A history of care and success

26 January 2017 by vsalaris

Case Study

The Care Home Uboldi relies on Mago to optimize the administrative management processes in the social and health care sector.

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The Care Home Uboldi in Paderno Dugnano (Milan, Italy) was created in 1952, for testamentary bequest of the Grand Officer "Commendatore" Ferdinando Uboldi, as a non-profit organization for solidarity purpose. The aim of Uboldi care home is to provide social, health and welfare services to vulnerable people, paying special attention to the elderly dependents.

In 2010 Mago was implemented with the support of Linearetta, Microarea Gold partner, following the decision to internalize all administrative procedures, in order to dispose of the accounting data in real time, control and manage the daily processes (general accounts, cash , payments, banking, customer orders, invoicing and warehouse stock) independently and without relying on third parties.

At the moment of Mago activation, it was necessary to enter all the current year accounts data: thanks to the versatility of Mago and with the support of Linearetta, the budget was presented to the Board of Directors in accordance with the schedule.

In less than six months the situation has been normalized and the operation is at full speed: this is due to the ability demonstrated by Mago in making the approach to work simple, but effective, even for beginners. Linearetta partners has followed all of Mago implementation phases, forming the administrative staff and customizing the accounting models. After a year of full use, Mago functionalities have been extended to supplier orders and warehouse management, in particular to manage medicines: Mago has ensured a daily reporting of consumption and a reduction in costs.

Today, the new challenge is to integrate Mage and its modules with the medical record software, created and prepared by the continuous cooperation between Linearetta and the Direction of the care home. This new frontier will ensure quality of care, personalization of care interventions and efficiency of the core business, accompanying the organization in the use of business intelligence.

The director of Uboldi care home, Paola Cattin, points out that Linearetta partner is a key element of the project and expresses her satisfaction with these words: "The information ensures full awareness in the choices. This will result in savings, growth and development. Mago was able to bring to our structure all this. "

That of Uboldi care home is one of the success stories achieved through Mago ERP software: you can read them and find the cases of other companies on the Microarea website. Remember that your company could be the next case study! Contact your reseller and discover how to become part of the "Success Stories with Mago ERP" section.

Talking about Mago.net at "We make" meeting, within synergies, confidence and innovation

23 April 2014 by vsalaris


Last 15th April ended the Zucchetti meeting dedicated to the ERP world. It was a convention with important content, glancing about near future.

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Riccione, April 14th  and 15th , 2014: more than 600 people, representing over 300 structures, attended to the We Make! meeting, organized by Zucchetti and dedicated to Group partners, which met to witness a virtuous cooperation.

During these two very intense days, enthusiasm was not missing, with complicity of innovative content, excellent synergy between Group companies, products and features previews and, last but not least, the beautiful setting of the Riccione Conference Palace, combined with perfect organization.  Among premiere, state of the art, awards and acknowledgements, the meeting has been a real success.

In this context, Microarea conducted two independent sessions, concerning Mago.net in-depth technical analysis and functional forthcoming upgrades.  Several speakers, members of Microarea Development Division alternated on Microarea focus stage.  With skill and a good dose of dialectic, the speakers were able to drive partners through an exciting journey across Mago.net  ERP next future and its most important features.

Anticipations were many and related to all fields;  we will try to very briefly review them, in order to relive the Microarea team individual presentations.

Morning session starts with a thorough examination of Task.Builder (Mago.net development platform that allows you to create integrated ERP solutions) through a look at upcoming 4.0 release important developments. Among them stands out the multi device principle. It then goes on analyzing EasyBuilder 4.0 version increased ergonomics (the embedded tool for customizing and dynamically developing applications). It is then turn for WebLook 1.0, the new web framework designed to use ERP software via Internet and mobile.  Easylook (Mago.net web interface) evolution is served!  The future of EasyAttachment, Mago.net module dedicated to document management, is called WebDMS 1.0 and never fail to impress for its typically "web" features and functionality.  An important insight is later dedicated to security concepts, from the functional one to data protection, through new TaskBuilder Security Layer Framework 1.0 safety evolution

So here we are at the second session. It is time for an overview about content coming with the next Mago.net version (the long-awaited 3.10), from foreign locations, to 4.0 version in progress features, through the new GUI layout.  A focus on warehouse logistics via PDAs follows, with an active demo dedicated to WMS and WMS Mobile modules, and previews concerning 3.10 version. Therefore a look at the main changes introduced for production processes management into next Mago.net release cannot miss: more space to WMS and Manufacturing Mobile, simplifying integration and new coming-soon features. Conference ended with an overview of Mago.net integrations. Mago.net adopts these integrations to broaden his horizons and communicate with all Zucchetti family products, amplifying its potential for users

Questions and comments, which have turned into a constructive dialogue between partners and Microarea have enriched the scene, making innovation the real star of the event!
Finally, Microarea competence in  ERP industry helped to make the Zucchetti meeting a successful event of certain value for the many partners that gathered together.  You can relive Riccione productive days  by taking a look to the slideshow you can find on Microarea Youtube Channel  , or reading the press review on Microarea Facebook profile. Feel free to leave your comments, express an opinion on Microarea social networks.  If you want more information, do not hesitate to leave a reference, you will be contacted back as soon as possible.

