Close Up: Mago & Zucchetti Balance solution

29 February 2016 by vsalaris

Close Up

Integrations between Mago and the galaxy of Zucchetti solutions continues to grow, today with an application dedicated to the budget management.

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You know very well that the integration between the ERP software Mago and Zucchetti solutions is a major asset in many ways, especially when it makes your ERP even more versatile, totally for free!

This is the case of the integration between Mago and the Zucchetti software Balance & Beyond, which allows you to manage the companies of which the accountant does not administer accountancy. In this case, in fact, the integration offers you an application that provides multiple solutions for all of the Budget management issues, with particular attention to features such as importing data from external files, manual entry of data, the possibility to customize your prints.

Balance & Beyond allows you to exchange with customer companies the reports that contain the data required for the preparation of the Financial Statements and the Explanatory Notes in XBRL format, simulating the tax burden and having fiscal tables that are preset and regularly updated with the regulations, also complete by historical accounting data.

Dialogue with Mago takes place thanks to the ability, typical of Balance & Beyond, to automatically import data from external files in multiple formats. Integration with Mago is free and can be activated in the administration console via the new module "exchange Accounting Records Balance & Beyond" (localized just for Italy and with the Accounting Module as a prerequisite).

Technically, the integration between these two programs occurs through an Excel file containing the account balances of Mago for a specified period, associated with the accounts of Balance & Beyond. Given that the structure of the plan of accounts is free in Mago, while the Balance & Beyond one is EU type, the correspondence of accounts is defined by a balance reclassification. The definition of the reclassification schema for Balance & Beyond is fully automatic, which means that the procedure, once defined the pattern, easily export the balances in an Excel file, regardless of the chart of accounts used by the company. The same process allows you to run a report to print the verification report of the file content or the detail of the reclassified balances.

The integration between Mago and Balance & Beyond is just one of the improvements of Mago4: follow the blog for further overviews.

Ready to Split Payment with 3.11 SP3

19 February 2015 by vsalaris

Split Payment  

Split Payment means that tax payment is divided: with this formula the Public Administration pays VAT directly to the Treasury. Let's see how to deal with the new mechanism. 

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2015 Stability Law introduces the Split Payment mechanism. The law states that the Public Administrations purchasers of goods and services, although not subject to VAT, must pay directly to the Treasury the value added tax that has been charged by their suppliers.

It is a mechanism that affects the normal rules for VAT application: technically, with the split payment, PA pays directly to the state, rather than to suppliers, the value added tax, while supplier will not be paid for the full amount shown on the bill (tax and VAT), but only for the amount net of VAT.

The Split Payment applies to invoices issued from January 1st, 2015. Split Payment does not applies to purchases for which the Administration is tax debt - bound to reverse charge - and to fees for services subject to withholding at source by way of income tax.

With its Service Pack 3, 3.11 is ready to simplify your accounting of documents issued from 01.01.2015 to the Public Administration!

Since VAT on these documents will no longer be collected, a special code now allows you to identify Public Administrations customers and related documents, in order not to consider VAT on such documents. In this way, the tax will never be counted in VAT payments. 3.11.3 adapts both documents prints, in which is inserted a specific note to highlight that these documents are subject to split payment, and the path for the electronic invoice transmission to Fatel, the Zucchetti e-invoice solution to PA.

Even documents that you have already issued from January 1, 2015 may be adapted. sets the new of Public Administration field on master of customers who already operate in tax suspension: this procedure allows to meet the new regulations also for issued documents, simply with “Print Documents Record” and “Recalculation of Changes in tax collectability” procedures.

Among its many improvements, 3.11 Service Pack 3 allows you to manage also the new Split Payment procedure in a simple and immediate way, to be in line with regulations.

Download now the new SP3!

Please remember that if you have activated Microarea Live Update Service the download is for free; just contact your Microarea Reseller to properly upgrade.
If your MLU has expired, call Microarea at 800-012573, to be sure of a non-stop, precise update.

New Single Certification with 3.11.3

13 February 2015 by vsalaris


Starting from 2015 the new Single Certification form is in force , instead of the old certification of the withholding agent

Edited by Marketing Department

The new Single Certification form (Italian CU2015, regulated by LD 175/2014 - art 2) introduces many new features compared to the previous certification (Italian CUD).

CU2015, in addition to certify the income from subordinated employment - and similar -, must include the certifications  about self-employment income, commissions and other. CU2015 must be delivered by the company to workers, or self-employed, by February 28, 2015 and electronically transmitted to the Tax Agency by March 7, 2015. The withholding agent meets the communication requirement with a single submission of all certificates issued, or by making separate submissions (when, for example, employment certificates are prepared by a consultant and those of self-employment are created on their own).

