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24 February 2011 by fperricone

EasyAttachment Mago.<i>net</i>  

The finishing touch for the electronic documents storing system developed by Microarea. One of the most awaited innovative features of the next release of Mago.net is currently undergoing a “refinement” phase.

by Fabrizio Perricone
Product Marketing Manager 

Improving corporate efficiency means increasing the working effectiveness of every employee in order to avoid waste of precious time in the everyday work.

Think about all the time wasted in searching paper documents within the archives: getting hold of the document contained by those heavy, tall and extremely dusty classifiers is undeniably difficult and costly.

Mago.net, thanks to the EasyAttachment module, allows storing any electronic document (incoming from scanner as well): from pdf to the technical drawing, from the brochure to the offer signed by the client. Anything can be stored electronically and associated to one or more ERP document. EasyAttachment allows reducing radically the time needed in the research and visualisation of the documents also thanks to the intelligent use of key words and categories, all of which without hassle and...dust!

Take a look at the short video (available in Italian language) regarding EasyAttachment on the Microarea Youtube Channel.   

In other words, a “Must Have” module, exactly as Mail Connector used to be (and still is!!) when first issued.

Do you want to help your company with EasyAttachment? 
Check your M.L.U. (Microarea Live Update) contract validity. The M.L.U. allows updating your Mago.net to the new version (that will be available shortly) and ordering the new module to your Microarea reseller referral. Should you have the Enterprise Edition, the module is included in the product update

Please let me introduce you to EasyBuilder

24 January 2011 by fperricone


Microarea is testing and “stressing” the new powerful instrument for the “in depth” customisation in Mago.net. Thanks to this “refinement” period, that will last until the issue on the market of the new Mago.net release expected in Q1 ’11, EasyBuilder will ensure immediate performance and excellent stability.

by Fabrizio Perricone
Product Marketing Manager 

The question that everyone is about to ask now is: what is EasyBuilder? The name of the tool tends to be quite significant by itself. In practice, EasyBuilder is a tool that allows to easily create customisations for Mago.net.

EasyBuilder consists in two elements: the designer for the creation of customisations, and the runtime in order to employ the customisations.

The new version of Mago.net contains the runtime of EasyBuilder free of charge: this means that all End Users (having valid Microarea Live Update service) can update their Mago.net to the new release of the product and enjoy the benefits provided by EasyBuilder.

With EasyBuilder, it is extremely simple to customise the User interface of Mago.net, adapting the latter to the specific requirements of your company. Is there information that is missing and that you wish to manage? The data entry contains a high number of information that you do not use and hence you wish to reduce the “weight” of the window? Do want to make the entering of essential information impossible for you to forget? The answer to the mentioned necessitates is EasyBuilder!     

EasyBuilder allows adding, with a few clicks, a field to a data entry of Mago.net. Furthermore, EasyBuilder allows modifying the positioning of the objects within the window of Mago.net as well as the graphical characteristics, hiding objects and adding “behaviours” (or actions if you prefer) describing the operations to be accomplished in the preferred programming language (C#, VB.NET and Woorm scripting – yes, the same language used to drive the actions within the reports!). As for example, it is straightforward to make a field compulsory in order to then save data.

Those of you who are already familiar with Taskbuilder.Net (the Microarea development platform on which Mago.net is based) should be aware of the power such instrument is able to offer. Having said this, you should also be aware that, for example, creating a new field within a data entry of Mago.net is not simple at all: good quality knowledge of C++ language and TaskBuilder Framework (well documented with help on line and e-learning courses) are needed. EasyBuilder knocks down such barriers making indeed everything immediate and straightforward.   

EasyBuilder also allows creating objects with a greater complexity in regards to the single field: grids and tabs can be created and “hooked up” to the database structure in a trouble-free and effective way.

Another winning feature of EasyBuilder consists in the type of “customisable package” being created: it is 90%  “upgrade-safe”, this meaning that it continues to function without having to provide maintenance after a Mago.net upgrade. This is in indeed the “ace in the hole” of EasyBuilder: the End User (with a valid Microarea Live Update service) who employs Mago.net, customised with EasyBuilder, can benefit from the updates regularly issued by Microarea without having to wait for the lining up of the customisations in use (nevertheless, it is always advisable to seek the assistance of your Microarea Reseller referral).

The main benefits provided by EasyBuilder to those who create customisations are:

• Simplicity of use (intuitive graphic interface WYSIWYG and code scripture with intellisense)
• Development environment integrated with Mago.net
• Customisations 90% "upgrade-safe"
• Use of the preferred programming language (C#, VB.Net e Woorm scripting)

The main benefits to the End User reflect closely those provided to the developer:

• A simplified Mago.net updating
• Lower level of investments (if compared with customisation with TB.Net)

The “plus” are many indeed and able to shift the focus of the “customisation developer” of Mago.net, from the use of the powerful yet complex TaskBuilder.net to the equally powerful but definitely easier to use EasyBuilder... for the benefit of the Mago.net End Users! Please be aware that in order to update your Mago.net you need to have a valid MLU service.

If you wish to get hold of further information, read as soon as possible the White Paper found the Private Area! 

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