The ERP software is in constant evolution: the Service Pack 2 for 3.6 is now available. The M.L.U. service allows downloading the update free of charge!

by Fabrizio Perricone - Product Marketing Manager

Microarea issues the SP2 for 3.6: new features and functional improvements that are interesting indeed.

The normative adjustment, regarding the Enasarco 2012 contribution, allows fulfilling with utmost precision the first payment within the deadline, the 20th of May. Please remember that the normative variation is of concern to those limited companies the contribution of which is partially on the back of the agent.

Let us now move on to an area that is of great interest to a large number of individuals: the EasyAttachment document management is now enriched by a extremely easy to use function connected to the document management throughout the bar codes. You are already aware that EasyAttachment allows filling any type of electronic document in a simple and effective manner, this also thanks to the application of barcodes on the "paper" documents in order to make the document searching fast and efficient. What you might not know instead, is that from now on you can update the filled document by simply using the same bar code found on the original document! 

Microarea is committed in supplying technologically groundbreaking solutions in order to ensure top performances and full safety of the company data. The Service Pack 2 of 3.6 offers to the End Users (having Oracle database) a consistent leap forward as in regards to the loading of the single forms for the data entering/modifying. In practice, the usage experience is now equivalent to the one achieved with the Microsoft SQL Server database platform. 

There are loads more improvements within the SP2 of 3.6: discover all of the in the Download area.

Please remember that, in order to update your, you need to be covered by the Microarea Live Update service: for further information, get in touch if your Microarea Reseller or with the Microarea International Sales Department.

In order to install the Service Pack, it is always advisable to seek the support of your Microarea Reseller to benefit from the work of professional and safe hands.