The conclusion of this great adventure?  It is summarized into the fitting conference slogan: Together, we make difference! 

Which are the Mago.net Pluses?

17 May 2013 by vsalaris


Find out how the ERP software Mago.net provides each company with a customized solution ready to manage their business in the best way.

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The reasons that make ERP Mago.net a perfect solution for small and medium-sized enterprises in all sectors, are many and well - known. You can now improve the efficiency and accuracy in business procedures thanks to a number of strategic choices, while maintaining the indispensable flexibility to simplify daily work.  Microarea adopts these strategies to make its ERP extremely flexible and more responsive to a wide range of needs.

The explanations for such a wide adaptability, and for the numerous solutions provided by Mago.net, are summarized in the "Mago.net Plus": they show the reasons of the software’s success.
Abstracting from the single application areas (logistics, active and passive cycle, warehouse, accounting, etc.), the Plus are the strong points, guidelines and principles on which Mago.net is based, in order to meet any need regardless of the business areas.
Modularity, customizability, expandability and continuous updates, as well as vertical solutions, integrations, hi-tech and connectivity, combined with compatibility with multiple operating systems (such as Windows, Mac,…), different languages and regulatory frameworks: all of this makes Mago.net a global ERP software, intuitive and open, but able, at the same time, to ensure total control and security.

To achieve an even clearer picture of the Mago.net Pluses, you can now find online a new and original video within the Microarea YouTube channel, which enumerates really ... briefly the main features that make Mago.net the ultimate ERP solution for SMEs.
Do not just watch the movie: interact! On the Microarea YouTube channel you will find two versions of the same video: a "standard" one and second one full of "special effects". By clicking "I like", you can vote the video you prefer: the video who gets the most likings will become the cover of the YouTube channel and will be an integral part of the dedicated page on the Microarea website.

Find out the Mago.net Pluses right now!


The Foreign market: an excellent business opportunity

29 September 2010 by nazam

The Foreign market: an excellent business opportunity

The foreign market represents an excellent opportunity for your business growth.
Microarea makes available Mago.net in 10 languages and conforming to the legislations in force in the various European countries.  

by Fabrizio Perricone
     Product Marketing Manager

The difference existing between a “normal” company and a “successful” company, more than often, is given by the entrepreneurial ability to drive your investments along the right road.

Lately, a large number of Italian companies have decided to invest their money in East European countries. The European market is highly competitive, and the possibility of gaining access to countries which until few years ago were considered “off limits” or quite “hard” to reach, now offers excellent opportunities of business growth.

Microarea, throughout Mago.net, sets forth on the market an all-round and flexible tool for the investment management in foreign countries. Ten languages available and five specific fiscal localisations: Mago.net is the perfect choice to make sure that your company is sure of using the same management tool in Italy as well as abroad.

Over 200 companies in Hungary, Romania, Poland, Switzerland and Bulgaria use Mago.net daily to manage all of their corporate operations at the very best. There is large number of Italian companies that use Mago.net within their HQ (Headquarters) in Italy as well as in their subsidiaries abroad: this allows you to keep under control your business also thousands of kilometres away.

Being connected via Internet to your remote server with EasyLook, or managing the exchange of data off-line in XML with a scheduled and automatic approach, are both examples of how Mago.net is able to remove distances and bring close by also the utmost remote installation.

Mago for Italy's Abruzzo region

17 July 2009 by fperricone

Mago for Italy's Abruzzo region

by Fabrizio Perricone - Product Marketing Manager

The mobilization to help the earthquake victims of Abruzzo is remarkable. 

Microarea and Tecnobiemme (Italian Platinum Partner) have been provided a "technological help" to Civil Protection and Fireman to solve the problem of stocking the all the things collected in the rubble.

Thanks to Mago and the customizations made by Tecnobiemme, the picking and the classification of the goods is done applying a label on each object: the type of object, the status, the owner are printed on the label.

The operator in the repository uses terminal unit connected to the Mago database to specify the location of each object.

Mago provides useful statistics about objects stored in the repository and it allows to immediately know where an object is located.

At the moment of giving an object to the owner, thanks to the use of the terminal unit connected with Mago it is possible to recover an object in seconds. Before to consign the object to owner a report is printed and it must be signed by the owner himself.

Just an help to assist all the people that everyday works for Abruzzo's people.

"The ERP software for everyone"

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