In order to allow a timely adjustment  to new regulation, 3.11 Service Pack 3 provides you with a specific procedure that allows you to process the Certification directly in, including tax and social security data related to self-employment, commissions and other income.

If income from employment have not been paid, the file will be directly sent to Tax Agency; otherwise, the file will be properly integrated (eg by your labor consultant) with the data deriving by  employment income.
With 3.11.3 you can can extract parcels and withholding taxes data from a date range that you can set up freely, to produce the electronic files and print on the official ministerial form. Furthermore, you can produce any corrective or supplementary file for Certifications already sent electronically.

The result: a very simple,  functional  and particularly careful process, since the system performs a set of checks upstream from those provided by the Tax Agency software at the time of telematic submission. This allows you to produce a single file and one print of the certification for all the year, or, by selecting a specific supplier, generate the file related to a single recipient (useful in case of cancellation / replace of a certification already sent). You can also print a cover page for each certification, in order to deliver to each self-employed their full certification, with no needs to select a supplier at a time. helps you also in the case of electronic transmission  - via Italian Fisconline method -. As a strict limit of this submission, there must be a separate file for each certificate.  In the case of a single recipient with different causal - due to different performance -, you may need to generate more files. With the CU2015 procedure, 3.11.3 allows you to send to Fisconline separated files for supplier and letter / causal.

CU2015 procedure is a significant added value for the Accounting area of your business. You can experience all the benefits in terms of automation, control and simplification, downloading now SP 3 for your 3.11!

As always, if you have signed and maintained Microarea Live Update service you can immediately download the Service Pack 3 for 3.11. We recommend that you contact your Microarea Reseller to properly and safely upgrade. If your M.L.U. expired, please call Microarea at number 800-012573 to discover the benefits of a constant update. 3.9.9 and its e-invoicing turnkey services

6 June 2014 by vsalaris Service Pack 3.9 update to Service Pack 9  focuses on electronic invoicing in order to provide a reliable tool to cope with new provisions, mandatory at this time.  

edited by Marketing Department 

Few days ago, June 6, 2014, Electronic Invoicing to Public Administration became mandatory in Italy. Keeping this deadline in mind, 3.9 SP 9 was launched at the end of May: a specific release designed to give you the tools you need for a proper and timely update to the current legal framework.

In order to let you be up and running and align yourself with E-Invoicing protocols, 3.9.9 introduces the new FEPAConnector module, designed to connect with the PA Electronic Invoicing Zucchetti program.
FEPAConnector is an efficient and safe solution: the module had to pass a complex series of demanding tests, carried out at some pilot companies prior to release, in order to guarantee total reliability.

Let's briefly see which are the solutions at your disposal to meet all the needs of new legal obligations. Electronic invoice must be traceable and safe, as well as recognizable as authentic. This is guaranteed by a unique identification code (shown in IPA, Index of Public Administration) of the invoice recipient office and by affixing the digital signature of invoice issuer. In addition you will have to keep all documents sent in electronic format by electronic storage. In this way documents will be equivalent to those on paper, allowing you to reduce costs associated to traditional storage. external procedure implemented by the Zucchetti PA Electronic Invoicing software allows you to create and send digitally signed e-invoices to the Exchange System, that is the only channel allowed to  transmit  to Public Administration (Exchange System, Italian SDI, is  the IT system able to receive invoices as XML file, check received file and submit invoices to Government recipients, then releasing transmission receipts). The solution is natively integrated with Zucchetti document management and storage system (SOS Infinity), able to complete the whole business documents dematerialization cycle.

From its side, the new 3.9.9 FEPAConnector module allows you to connect to Zucchetti PA Electronic Invoicing software, in a simple and automatic, yet customizable way.
The link between and PA Electronic Invoicing is handled by FEPAConnector with two separate procedures; in this way it is guaranteed a two-way dialogue with the public administration system, both to send invoices and to receive related documents (successful transmission and reception confirmation). outputs invoices for PA, so you can extract them in order to control and eventually select them individually. Zucchetti PA Electronic Invoicing manages subsequent phases (invoices digital signature, sending and electronic storage); always allows you to know invoices status, thanks to the direct connection to PA Electronic Invoicing database.

Thanks to FEPAConnector you can customize in detail the invoices communication to the PA Electronic Invoicing software, issued by, manage attachments saved with EasyAttachment in order to transmit them with invoices, as well as view and print documents to be sent / sent to PA Electronic Invoicing software using  specific filters.
The new 3.9.9 module allows you also to specify additional data, typical of PA Invoices, both to indicate the Public Administration reference codes, and to define whether the invoices should be sent in electronic format. It is possible that a certain public category still accepts paper invoices (for some institutions, such as the local ones, the duty will be triggered in 2015).

