SMEs Facilitations

27 April 2016 by vsalaris

SMEs facilitation

The Sabatini-ter decree opens a new session of funding for SME investment in capital goods.

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5 billion euros to finance your investments: the instrument established by the Italian Decree-Law n. 69/2013 aims to increase the competitiveness of the productive system of the country and improve access to credit for micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) for the purchase of new capital goods.

Starting from May 2, 2016 ,SMEs may in fact apply for funding according to the so- called Sabatini-ter decree, aimed to invest in new machinery, system and equipment, including hardware and ERP software. The Ministry of Economic Development issued the 26672/2016 Circular, which complies with all the changes introduced by 3/2015 Decree-Law (which, among other things, introduces a facilitated financial leasing) and the following inter-ministerial implementing decree of January 25, 2016.

The potential recipients of the subsidies are SMEs meeting specific conditions at the date of application. Above all, Companies need to be properly constituted and registered in the Italian Commercial Register; if not resident in Italian territory, SMEs must have legal personality recognized in the State of residence, resulting from the inclusion in the corresponding register. Companies are also required not to be in "difficult" conditions, be in the full and free exercise of their rights, not to be in voluntary liquidation or subject to bankruptcy proceedings or, again, not to be among those who received , and not refunded, benefits recognized as illegal and incompatible by the European Commission.

To take advantage of facilitations set out in this decree, companies must be based in Italy; otherwise, they must comply within the deadline for the completion of the investment; the penalty is the revocation of the granted subsidies.

The funding must be used entirely for the purchase - or acquisition in the case of financial leasing operations - of machinery, equipment, capital goods business, new factory equipment and hardware, as well as software and digital technologies intended for productive structures existing or to be implanted, located anywhere in the Italian country.

In view of the funding is granted a benefit, in the form of a contribution equal to the total interest calculated on a conventional basis of a loan to the 2.75% interest rate, with a duration of five years and an amount equivalent to the financing.

For more information and to access the documentation please visit the website:

A year of success

25 January 2016 by vsalaris

Best of 2015 Zucchetti video

It is now online a video realized by Zucchetti to celebrate all the important results achieved in 2015.

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2015 was a year of great and important achievements for Zucchetti.

In order to share these results a short video summary of the past year has been published on the Zucchetti Youtube channel: in less than 3 minutes you'll have a full overview of 365 days of success.

The video, titled Best Of 2015, summarizes all the new products, new companies of the group and Zucchetti's numbers of success, along with the main prizes and awards. And no lack of thanks to all those who made it possible to achieve major goals.

Discover all the news of Zucchetti in the year just finished ... and prepare for the news in 2016!

Zucchetti: best of 2015

21 December 2015 by vsalaris

Best of 2015

A 2015 made of success and acknowledgments: we assess the year now ending.

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2015 was a year of great satisfaction for Zucchetti, being once again the first Italian softwarehouse in Europe.

With new solutions (among which we must mention the ERP Mago4!), national and international awards and acknowledgments, increased hardware acceleration, new businesses and markets, Zucchetti has lived an entire year of success!

To get a global glance of all the results achieved in the year now ending, an infographic is ready to summarize the Best of 2015. You can see the graphic here, so you can start to explore all the goals achieved in 2015.

Find out all the successes of Zucchetti's year 2015 and ... follow us to learn about those of 2016!

Zucchetti is now Conservator and Certification Authority

25 November 2015 by vsalaris

Zucchetti certification

Zucchetti gets two major awards by the Agency for Digital Italy.

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Zucchetti strategy is always aiming to provide a comprehensive offer in all that concerns the issue of dematerialization, digitalization and document management.

Zucchetti has fully proved to possess all requirements expected by the Digital Government Code in terms of reliability, organizational, technical and financial expertise and experience of the staff, and for the preservation of electronic documents and for issuing digital signatures.

That is why the Agency for Digital Italy, given the high levels of quality and safety in the treatment of data, acknowledged Zucchetti with the qualification of accredited Conservator and Certification Authority.

The Agency has indeed credited Zucchetti as conservator because it meets the highest requirements in terms of quality and safety in data treatment, giving the company also the qualification of certifier for issuing of digital signatures.

With these two important awards, Zucchetti further improves the quality of services provided to its clients, offering them the great advantage of using all these services through a single supplier.

Italian companies abroad: status and prospects

23 July 2015 by vsalaris for internationalization

An official report speaks of an increase in the internationalization of Italian companies in the last three years, also in terms of a general trend. 

