(ITnews) – Rome – Lost company data? Prevention is better than cure. This is one of the most significant indications emerging from Italian companies interviewed within the framework of a study conducted by Symantec on the subject of Data Loss Prevention (DLP). The research included over 1,500 companies (102 of which were Italian), in the small, medium and large enterprise sector within the EMEA region (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, UK, Israel, Turkey), operating in various industries, from the automobile industry to consultancy services.

The frequency of  theft and loss of company data has significantly drawn attention to and increased awareness of the confidentiality of protected data. 67% of Italian companies interviewed (average of 50% of EMEA companies) confirmed that they feared the prospect of a loss of information and 51% admitted to having already been victims at least once of such incidents. 46% also indicated consequent economic damages ranging from Euro 10,000 to over Euro 100,000. In general, the study indicated that when it came to high risks and a developed awareness, Italy appeared to be giving the issue of data loss prevention more attention than the average in other countries. 82% of Italian companies (compared to an average of 72%) have implemented basic strategies aimed at preventing loss of information. Among the instruments most used were internet access control (63%), media equipment control (46%) and ciphering technology (45%). Less common were ad hoc end point security management solutions (23%) and data loss prevention (27%).
55% of companies have also implemented systems to prevent the loss of data on mobile media (down to an average of 46% for EMEA companies). Furthermore, only 37% of Italian companies (compared with 43%) authorise their employees to use portable storage media without any restrictions. Mago.net offers effective tools for the continuous control of data access and modification: Our Security and Auditing modules are designed for these functions. Security is also available in Light version, which is easier to use and specifically suited to small enterprises.