Food information: new regulation in 2016

16 November 2015 by vsalaris

Food production

In 2016 it will be mandatory to apply the EU Regulation about the provision of food information. A vertical solution helps you to comply with regulations.

Edited by Marketing Department

From 2016 come into force new European rules that make the information on foods label more transparent. The EU Directive No. 1169/2011 requires that each food should carry nutrition labeling clearly visible to the consumer. It is also established that the technical data sheet must be presented to the control authorities, should they request it.

Furthermore, according to European regulations all companies must have the technical details of each element and the nutritional values will be expressed per 100 g / ml of the product, with reference also to individual portions and with the possibility to indicate daily or indicative recommended percentages.

The technical details, in addition to the information on the nutrition label, will bring the table of food allergens (specifying which are present, contaminated or absent), the storage conditions of the product, the number of individual units contained in a package, the package description, the type of packaging and the date of minimum durability.

To meet these needs, S.I.T., Microarea Platinum Partner, developed the vertical Food Managing. Food Managing uses the whole infrastructure of the ERP and allows you to "build" the food label by collecting and systematising all the necessary information (product name, ingredients, net weight, the expiration date of the food, the name and the headquarters of the producer), managing even the label printing.

By integrating Food Managing with you can now manage all processes, from production to sale of food products, through batch tracking and management of the product sheet.

Food Managing is a unique vertical that uses the potential of your ERP software to satisfy all the requests in the European legislation. The solution of S.I.T. suits for any size of European companies that produce and / or commercialize food products of any kind.

To examine all the information about the product, please visit the Food Managing page in the section " ecosystem".

Mosaico for is waiting for you at MCM 2015

21 October 2015 by vsalaris

Fiera manutenzione Verona

Micron, Microarea Platinum Partner, is pleased to invite you to MCM 2015, the reference event for professionals in industrial maintenance and asset management.

Edited by Marketing Department

This year the maintenance world is meeting again in Verona on 27 and 28 October for the ninth edition of MCM. MCM is the conference and exhibition dedicated to the industrial maintenance, with the participation of hundreds of companies of the sector, providing an important opportunity to develop business contacts and professional updating for maintenance managers, engineers, technicians, maintenance workers, installers and many more. Now in its ninth year, MCM combines an exhibition with a training component; 6,700 professionals and 132 exhibiting companies attended the last edition.

The Platinum Partner Micron will be at stand 122 with the vertical solution Mosaico for

On this prominent occasion, Micron will present his product for the maintenance sector, developed entirely on Microsoft .NET technology. is part of a project to simplify and manage contracts for maintenance and service, including calendar of technicals’ appointments / commitments, planned maintenance, preparation of the confirmation report of intervention, followed by the issuance of the invoice for services provided and renewals. is a fully integrated system with your ERP, thus capable of a high degree of customization, modular and fully configurable. By creating predefined templates, the vertical allows you to streamline the paper – based management of contracts and subsequent commitments, and can be used remotely via the Web or mobile.

If you want to learn more about the Micron vertical, please refer to the dedicated page in ecosystem, or visit, from which you can download your free ticket to MCM 2015.

The historic partnership between Microarea and Columbus Informatica

3 February 2014 by vsalaris

  On occasion of its 25th birthday, Columbus Informatica looks back to Microarea partnership  most important steps. The two Companies are following together a path of strong understanding and great success.

Edited by Marketing Department

Columbus Informatica is a company settled in Genoa that celebrates its 25th birthday right in 2014. The Company represents a benchmark for sales, service and maintenance related to hardware and software leading brands. Microarea Partner since beginnings, Columbus Informatica specifically dedicates an entire department to Microarea ERP. It’s here that a highly qualified team of consultants, developers and commercial are fully engaged in, providing customers with telephone support, intervention, installation and training, besides developing customized and procedures.

Columbus Informatica partnership originates with Mago I, the first installed package, and goes up to more than 500 installations in 2013. The relationship with Microarea has been consolidated over time through constant dialogue between the two companies. This is a highly productive attitude, both in terms of substance, and for business opportunities offered by Microarea marketing and commercial initiatives.

From a more technical point of view, Columbus is able to add value thanks to the technological platform and various tools (, Woorm, EasyBuilder) that allow to customize, while helping company development and further strengthening the partnership. Columbus Informatica has immediately focused on, because of the possibility to create its own vertical along with countless customizations, fully integrated with Columbus’ decision is a strategic and strong one, because of the possibility to customize according to customer needs, the product flexibility in the most varied product sectors, its scalability and ease of use.

Columbus Informatica is also a highly active partner on the stage of Microarea Community. Microarea Community aims to provide Microarea Partners with visibility and to expand the solutions range for users, sharing and exchanging knowledge and skills through Microarea forum. Columbus fits in Microarea Community by periodically exploiting News information channel (the Microarea Newsletter addressing more than 30000 companies) and presenting solutions and success stories on Microarea website. These means are widely used by Columbus to enhance its visibility in a decisive way, promoting the over 100 integrations to developed by the Company. Such a visibility provides the Company with a wide range of opportunities and new cooperation, while Columbus technicians discuss ideas and proposals within Microarea Community.

Columbus Informatica is also taking full advantage from the technical formation offered by more than 130 free educational courses and on-line updates of Microarea University. Starting from this resource, Columbus was able to create a specialized ecosystem able to provide the perfect solution for every market, customer and associated needs.

