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25 January 2017 by vsalaris

Mago4 Blog

Mago4 website collects and hosts more and more information about your ERP, helping you to be up-to-date on all Mago news and features.

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As you know, the website entirely dedicated to Mago4 ERP is active for some time now, along with the websites dedicated to Taskbuilder Studio and Taskbuilder Framework.

The news is that we have made an overall restyling also on www.microarea.it website; on this occasion several descriptive pages were transferred to www.mago4.com, to ensure uniformity of presentation and completeness of the offering information.

So, if browsing on this site you feel that "something is missing" ... take a look on the Mago4 site and give it a chance: the information is all at your disposal, streamlined in the presentation and organized in a rational way.

You may also have noticed that even the contents of the blog "Microarea Chronicles" - the one you are reading now - are increasingly finding their adequate space on Mago4 blog: indeed more and more posts arepublished in that forum. If you think you have missed something, do not worry: the newsletter Mago4 News is published by exactly one year and reaches you on a monthly basis, with all the latest products and news from Zucchetti world, and it is designed to always point you in-depth sources for the covered topics.

This trend will be more and more confirmed in the future, until the one dedicated to Mago4 will remain as an active blog: so we suggest you visit the site www.mago4.com and follow its blog, never to miss a news!

See you on Mago4 blog!

Microarea website: news in Private Area

13 December 2016 by vsalaris

Private Area

It is available a rich documentation designed to help you in the porting from Mago.net to Mago4 and tips to make navigation even more enjoyable.

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Let's see all the latest news appeared in the Private Area on the Microarea website.

Mago ERP has always been open to the widest range of customizations, and ready to welcome the most varied vertical solutions.

What to do then in the transition from Mago.net to Mago4? How to properly perform the passage of components designed for Mago.net to the new solution? Porting can indeed be complex and expensive ... but fortunately this is not the case!

It's all very simple: you can proceed in complete autonomy and port by yourself your customizations and / or vertical solutions from Mago.net to Mago4, thanks to the resources available in Private Area on the Microarea website.

In Help Center you can indeed find many documents that explain in detail how to approach the architecture of Mago4 and perform the necessary procedures. You just have to sign in with your login and browse the available material.

By signing in to the Private Area, you'll notice also another new: a notification alerts you about the possibility to create your own list of favourite links.

To facilitate the access to the pages you use the most, in fact, you can now record the links you want to have always available. Every time you see the icon of a star next to the link of access to the Private Area pages, you can select it and add the page to your list of favourite links.

Your favorite links will be always at your fingertips, right from the Private Area login page.

What are you waiting for? Visit the Private Area and discover all the news.

IT solutions for large - scale distribution and retail

23 June 2016 by vsalaris

IT solutions for retail

A focus on the impact and prospects of ICT in the Retail and LD sector, also with regard to the trends of corporate investments.

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The trade - wholesale and retail - is worth about 12% of Italian GDP. The role of this sector has great importance also for the employment dynamics, given that the trade employs about 15% of the total of Italian workers.

Specifically, the sector of retail trade is affected by several phenomena that are rapidly changing its scenario, including a strong change in the purchasing habits of Italians, increasingly projected towards digital solutions. The percentages of online shoppers are growing, and even more is increaesing the number of those seeking information on the Internet about products before purchase. Thus, companies operating in the retail and LD sector need to work on all phases of the buying process, with the goal to fully understand their consumers and guide their choices.

Zucchetti Group, thanks to an experience resulting from numerous projects in the field, is an experienced partner that can support the process of modernization in one of the sectors that can get more benefits from the digitalization of its own processes. The Zucchetti softwares, available both in license and in Cloud mode, allow you on one hand to improve the efficiency of processes and business performance, and on the other to increase sales, responding to customer demand for a more personalized shopping experience.

As for technological solutions that seem to play greater appeal, recent studies indicate that the investment priorities of the sector are intended for IT projects creating new connections in orer to develop new types of user experience across all contact channels and sale assets.

Thus, Retail and LD companies that need to manage all business processes (from accounting and tax warehouses to intelligent logistics) strongly need to rely on ERP software in web technology. ERP systems like Mago integrate with Zucchetti CRM and DMS systems, for a state-of-the-art management system.

Workforce Management is another crucial point that allows you to manage all aspects associated to the presence in retail outlets on the territory, streamlining the activities of the staff offices and reducing the related errors. The effectiveness of this type of solution is powered by the seamless integration with the suite HR Infinity Global Solution by Zucchetti for the complete management of personnel, in all respects.

An essential factor is Work Health and Safety, that is why Zucchetti offers a set of products able to give each store the complete autonomy on the individual processes, all under the control of headquarters.

In order to speed up the process and ensure reliability and flexibility, the POS solutions by Zucchetti Group transform the traditional cash registers into multifunctional systems that allow you to analyze sales, plan activities and retain customers, with the possibility to implement additional IT applications.

Business Intelligence also dominates the sector's priorities, to have immediately available information and immediate interpretation of data: InfoBusiness solution by Zucchetti is able to support strategic decisions in this regard .

Last, but not least important aspect is certainly the control of the means of transport. Zucchetti offers for this purpose the satellite tracking system called Remote Angel Fleet, able to realize a constant monitoring of fuel consumption and distances, optimization of working time, in addition to the means and business planning.

For more information, please visit the website dedicated to the Retail and Large-scale Distribution sector: http://www.software-retail.it/website/cms/home.html

Transportation & Logistics: the Italian market

24 May 2016 by vsalaris

logistics solutions Zucchetti

A snapshot of the transport and logistics sector that shows its strengths, perspectives and investment priorities.

