Venban.Pack refines cash sales

5 October 2013 by vsalaris


Completeness, efficacy and flexibility combine with the simple use of Venban.Pack for

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Venban.Pack for is the vertical solution created by Package Azienda (Microarea Platinum Partner), specifically designed to meet both technical and commercial selling needs, and those of related activities.

Venban.Pack points to any business that carries out cash sale on single workstation or network. The Microarea Platinum Partner solution allows managing the sales activity within branches networks, individual shops and wholesalers, up to cash & carry.

Several types of companies are already using the vertical solution in order to manage retail: computer stores, hardware stores, bookstores, clothing, supermarket, sanitary ware, paint, perfume chains, water-heating systems, furniture, jewelry, food, leather, and many more. In particular, VenBan.Pack provides specific functions related to perfume shops  (stores and networks) and jewelries management.

This wide spread is due to the extreme flexibility of VenBan.Pack, which allows managing different commodities sectors, specialized for types and activities. The vertical  can be profiled with the specific needs of the sector, and works both in single and multi-user mode. VenBan.Pack is available both offline and online for installations on sales networks. In the on-line case, the head office is updated in real time about the work performed in the individual stores.

The vertical solution allows the store to combine the advantages of inventory management to those of a fast and efficient sales system. Thanks to effective search tools and the reading barcode function, you can search according to the supplier or to the sale value bar-code, this last being created by the user. VenBan.Pack allows you to issue the receipt or record receipts and invoices, helping cashier work.

You can also compile and print quotes through bar code readers or Wi-Fi Rfid handheld devices. The loyalty card module allows you to detect the sales flow per customer / quantity and value, ensuring a continuous sales and inventory trend monitoring. VenBan.Pack is a great support in technical sales , where the desk clerk must be able to explain to the customer the items features that require specific knowledge. In this way the operator is able to independently manage the sale, from quotation up to delivery . The vertical effectiveness is also evident in promotions, sales and cashiers interchanges management. All of those factors are completely customizable.

The vertical is fully integrated with all versions. VenBan.Pack exchanges data with and takes advantage from Woorm ( report generator), in order to create analysis and reports about sales, stores / branches, products, assortments, returns, promotions, profitability and much more. VenBan.Pack fits perfectly into the management cycle, from order to cash closure, from single shop inventory management, up to the request of minimum items stock.  The orders placed in are imported in the VenBan.Pack procedure, which controls their regular reception, verifies their compliance, and makes the orders available for sale through sales slip, delivery note, invoice or receipt.

Package Azienda solution is available in two versions: SHOP, with branch and shops option, and TECNICK, with images and documentation option (with and without EasyAttachment, the document filing system integrated in

Despite its completeness, VenBan.Pack proves to be easy to use, thanks to the touch screen and the customizable templates. One of the vertical’s greatest values is its modularity: the package can be configured on customer needs and customized for each company. The commercial packages provide the basic setup with one workstation, and the possibility to expand, following the company's growth or the modules list implementation.

VenBan.Pack modules and functionalities are many and flexible: sizes and colors, calendar, promotions, stock enhancement, restocking, document management, stocks, inventories, etc..

For a complete overview please visit the product page, where you can find all the details of vertical proposed by Package Azienda.

Atium for the innovation in after sales activities

16 September 2013 by vsalaris


Atium is an innovative  vertical solution proposed by IGP Software. The vertical is designed to manage every kind of technical assistance, maintenance and after-sale issue... even when you're out of office!

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Thanks to Atium, the vertical solution for, IGP Software (Microarea ISV Partner) has achieved the goal of providing a complete and full-scale functional coverage to all companies operating in the after sales sector.

The vertical Atium meets the needs of a very wide range of operating conditions and market sectors thanks to its high flexibility in parameterization and configuration.

The innovative product, made in IGP Software, easily satisfy the most diverse requirements, addressing all types of companies. The solution addresses those companies receiving calls and requests for assistance (and must hence coordinate the activities of the technicians, in office and in transfers), companies dealing with differentiated contracts hedging (e.g. prepaid, on commission, variable cost ...) and the related automatic billing, renewals and cancellations. Atium is a perfect  solution also for enterprises providing products with simple or articulated warranty coverage levels (also when such guarantees are different from the producer’s ones). Atium targets companies that manage serial numbers (even with parent-child dependencies and / or with association to head offices, factories, original manufacturer's serial number etc...) or to companies having a multi-serial and multi-contract management, intended to meet complex sectors’ operational needs (such as fire prevention systems, security etc. ...).  Yet there is more: Atium proves to be the ideal solution for maintenance companies  that operate by scheduling  activities, according to complex cycles, to technicians qualifications and / or that need  to optimize transfers.  Atium addresses also to companies that have to plan and report via the web about transferring  technicians activities, and to the ones that bill individual invoices collecting lines from delivery notes, contracts, interventions etc.

In addition to its extreme flexibility, Atium vertical solution for has a modular structure (in other words: you can are free to purchase only what you really need!) and is designed to be extremely versatile, but easy to use at the same time. Thanks to development platform (the same of you can take advantage of the integration with current functions, in order to minimize data allocation and to speed up new users’ learning abilities.