Given the partnership excellent outcomes, supported by cutting edge technological solutions and constant support, Columbus Informatica has chosen to allocate several internal resources to manage and develop solutions. That’s why a company department is  entirely dedicated to Microarea product.

Find out how Columbus Informatica was able to take full advantage of Microarea Platinum Partner privileged position…starting from marketing and sales support, through the perfect technology to create added value, taking part  to a vibrant and proactive community, up to reach a guaranteed and complete training at no cost.

Would you like to learn more and explore possibilities and advantages a successful partnership is reserving you, please visit the dedicated page on Microarea website. If you prefer, feel free to leave your reference. We will be pleased to get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Milan, 23-25 October 2013: happy 50th birthday to SMAU

6 November 2013 by vsalaris


On October 25th ended SMAU’s fiftieth edition. Three days dedicated to innovation, business and ITC professionals.

Edited by Marketing Department

SMAU is already half a century old, but it doesn’t show its age at all: the most important Italian ITC and technology innovation happening is renewing every year. SMAU always represents the ultimate site where you can analyze new technologies benefits.

As always, the events and appointments agenda was very busy, during the three days exhibition in Milan. In this way SMAU fulfilled its core mission: it’s confirmed that the event is the preferential location where Companies and innovation and digital solution suppliers can meet.

In this context that Zucchetti Group's stand intensely worked, welcoming visitors and operators and proposing innovative content and solutions to business needs.

Among the players, 12 prominent Microarea Partners from all over Italy made themselves totally available to the public to provide, explain and demonstrate customized, effective and fully efficient strategies. The innovation offered by Zucchetti Group team at SMAU represents a concrete strategic lever to help SMEs accelerating their business.

For SMAU 50th birthday, thus, a pleasing gift was at Zucchettis’ exhibition space: the right people to talk to, the right technologies to work with.

To recall the key stages about SMAU Milan 2013, please have a look (and, why not, leave a comment!) at the short on line video on Zucchetti YouTube Channel.

Microarea and Zucchetti together at Smau Bologna 2012: what a success!

13 June 2012 by vsalaris @ SMAU Bologna 2012  


Smau Business Road show in Bologna was largely appreciated by visitors as well as by the leading actors!  

edited by the Marketing Department 

An overall balance on the outcome of an important event, when the latter has come to an end, is quite inevitable. Let us therefore make a brief digression on the experience of Smau Bologna 2012, which witnessed the presence of an extraordinary team within the Microarea - Zucchetti stand.  

Lets start by saying that the experience in Bologna has certainly been positive, exceeding any expectation!
Within the large D47 stand, a consistent number of experiences have been brought to life. While the huge audience was following the product demos on the widescreen, the main actors of innovation actively collaborated in order to provide all visitors with an optimal service: demos provided in MacBook (proving the flexibility of and applications specifically dedicated on Ipad and Tablet Windows 8 (that can be interfaced with the accounting software of Microarea) were able to reassure a number of companies, belonging to different merchandising sectors, that the right solution to manage at best all activities was indeed found at stand D47.

The presence of many excellent Microarea Partners made sure that the many guests could always find an interlocutor highly prepared and always ready to address the many different types of requests regarding each merchandising sector. The contemporary presence, within the stands, of Microarea and Zucchetti staff has furthermore been the right chance to join together competence, quality and skill in further exciting synergies that the Smau visitors were able to witness and appreciate.

Lots of demos, many entrpreneurs ready to take in consideration for their company, dozens of integration proposals developed for and able to cover specific needs of both commercial and industrial sectors, made the two day rendezvous in Bologna truly special.
Also the photographs prove how stimulating these due days in Bologna have been: have a look yourself at the brief video-slideshow, made just after the end of Smau, available on the Microarea Youtube channel.

We will soon be back with other astonishing events!

Smau Milan 2011, the triumph of excellence

4 November 2011 by vsalaris


Once again Microarea achieves a huge success and countless "thumbs up" at the Smau Milan 2011 ICT event .

edited by the Marketing Department 

From the 19th to the 21st of October, the wings 3 and 4 of the Fieramilanocity lodged the 48th edition of SMAU Milan. A long established tradition that this year witnessed an outstanding number of visitors: over 52,000 coming from all over Italy.

Many visitors enjoyed the possibility to witness with their own eyes the excellent solutions made available by the Microarea Partners! Throughout the three days the Microarea Platinum Partners 2c Service, Select Informatica, SIT, Artware, Joker, Micron, Europroject, M.E.S. and the ISV Microarea Partners  Treebyte, DLF System, Digita, GSI, Proximo offered the possibility to everyone to try out the new features, providing evidence of their outstanding experience and availability towards a outstandingly interested audience.  

Thanks to the customized demos and to the specific solutions that enhance productivity and competitiveness, once again the Microarea Platinum and ISV Partners managed to distinguish themselves among the over 600 ICT brands that were present at the fair, taking part actively in the process of cultural change that is effecting a large number of companies and administration bodies.  

All of the interested visitors were free to test the huge potential of the Microarea solutions. Smau, more than ever, proved to be the right time to show to the market the excellent projects of the Partners, create new contacts and generate further possibilities of interaction. The enthusiasm that characterized Smau Milan 2011 gives way to a future full of promising scenarios.

Live the Smau Milan 2011 experience by watching the short video of the event. See you at next amazing occasion!

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