6 strategies for Safety communication

25 September 2015 by vsalaris

Zucchetti Webinar 09/2015

Zucchetti set an important training appointment about new approaches and perspectives on safety issues. 

Edited by Marketing Department

Occupational safety, risk assessment, health surveillance, training of workers, procurement and construction sites management, supplier qualification etc. are not only legal requirements, but also strategic activities for the business: studies demonstrate that every euro invested in security has an economic return of 2.2 euro.

Without the contribution everyone, however, the safety will always be just on paper! Therefore it is essential to communicate it at the best.

In this regard, Zucchetti has organized a webinar, to learn strategies to develop a "culture of safety" in the company and to exchange views on specific cases of application.

The appointment made use of the valuable contribution of Davide Scotti, General Secretary of LHS Foundation. The LHS Foundation - Leadership in Health and Safety - is a nonprofit organization established in 2010 to develop research, information campaigns and training programs in the field of health and safety, based on innovative methods.

The event opened to professional profiles who in various ways are concerned with safety and human resources management, as Prevention and Protection Managers, Prevention and Protection Workers, Workers' Representative for Safety, Security Coordinators, Safety Consultants, Employers, Managers and Supervisors, Personnel Manager, Human Resources Manager, IT Manager.

Safe and certified Digital Storage

23 July 2015 by vsalaris

ISO Certification

Zucchetti obtained the ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 standard for digital storage of electronic documents 

Edited by Marketing Department

The Italian Institute of Quality Mark (IMQ), European leader in conformity assessment (safety, quality, sustainability) in Italy and abroad, has awarded Zucchetti the ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 for digital preservation of electronic documents and support services in accordance with law.

IMQ certified thus that the management system of information security proposed by Zucchetti is compliant with international standards, defined by a specific law. Specific requirements for an efficient management system of information security, such as that provided by Zucchetti, include aspects of physical security, information technology, and organizational logic, useful to protect sensitive business data from threats of all kinds, assuring data integrity, privacy and availability.

More and more customers entrust the management of their data to Zucchetti Datacenter, within the cloud offer of Zucchetti. The goal achieved by Zucchetti is precisely to strengthen the Datacenter, to ensure the maximum efficiency both in terms of security and of performance.

The certification by IMQ is in this direction a recognition of the quality of software, processes and security measures implemented by Zucchetti to provide safe and reliable information management services.

Not only: the next step for Zucchetti in electronic documents storage will be the AGID – Agency for Digital Italy – accreditation, reserved to those who want to achieve the highest quality and safety awards.

Remember that the SOSConnector module of Mago.net guarantees connectivity to the electronic storage service offered by Zucchetti DataCenter, thus giving legal value to electronic documents stored with EasyAttachment, the document management system of Mago.net.

Electronic invoicing is easy!

20 July 2015 by vsalaris


A new promo is now online, to show you all the benefits of electronic invoicing ... directly from your Mago.net 

Edited by Marketing Department

To properly manage your electronic invoices towards Public Administration, (mandatory from March 31, 2015), Mago.net has been integrated with the Zucchetti electronic invoicing system. Connecting via Web Services, your Mago.net is able to communicate with theZucchetti software Electronic Invoicing PA .

This allows you to manage directly from your ERP all the generation flow of invoices to the Public Administration.

With FatelWeb Mago.net the process stay "inside" your Mago.net, and you do not need anymore to interface with other systems: a few clicks and you're ready to delegate all the bureaucratic process to the web service.

Easy, is it not ?!

And it is also advantageous: with Fatelweb you save time, money and resources, and you are sure to communicate properly with the public administration ... and to be paid!

Find out the short video clip on Microarea Youtube channel, in the playlist Solutions for your Company.

If you already use Mago.net, ask your Microarea reseller for more information. If you are interested in the topic but you do not yet have Mago.net in your company, simply leave your reference and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Certificate of excellence for Zucchetti

30 June 2015 by vsalaris

Superbrands award

Zucchetti has been elected one of the 20 most important brands on the Italian market! 

Edited by Marketing Department

Zucchetti, 1st company in Italy for software sales, has been selected by Superbrands among the 20 most renowned brands recognized by the Italian market.

Superbrands is the international program of brands promotion that stands out as a fair point of reference to assign its "certificate of excellence" to the top brands on the market, identifying and recognizing the brands best known and loved by customers and consumers.

The value of a brand is crucial for a top player role in today's economic and social context: the brands are powerful catalysts to grow in the business, able to convey the best value on the market.

The brand joining the "Superbrands Club 2015" - just as Zucchetti, the only company in the Club representing the Information Technology - are selected by the Superbrands Council in collaboration with Astarea and Demoskopea, according to three indexes of merit: Quality (qualitative excellence of the offer), Reliability (reliability and ability to maintain its promise to the market) and Distinctiveness (ability to stand out from competitors).

From over twenty years the "Certificate of Excellence" released by Superbrands is recognized as key element for the success of the major brands on the world stage (involving more than 90 countries). That's why Superbrand acknowledgment is a factor of considerable appeal also for brands that do not suffer from problems of recognition, but are rather pointing to stress the excellence and the strength of their market presence.

This certificate of excellence is therefore an opportunity for Zucchetti, to assert its leading role in the current economic and social context, to be confirmed as one of the protagonists in software scenario.

Mago4you: the event

22 June 2015 by vsalaris


An exceptional location for a successful event: the launch of the new ERP suite MAGO4!

Edited by Marketing Department

Mago4you is the name chosen for the event which presented MAGO4, the new ERP product made in Microarea. The event took place on June 9, in the surprising and highly original frame of the Aquarium of Genoa. The auditorium has welcomed over 300 Microarea and Zucchetti partners, arrived in Genoa from all over Italy and from abroad.

Many speakers took turns on the stage of the grand conference room during that intense day, whith topics related to the new structure of MAGO4 ERP, its many business opportunities for the users and the strong integration of Microarea's last born in the galaxy of Zucchetti group's proposals.

After an exciting break surrounded by the marine suggestions of the Aquarium, here is the highlight of the event, waited by everyone: the live demo of the features and the new look of MAGO4, including new interfaces, multiple form factors and a really friendly experience... for an evolution of the ERP to the fourth power.

As expected, the live demonstration sparked a strong and dynamic participation of those present, through dialogue and interaction that led the event to the end in the best way possible, by placing in close communication speakers and guests.

Are you curious to know more details about the features of MAGO4? Keep following our blog: we have a full program of post designed to investigate together the features of the new product, and to show you that MAGO4 is for everyone ... but especially for you!

And you can not miss the short video presentation of MAGO4, made for the event Mago4you: if you have not seen yet, go into your Microarea private area, or visit the pages of social networks and YouTube channel Microarea!

HR management between needs and opportunities

27 May 2015 by vsalaris

HR webinar 10.06.2015

Human resources management between needs and opportunities 

Edited by Marketing Department

One of the last Zucchetti webinars focuses on personnel management, to achieve business goals. Human resources management is a growing challenge. In this sense, Human Resources must rethink their role, defining new strategies to support and accelerate organizational change. Objective: facilitate the achievement of business goals.

The online workshop organized by Zucchetti investigated the priority areas of innovation for the HR departments: training, analysis and skills development, performance rating, definition of compensation policies and more. The historic publishing house Giunti Editore SpA brought its experience in the HR field enriching the content.

The web seminar, held on June 10, addressed to Staff Managers, HR Managers, Owners, Entrepreneurs and all those who for various reasons deal with human resource management. You can consult the program at this link.

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