There's more: if your business strongly needs a web service to help you planning, monitoring and reporting on activities while you’re in transfer, then Atium web is definitely great news! The web platform is highly customizable and allows you to create checklists, prints, reports and other customized web templates, in no time and according to your operating requirements. All this is possible directly in the browser thanks to the integrated development environment!

If you’re maintaining your own (or third parties’) technological systems, providing a Customer Care service for in-house manufactured products, managing a service / repair shop, or installing any type of fixed or mobile equipment, Atium helps you to automate and simplify your business management, while providing you a crucial competitive edge in customers list management.

Find out even more about Atium, the vertical solution for, by visiting the product page on Microarea website.

Service.Net is the vertical solution designed for Service needs

9 July 2013 by vsalaris


Service.Net by Piero Basso & C. Ltd is the vertical solution that meets the user and satisfies all the dynamic  Service industry needs.

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Piero Basso & C. Ltd company is on the market since 60 years and it is a historical Microarea Platinum Partner. From this company's experience was born Service.Net, the vertical solution addressed to customer service. Piero Basso & C. soundness is linked with innovation in presenting the first vertical solution of its kind, which is developed with TaskBuilder platform, the same of

Services market is characterized by situations of high complexity. The crucial factor is the ability to react quickly to changes, in order to adapt to these situations. Given this specific need of the industry, it is essential that the management system is able to streamline processes, while allowing to recover all the information to follow the market. In so doing it is possible to get the best results and achieve customer satisfaction.

Service.Net reaches these goals thanks to a ERP integrated suite of applications. The suite is able to extend traditional management features to the typical capabilities of service companies . In this way enterprise-class performance are ensured.

The Piero Basso & C. Ltd. vertical solution provides the user with a set of tools for a full and integrated management of the installed base. The full traceability of systems, serial numbers warranties, calls and technical interventions allows you to keep a detailed and interactive historical archive. Service.Net allows you to manage counters, spare parts and consumables also in remote control. Furthermore, Service.Net supports you in services provision  through specialized contracts and helps you in  executing  ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, this being scheduled or not.
Enterprise resource planning is easier thanks to the Piero Basso & C vertical solution for, as well as coordination of various sectors, even if equipment or serial numbers technical specifications are different. The helpful checklist and numerous statistic sets complete the Service.Net suite.
At the same time, the Service.Net suite is able to put in the hands of your company executive board both the summary and detail information required to make strategic decisions in a timely manner. In fact the Service.Net Business Intelligence module draws to a large number of data. The data are arising from the many forms of which the module is composed, in order to generate a full and customizable set of reports and charts.

The latest developement for Service.Net is Myservice suite, designed to achieve maximum efficiency from web potentialities, by integrating them in the requirements of Service industry. Thanks to Myservice it's possible to schedule tasks via the web, as well as end calls in offices and by-customers at the same time. You can also allow qualified technicians to access the deposits data, automate detection of counters readings, manage consumables alerts in real-time.  
All this and much more happens in full mobility, on your iPad or Blackberry: using IServiceApp the technicians can be fully operational even when internet or cannot be reached. Furthermore, the control manager can be On Cloud.

Individual Service.Net modules come from the needs of specific markets, as a result of a 20-years experience in different sectors. This experience made possible to integrate in the solution all the functionality required to intuitively perform each Service industry task, and to ensure users with a functional, integrated, comprehensive and reliable product. Service.Net also grant a constant alignment to the latest release and is certified for the Professional and Enterprise editions.  

Discover all the benefits that Service.Net for reserves you, referring to the product page on Microarea website. and for the clothing industry

27 June 2013 by vsalaris


Micron, Platinum Partner Microarea, presents, the vertical solution for specifically designed “to cut” management problems in clothing industry. 

Edited by Marketing Department is the vertical solution for designed by Micron in order to manage the clothing industry in an effective, efficient and functional way. The Microarea Platinum Partner's vertical solution is intuitive and easy to use, and is addressed to all companies operating in fashion industry. aims to the practical and rational management of samples, color cards and all the commercial handling. fully integrates to the Microarea ERP as an extension of the standard warehouse, thanks to the thorough Micron knowledge about warehouse management and  industry needs. combines the typical clothing industry features (such as those relating to sampling, labels, producers and sales lists), with inventory management, invoicing, documents shipping and customers-suppliers orders.

Micron solution's user friendliness allows you to enjoy its functionality right at first use, thanks to the simplified management of items sheets. The full integration with allows you also to manage variants just in modules whose items are included in stock.

One of strong points is the bill of materials module, which allows even the most inexperienced user to disentangle among variations and associations of sizes and colors. The management is in fact easy and intuitive, because it is based on the neutral item. Associations are made between components variants and product variants. In addition to the steady and complete control of processing stages, thanks to the bill of materials module you can manage the consumption of raw materials and reorder as missing, pouring the bill of materials components in the active cycle documents.

The wide reporting set also allows you to create and print sales statistics for variant, collection, producer or other parameters, to start a consequent warehouse enhancement.