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The statistics of recent years confirm the significant and geographically widespread presence of Italian multinationals abroad. We are speaking of 21,830 companies in 160 countries, employing over 1.7 million workers and generating a turnover of EUR 546 billion. Italian companies, net of financial services, realize overseas sales accounting for 14.8% of the total produced by companies resident in Italy.

ISTAT (National Italian Institute of Statistics) shows, compared to 2011, an expansion in terms of employees (+ 3.3%) and in revenue (+ 7.1%). It therefore confirms the trend towards increasing internationalization of the Italian economy, driven by the major multinational groups and more pronounced in the services (63.5%) than in industry (54.1%). Foreign industrial affiliates, however, have major economic importance, as they employ over one million workers and generate nearly 300 billion turnover. The industrial sectors with the highest degree of internationalization are the mining and quarrying, manufacture of motor vehicles and trailers, manufacture of rubber and plastic products, the supply of electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning and preparation of pharmaceutical preparations.

In terms of employees, the United States is the main country of location of both the industrial activities (nearly 124,000) and services (almost 102,000). In industry, Romania and Brazil are following - respectively over 89 and 88 thousand employees -, while for services, Germany (almost 74,000) and Spain (over 41,000) follow. In the analysis by region, the European Union remains the main area of localization of Italian multinationals abroad, with 57.9% of companies, 41.5% of employees and 53.9% of sales. The firms specialized in the fields typical of Made in Italy are concentrated mainly in Romania, with almost 47,000 employees, and in China (over 14,000 employees).

In summary, we can draw some conclusions. Internationalization is growing, with investments that favor particularly the European Union and a significant share of turnover exported to Italy in the fields of Made in Italy. Entering new markets is the primary motivation for the new investments, which have as their main objective the production of goods and services.

It must be said that a process of internationalization must be properly supported and enhanced by appropriate IT tools. In this scenario, it is therefore crucial to have an ERP system that can follow the company in its process of internationalization, to support it in the search for new business opportunities and access to new markets.

Structured since its inception to fit any location, is the ideal ERP to operate in the international arena, because it is able to fully grasp the needs of globalization of companies, today and tomorrow. Natively ready for internationalization, capable of high-level localization, operates successfully in the international market since over twelve years. Its user interface is multilingual, it can be used by users of different languages even within the same corporate network; also it allows you to enter the most of descriptive data in multiple languages, to compile documents and reports to be sent or to be consulted by foreign clients or partners. also boasts a comprehensive muti-currency support, with which you can handle amounts in different currencies at the level of single document. Finally, it is localized to suit the tax regulations of different European and non-European countries, to allow a company with multiple subsidiaries or production sites to use the same information system. is also able to manage all business processes in any business sector (production, trade or services), including those most active on the international stage.

The consolidated experience of in foreign markets (operating in ten languages and present in seven countries in terms of regulations) allows to develop functional localizations highly specialized, to support your needs for growth and globalization.

By virtue of its international vocation, the ERP opens the business of every day to new and important global perspectives, with the quality and professionalism as ever.

Safe and certified Digital Storage

23 July 2015 by vsalaris

ISO Certification

Zucchetti obtained the ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 standard for digital storage of electronic documents 

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The Italian Institute of Quality Mark (IMQ), European leader in conformity assessment (safety, quality, sustainability) in Italy and abroad, has awarded Zucchetti the ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 for digital preservation of electronic documents and support services in accordance with law.

IMQ certified thus that the management system of information security proposed by Zucchetti is compliant with international standards, defined by a specific law. Specific requirements for an efficient management system of information security, such as that provided by Zucchetti, include aspects of physical security, information technology, and organizational logic, useful to protect sensitive business data from threats of all kinds, assuring data integrity, privacy and availability.

More and more customers entrust the management of their data to Zucchetti Datacenter, within the cloud offer of Zucchetti. The goal achieved by Zucchetti is precisely to strengthen the Datacenter, to ensure the maximum efficiency both in terms of security and of performance.

The certification by IMQ is in this direction a recognition of the quality of software, processes and security measures implemented by Zucchetti to provide safe and reliable information management services.

Not only: the next step for Zucchetti in electronic documents storage will be the AGID – Agency for Digital Italy – accreditation, reserved to those who want to achieve the highest quality and safety awards.

Remember that the SOSConnector module of guarantees connectivity to the electronic storage service offered by Zucchetti DataCenter, thus giving legal value to electronic documents stored with EasyAttachment, the document management system of

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