FEPAConnector assists you by automatically updating document status while PA Electronic Invoicing software is sending to the Exchange System: the invoice is shown as unsent, to be validated, validated, generated, signed, sent, etc..

In essence, the new FEPAConnector module introduced by 3.9.9 release allows you to delegate to PA Electronic Invoicing solution all the invoices transmission flow, in an easy and accurate way thanks to a perfect product alignment. 3.9.9 with FEPAConnector module makes it easy a very complex process: an operative simplification that is also reflected in the ease of use and really user-friendly setup, achievable in few steps. To implement the module in a simple and safe way, provides you with a handy quick start guide, or the 10 simple steps to follow to successfully install the integration. You can find  this brief and detailed guide in Microrea Help & Information Center section 10 steps to prepare yourself to electronic invoicing to the Public Administration.

Download now 3.9 SP9  and touch with your hand FEPAConnector benefits and convenience! As always, downloading the 3.9.9 release of is free of charge for all users who have subscribed and maintained the Microarea Live Update service. To subscribe MLU, please contact Microarea International Sales Department. We kindly recommend you to get in touch with your referral reseller in order to properly update your

You can easily get more information about 3.9.9 and FEPAConnector by reading release notes in Microarea website Private area and consulting Help & Information center section dedicated to the new module. presents its Service Pack 8

13 May 2014 by vsalaris Service Pack 3.9.8: evolution goes on thanks to more than 60 updates  

Edited by Marketing Department 3.9 improvement continues with SP 8! The new Service Pack involves every functional area, leaving room for as many as 60 new features.  In this post you can find a brief review about 3.9.8.

Let's start from  Accounting Area. Thanks to 3.9.8 you can now send  payment certificates (taxes and Enasarco  withholding for your tax return) via e-mail or PostaLite (Zucchetti postal service that allows you to send by mail any document).  Covering letters can be customized by the user. Further improvements in bills submission and payments orders  were designed for companies working with Public Administration. If you export regularly, 3.9.8  allows you to manage letters of intent revocation; you can also print them or send them via email or Postalite.

There are interesting news also in Manufacturing Area, since contract work functionalities are enhanced.  3.9 SP 8  further improves job ticket final balance. Display and management of variants related to production order/contract work order are also refined. 3.9.8 presents further improvements in calculating CONAI exempt clients, and in Agents Selection, thanks to an optimized Agent code filtering system within Agents Movements Clearing and Commissions Revaluation procedures.

SP8 also improves Sales and Purchases Area thanks to the options “delivery note for order” and “invoice follows” in packing list.

With regard to WMS, 3.9.8 proposes new, useful improvements for warehouse and logistics. 3.9.8 allows you to simultaneously and automatically create several Warehouse units and print any of their barcodes, thanks to the via-Server Automatic Packing functionality. Furthermore, the new release allows users to feel free in picking operations. You can indeed choose to act in Controlled or Flexible way, setting modifications for any data. WMS Mobile module too is enriched by Stock Display function, starting from Storage Mission Confirmation. In this way you can view all item or item/bin stock in the mission that you’re confirming.

Of course the new 3.9 release comes along with many more improvements: it is impossible to describe them all in this post. You can find out more about Service pack 8 visiting the Download product section within Microarea website Private Area.  

Download now 3.9 Service pack 8 and remember that downloading is free for those who have subscribed and still activated the Microarea Live Update service! In order to subscribe your M.L.U. or ask for information, please contact Microarea International Sales Department and find out the benefits in being always up to date.

We kindly recommend you to get in touch with your Microarea dealer, in order to properly upgrade your product. In this way you can be sure that safe and experienced hands will take care of your

News for here is 3.9 Service Pack 7!

7 February 2014 by fperricone



At short time since the last update, here we are with a new service pack, introducing interesting administrative and fiscal news.

Edited by Marketing Department

Further useful and new features are coming for your Company: 3.9 Service Pack 7 is ready to download!

Why to download this update? Because SP7 contains innovations related to SEPA Direct Debit  (SDD, the future of DD, Direct Debit) and refines the Multipurpose Communication. In SP7 are also included dozens of steps to improve present functionalities. There are also new administrative and fiscal specifications for Romania and Bulgaria.

Thanks to Microarea Live Update service you can download Service Pack 7 right now. Please remember to get in touch with your Microarea reference dealer for installation. In this way you will be sure to get all the benefits of new version in a totally safe way.

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