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25 January 2017 by vsalaris

Mago4 Blog

Mago4 website collects and hosts more and more information about your ERP, helping you to be up-to-date on all Mago news and features.

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As you know, the website entirely dedicated to Mago4 ERP is active for some time now, along with the websites dedicated to Taskbuilder Studio and Taskbuilder Framework.

The news is that we have made an overall restyling also on www.microarea.it website; on this occasion several descriptive pages were transferred to www.mago4.com, to ensure uniformity of presentation and completeness of the offering information.

So, if browsing on this site you feel that "something is missing" ... take a look on the Mago4 site and give it a chance: the information is all at your disposal, streamlined in the presentation and organized in a rational way.

You may also have noticed that even the contents of the blog "Microarea Chronicles" - the one you are reading now - are increasingly finding their adequate space on Mago4 blog: indeed more and more posts arepublished in that forum. If you think you have missed something, do not worry: the newsletter Mago4 News is published by exactly one year and reaches you on a monthly basis, with all the latest products and news from Zucchetti world, and it is designed to always point you in-depth sources for the covered topics.

This trend will be more and more confirmed in the future, until the one dedicated to Mago4 will remain as an active blog: so we suggest you visit the site www.mago4.com and follow its blog, never to miss a news!

See you on Mago4 blog!

Microarea website: news in Private Area

13 December 2016 by vsalaris

Private Area

It is available a rich documentation designed to help you in the porting from Mago.net to Mago4 and tips to make navigation even more enjoyable.

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Let's see all the latest news appeared in the Private Area on the Microarea website.

Mago ERP has always been open to the widest range of customizations, and ready to welcome the most varied vertical solutions.

What to do then in the transition from Mago.net to Mago4? How to properly perform the passage of components designed for Mago.net to the new solution? Porting can indeed be complex and expensive ... but fortunately this is not the case!

It's all very simple: you can proceed in complete autonomy and port by yourself your customizations and / or vertical solutions from Mago.net to Mago4, thanks to the resources available in Private Area on the Microarea website.

In Help Center you can indeed find many documents that explain in detail how to approach the architecture of Mago4 and perform the necessary procedures. You just have to sign in with your login and browse the available material.

By signing in to the Private Area, you'll notice also another new: a notification alerts you about the possibility to create your own list of favourite links.

To facilitate the access to the pages you use the most, in fact, you can now record the links you want to have always available. Every time you see the icon of a star next to the link of access to the Private Area pages, you can select it and add the page to your list of favourite links.

Your favorite links will be always at your fingertips, right from the Private Area login page.

What are you waiting for? Visit the Private Area and discover all the news.

Microarea website: new revision for best usability

18 April 2013 by vsalaris


Microarea website is constantly evolving. The improvements in  layout get more and more accessibility and greater clarity of content ... with a good glance!

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A website has to be dynamic and improve itself continuously, in order to be really useful to web surfers. That’s why you can now visit Microarea website in an even more productive way:  the pages have recently been updated, improving their style. All this in order to give text a greater readability and produce more immediate, understandable and appealing information.

Browsing through the various site pages, you'll notice that the reading is more relaxing and that navigation is more agile. The text in new gray color is in fact more elegant and restful for the eye, while the increased line spacing enhances readability.

You can now find the so-called “breadcrumbs” in each page footer, which give you an immediate view of the position you are located in. Moreover, contact information are available in every footer, to get all the answers you need from Microarea.

Practical push-button panels in the products section allow you to call up the topic of interest in every single screen. You can also comfortably navigate through the features described inside the main topic pages, thanks to the new paragraph structure within of the sheet, replacing the tab system.

The practical command "back to top" allows you to return immediately to top of page during exploration, and ensures an operational control of navigation, while eliminating manual scrolling of entire pages.

Updates to the new style affect every sector of the website’s public area, and aim to improve Microarea’s “communication skills” to users, Partners and visitors. The new layout generates at the same time substantial benefits both for presentation and for site indexing performance. Thanks to the optimization of these strategies, visitors can immediately find all the information they need about the ideal ERP solution for their business.

Discover all the layout news on Microarea site and give your opinion by leaving a comment on the Microarea Facebook page!

Microarea website: information and added value

1 February 2012 by vsalaris


The success of an Internet website depends on the coherence relationship between shape and contents. For Microarea, this means providing, throughout the web, relevant and interesting information.

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Microarea, now as in the past, always released unique and distinctive information, re-establishing and increasing progressively its visibility among the web.

In 2011, the Microarea website achieved outstanding results from a visibility point of view: +22% visits on 2010, for an overall 1,800,000 on-line pages visualized! Interestingly, a large part of the visits are due to the "Googeling" activity of Internet surfers in search of information and solutions. Comparing to last year, we have witnessed to a consistent increase in the traffic deriving from Google: +30%!    

The significant work load that Microarea carried out on communication is integrated and fulfilled by the search engines optimization activity, this throughout technical improvements (the grouping of activities known as SEO) that guarantee a highly effective positioning of the results of the research engines. The latter is truly vital towards the products visibility and, more generally, of the entire Microarea offer.     

Also, the type of consultation provided a highly satisfying result: the visitors don't just "stop and go" on the website: there stay (on average 5 minutes) is well longer than the one referring to other websites belonging to players in the same market segment. This means that there is a significant level of interest and attention towards the reported themes.

Thrilling results indeed, which prove how quality does pay off in the end.

It is therefore obvious that the visibility of the companies that are hosted on www.microarea.it is considerably high. An extraordinary showcase is available to the Microarea Platinum Partners, within which they can promote their brand and solutions integrated with Mago.net. The End Users instead have the "Success Stories" area where they can promote themselves on the web ... all of which offered by Mago.net!
We could say, based on the information in our hand and trying to carry out a literature type comparison, that the End Users have "flicked through" the Microarea website searching for the most interesting info just like if it was a newspaper, they have read with attention just like if it was a manual rich of information and last (but not least) they have shown their appreciation as if it was a best seller!   

Aside the numbers and statistics, the great influx and interest of the visitors prove the value of the philosophy and efforts made by Microarea, acknowledging the importance of the investments made in order to offer a "point of reference" for the "aficionados" (Users and Partners) and net surfers who are looking for the answers to their needs. 

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