Edited by Marketing Department

The transport and logistics companies are one of the most efficient and performing sectors in Italy: in fact, in Italy the logistics worth 110 billion euros, equivalent to about 7% of GDP. In particular, the turnover of logistics in 2015 reached almost 80 billion euros (+ 1.1%).

The current transportation market see winning new approaches to logistics, that require greater synergies between client companies, technology suppliers and logistic service, to deploy even more innovative systems and produce performing results, thereby increasing the economic profits.

A deep transformation and technological upgrading is crucial to keep the sector alive. The economic crisis of recent years has in fact brought the transport companies to seek greater productivity, reducing costs and delivery times, to increase its efficiency.

This is why the digitalisation plays a key role in the transformation process and the evolution of the entire sector: in fact, the overall IT budget of the Transportation and Logistics segment reached in 2015 the estimate of 1,140 million euros, equal to 5% the overall IT spending value, with an annual increase of + 2.5%.

In the coming years, companies of logistics services will aim to increasingly advanced technology, allowing new opportunities to have contact with their customers and consumers.The solutions to be implemented are those of CRM, Business Intelligence, Social Media and Digital Marketing. It will also be essential to exploit new delivery modes of services through Mobile App and Cloud services.< /p>

The Zucchetti Group is already prepared to offer all these solutions and to support Italian companies to meet the complex requirements of each area in the transportation and logistics sector (integrated, marine and coastal, road transport), with an offer that completely covers the business needs and provides innovative management and ERP software, a complete HR suite for personnel management, integrated and customized solutions in the field of CRM and BI, Digital Marketing, resources for Safety at Work, satellite localization and much more ...

All this even in the cloud: an increasingly important and frequent choice for companies operating in the transportation and logistics sector, which reduces the costs of start-up, management and evolution of IT infrastructure, quickly launch solutions, have constant updates and the guarantee of maximum IT security.

Learn more on the dedicated website: http://www.software-trasporti.it/website/cms/home.html

SMEs Facilitations

27 April 2016 by vsalaris

SMEs facilitation

The Sabatini-ter decree opens a new session of funding for SME investment in capital goods.

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5 billion euros to finance your investments: the instrument established by the Italian Decree-Law n. 69/2013 aims to increase the competitiveness of the productive system of the country and improve access to credit for micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) for the purchase of new capital goods.

Starting from May 2, 2016 ,SMEs may in fact apply for funding according to the so- called Sabatini-ter decree, aimed to invest in new machinery, system and equipment, including hardware and ERP software. The Ministry of Economic Development issued the 26672/2016 Circular, which complies with all the changes introduced by 3/2015 Decree-Law (which, among other things, introduces a facilitated financial leasing) and the following inter-ministerial implementing decree of January 25, 2016.

The potential recipients of the subsidies are SMEs meeting specific conditions at the date of application. Above all, Companies need to be properly constituted and registered in the Italian Commercial Register; if not resident in Italian territory, SMEs must have legal personality recognized in the State of residence, resulting from the inclusion in the corresponding register. Companies are also required not to be in "difficult" conditions, be in the full and free exercise of their rights, not to be in voluntary liquidation or subject to bankruptcy proceedings or, again, not to be among those who received , and not refunded, benefits recognized as illegal and incompatible by the European Commission.

To take advantage of facilitations set out in this decree, companies must be based in Italy; otherwise, they must comply within the deadline for the completion of the investment; the penalty is the revocation of the granted subsidies.

The funding must be used entirely for the purchase - or acquisition in the case of financial leasing operations - of machinery, equipment, capital goods business, new factory equipment and hardware, as well as software and digital technologies intended for productive structures existing or to be implanted, located anywhere in the Italian country.

In view of the funding is granted a benefit, in the form of a contribution equal to the total interest calculated on a conventional basis of a loan to the 2.75% interest rate, with a duration of five years and an amount equivalent to the financing.

For more information and to access the documentation please visit the website: www.sviluppoeconomico.gov.it

Close Up: Mago & Zucchetti Balance solution

29 February 2016 by vsalaris

Close Up

Integrations between Mago and the galaxy of Zucchetti solutions continues to grow, today with an application dedicated to the budget management.

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You know very well that the integration between the ERP software Mago and Zucchetti solutions is a major asset in many ways, especially when it makes your ERP even more versatile, totally for free!

This is the case of the integration between Mago and the Zucchetti software Balance & Beyond, which allows you to manage the companies of which the accountant does not administer accountancy. In this case, in fact, the integration offers you an application that provides multiple solutions for all of the Budget management issues, with particular attention to features such as importing data from external files, manual entry of data, the possibility to customize your prints.

Balance & Beyond allows you to exchange with customer companies the reports that contain the data required for the preparation of the Financial Statements and the Explanatory Notes in XBRL format, simulating the tax burden and having fiscal tables that are preset and regularly updated with the regulations, also complete by historical accounting data.

Dialogue with Mago takes place thanks to the ability, typical of Balance & Beyond, to automatically import data from external files in multiple formats. Integration with Mago is free and can be activated in the administration console via the new module "exchange Accounting Records Balance & Beyond" (localized just for Italy and with the Accounting Module as a prerequisite).

Technically, the integration between these two programs occurs through an Excel file containing the account balances of Mago for a specified period, associated with the accounts of Balance & Beyond. Given that the structure of the plan of accounts is free in Mago, while the Balance & Beyond one is EU type, the correspondence of accounts is defined by a balance reclassification. The definition of the reclassification schema for Balance & Beyond is fully automatic, which means that the procedure, once defined the pattern, easily export the balances in an Excel file, regardless of the chart of accounts used by the company. The same process allows you to run a report to print the verification report of the file content or the detail of the reclassified balances.

The integration between Mago and Balance & Beyond is just one of the improvements of Mago4: follow the blog for further overviews.

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