The product is entirely developed with development platform (the same platform) so the efficency is the consolidated one, fully integrated with your own Microarea ERP configuration.

Micron solution has maximum management flexibility, high productivity and it's easy to use. In this way the investment is covered from the initial purchase, because you get immediate benefit starting from the very first  use of In addition to be a cost-effective and practical solution, the vertical solution is intuitive both in the learning phase and in maintenance. offers all the basic functionality for efficient sales and production management in the fashion industry. Learn more about every feature by visiting the dedicated page on Microarea website.

An efficient management for the health and social welfare facilities

12 April 2013 by vsalaris


The vertical solution GSA, made by Columbus Informatica, addresses all needs typically belonging to those facilities dealing with social welfare and assistance.

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Gestione Servizi Assistenziali (GSA), the vertical solution for developed by the Platinum Microarea Partner Columbus Informatica, suits all of those companies operating in the social welfare and assistance sector.

The Columbus Informatica vertical solution has been designed in order to easily create the accounting-administrative documentation connected to the clients belonging to the social welfare facilities: local healthcare authorities, regional organisations, private bodies, consortiums, and institutions operating in the healthcare sector.

Thanks to the invoicing process, GSA allows calculating the ASL (Local Healthcare Authority) advanced payments for a period of time and to distinguish between the amounts that shall be ascribed to the ASL from those that shall be ascribed to the families or covered by third parties according to the I.S.E.E. income. Throughout the Columbus Informatica vertical solution you can account for, and print, the ASL and Institution  fees, generating also the financial statements connected directly to the administration functions concerning the attendance of the patients. Thanks to these practical tools, the company will no longer need to fill out the attendance list of the patients, nor solve problems connected to the general or specific report of each and every ASL or social health welfare institution. The accounting process will take place in no time.

Throughout the masters of the patients and special agreements management, the monthly report generation of the due amounts relating to the supply of the services turns out to be simple, fast and intuitive. The integration with allows accessing the masters of the patients, healthcare centres where the actual therapy takes place, reports regarding the administrative relationship with the ASL and local institutions, various patient treatments, and monitor the daily attendance.

The integration with the EasyAttachment module functions allows keeping within reach the incoming hard-copy documentation, fully available thanks to one click from your mouse.

With GSA, the vertical solution “made in” Columbus Informatica, the processes efficiency of the social-welfare structures is enhanced and improved, thus ensuring those vital conditions that are necessary for the sector services management, ranging from the accuracy and transparency of the information all the way to the constant control of the accounting area. In order to receive further information, visit the web-page dedicated to the GSA vertical solution.

Promotions and strategy management with Promotions_Planner for

12 March 2013 by vsalaris


Promotions_Planner is the vertical solution designed by Giga to improve business performance and strengthen your business channel.

edited by the Marketing Department 

Giga presents the vertical solution Promotions_Planner: the Microarea Platinum Partner created this software wishing to improve business performance, grow stronger competitively speaking and strengthen customer loyalty. The latter elements are of crucial importance for any business and they are pursued by Giga through the features of Promotions_Planner jointly with the active cycle.

The Giga vertical solution, first of all, allows planning and managing promotions/offers and product bundles, these be complex or simple. The complete customization of the vertical solution, based on the actual needs, allows coordinating perfectly the trade policies of the company.
With Promotions_Planner you can plan promotions according to the period, the customers (individuals or groups) and items (as a single unit or grouping), applying discount value as a percentage or on the article and provide gifts for single articles or depending on the purchased quantity.

Regarding the customer base management, the Giga vertical allows associating any defined promotion to one or more clients, indicating the promotion validity period. Also, you can customize discounts for individual customers by applying extra price-list discounts for articles, with packages in alternation or in combination.
Promotions_Planner proves to be an extremely practical and functional tool, especially with the automatic “filling out” option in the sales documents: during the order form drafting, promotions associated with the customer are systematically provided or applied. The discounts deriving from the offers are duly identified and separated according to the typology, hence facilitating the margins and planning sales strategy calculations. Setting discount policies side by side with list price policies will provide the sales force with tools that will help them compete on the market while respecting the limits set by the company itself. You can then determine which campaigns are most successful depending on, for example, the area, the agent or the customer, organizing and managing efficiently the resources within the company and the sales force throughout the territory.

The promotions modular management, and their categorization, can simplify the consultation of the sales data, providing feedback on the promotion/campaign, both in terms of receptiveness and net margins. Besides defining promotions, Promotions_Planner allows obtaining further information between the sales network and the market thanks to its full integration with and its reporting tools, with which you can generate statistical information elaboration. Studying statistics is truly useful in understanding the activity course of the sales agents, representatives or dealers. For this reason, it is essential for the statistics to be extremely flexible and, above all, parameterized in function of the variables and the needs of the sales agents. Thanks to the built-in report generator you can create a wide range of statistics reports for the vertical solution Promotions_Planner. In addition, by setting data sources, you can analyze data with Excel pivot tables.

Promotions_Planner is the vertical solution designed to manage promotions and enhance business performance: an all-inclusive, practical and functional solution. You can find out more by visiting the product page.

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