensive way to any need: Microarea ERP hooks the data, while fetching orders and customers from Pat CRM. All in an easy, automatic and efficient way.

If you are a user, you can take advantage of the capabilities of PAT CRM infinte thanks to iCRM Connector. The connection tool enables the exchange of data between the two platforms, is able to align the data minimizing the integration time required and maximizing their quality. All of this to the advantage of the solution ... and then of the customer!

iCRM Pat Connector is part of 3.10 Service Pack 2: find out more in Product Download section and in the Help & Information Center. For even more details and information about iCRM Pat Connector, please leave your reference.  You will be contacted as soon as possible.

Efficiency is also known as Zucchetti HR Portal

28 April 2014 by vsalaris


Your business take advantage of a contact point between Human Resources Department and company population thanks to  HR Portal  This means an  optimal Human Resources Management!  

Edited by Marketing Department 

In a previous post we presented the innovative Zucchetti HR tool: a suite for complete human resources management under administrative, management and organization profile.  Today we take a step forward talking about Zucchetti HR Portal, the portal that further enhances Human Resources Management.

Thanks to HR Portal efficiency increases immediately.  From a single access  point you’re able to manage all activities concerning human resources, such as absences and overtime, business trip, goals assignment and analysis. You can also publish and store personal documents, corporate communications and receipts, while providing your employees with tools to check clockings, insert vouchers, holidays and expenses, subscribe to courses ... and much more.
HR Portal services provide immediate and tangible benefits.  By breaking down repetitive tasks, in fact, HR department can focus on strategic activities.  At the same time internal communication processes costs are drastically reduced.

The entire workforce is also involved in business processes:  the only distribution point of so-called self-services makes possible for employees to independently and safely access the information they need (checking their  clocking and inserting presence / absence evidence, entering their vacation, expense reports, viewing the training plan and registering for courses etc.).
 All in the name of innovation, thanks to the mobile app!

 Find out more on Hr Portal, the contact point between Human Resources Department and company population that improves personnel department efficiency, on Zucchetti website dedicated page.

Zucchetti HR, for an efficient and up-to-date Human Resources Management

25 February 2014 by vsalaris



Zucchetti HR is the winning formula for  Human Resources Management. An ultimate solution that meets company needs, also with headquarters, branch offices or production facilities abroad. 

Edited by Marketing Department 

HR is the Zucchetti solution designed to efficiently meet all the needs concerning Human Resources Management , both at home and abroad.

This innovative tool advantages in Human Resources Management are many and significant: we will now take a look at the main ones.

Thanks to  Zucchetti HR your  Company will be provided with a multi-language and multi-currency suite, in order to fully run human resources from administrative, management and organizational point of view. Human Resources Management basic logic and procedures are perfectly balanced, being the same both at home and abroad.

Zucchetti HR is web-based and boasts unique features in the international scene, using the most widespread technological standards. HR allows you to benefit from a unique master data database and properly control mobile personnel. 

Zucchetti HR also allows you to decentralize processes management at headquarters, branches and foreign facilities, thus bringing substantial benefits in terms of simplification and efficiency.

Thanks to Zucchetti HR you can now refer to a single technology Partner for the whole human resource management system (both at home and abroad), avoiding complex and often wasteful integration between different systems and the resulting updates.

Advantages do not end there: HR Zucchetti is mobile, thanks to the App designed to enter clocking, receipts, expense accounts, portable devices.

There are already thousands of companies using HR with satisfaction; take yourself Zucchetti solution benefits choosing to reduce costs, streamline processes and significantly improve efficiency in personnel management.

Zucchetti solution  is available licensed as well as Software as a Service. If you want to know more, please visit HR page on Zucchetti website.

How to get your risk evaluation document in order

28 November 2013 by vsalaris


Different workplaces and activities entail as many risk types, which, according to the law, must be assessed and recorded in a specific document.

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Increasing accidents in workplaces have highlighted the need to set more and more security measures for employees’ health protection. Risk Assessment Document (Italian acronym DVR) is moving in this direction. The Document is a tool put in place by Uniform Occupational Safety Code provisions (Legislative Decree no. 81/2008).

DVR is an informative document about safety, related to various risk types in workplaces. DVR shall contain business description, work cycle and tasks and have to identify in detail the dangers present in the company (for example, the use of machinery or toxic substances). Next step is risks assessment, in association with identified dangers. Starting from this evaluation, security measures program is defined in order to ensure, keep and improve over time workers health and safety. This program has to include, for example, installations and equipment periodic maintenance and it must certify that all workers are provided with means, information and training designed to prevent risks.

DVR has necessarily to be present in workplace and it must be available to any eventual examination by supervisory bodies. You have also to remember that DVR should be regularly updated, to take into account any change potentially affecting health and safety. Failing to upgrade the document can lead to severe penalties.

DVR has to be set up by anyone who owns a business with working members or subordinates employees. Deadline for document processing was May 31, 2013, but many companies have postponed the fulfillment and, even today, are not in compliance. It will then soon be necessary to use appropriate instruments to compile the Document in accordance with the in-force legislation.

In order to do achieve this goal, in November Zucchetti is offering to all his customers, companies and professionals an interesting opportunity: Safety Solutions at Work by Zucchetti is now in promotion.

Specifically, Standardized DVR is being promoted. Standardized DVR is the service for DVR online compilation, issued by Information Supermarket. Standard procedure is able to satisfy DVR requirements for companies with less than 10 employees and professionals who want to meet costumers "spot" demands. When the compiling procedure is different from the typical one, the promotional offer is supplemented by Zucchetti Safety Solution. Zucchetti Safety Solution software is fully managing all the measures provided for by Legislative Decree 81/08 and concerning Safety in the Workplace (such as DVR, Interfering Risk Assesment Document, Operational Safety Plan, Contracts, Training, Labour Medicine, etc). Zucchetti also promotes Saas DVR solution (that is Software as a Service), to allow professionals to enrich their offer, integrating it with a DVR processing continuous service in behalf of client companies.

Zucchetti offer ultimately represents an excellent opportunity for all companies that have yet to fulfill the obligations related to the Risk Assessment Document drafting, in order to regularize their situation in a timely, efficient and cost effective way.

Whether you are a professional or a company the Zucchetti Safety Solutions at Work service allows you to streamline procedures and cutting down costs ... while reducing risks. If you want to learn how to meet your business needs, please visit the Standardized DVR  and Safety Solutions dedicated pages.

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